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21 Watermelon

I have not seen this flavor in years, but it was far and away my favorite Gatorade flavor. Especially when partially frozen to a slush consistency.

Light and refreshing. The best of them all. Wish they had this flavor everywhere they sell Gatorade.

I miss this flavor... Was the 1st Gatorade I ever drank way back when, and I literally cried when I couldn't find it anymore. This needs to make a come back, not that strawberry watermelon crap. If I ever found it at a store, I would buy in bulk, its that good.

Gatorade Watermelon was the bomb in the 90's
Just plain Watermelon No flavors just Watermelon.

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22 Green Apple

This one is good for horses, horse electrolytes are way over priced. Just add water with powder and give in bucket. They need it before big ride and after to rehydrate.

If people actually tried this flavor it would easily be mine 1...

I never really liked any of the flavors until the other day. I had to get Gatorade to prep for a Colonoscopy. I stopped by the store saw the green apple and tried it. Wow! I love it. Now I will buy Gatorade, if I can find it. Hope I can find it in powder form, so I can mix it on the long bike rides.

This is the best Gatorade flavor ever. - deandinosaur5

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23 G2 Grape

Great after a late night. Even before going to bed. Wake up and feel like you've just come out of a 10 year coma. Refreshed, healthy and ready to hang with friends. That's if you have friends. If not, at least G2 Grape is friendly. Well kind of. Its friendlier than the other flavours by at least 40%.

Grape Gatorade is so much better than fierce grape but so much harder to find these days

Best of all Gatorade taste best frozen

The best but all of a sudden I can't find it I the stores! Hope they don't discontinue it!

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24 G2 Orange

I love it my favorite flavor of all

It's the best ever, I'm having real trouble finding it though!

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25 Melon

If you haven't tried FIERCE MELON then you haven't tried gatorade. It's the best flavor, extremely refreshing, light, sweet taste that just makes you crave another sip.

It was hard to find for a while, but is now back. This is hands down the BEST flavor of Gatorade and definitely my personal favorite.

This is the best flavor and it's always so hard to find. My college roommate and I bonded over fierce melon.

Fierce Melon is the best, agreed. I also like rain lime and frost white cherry. That melon though

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26 A.M. Tropical Mango

The fact that NONE of you said this flavor makes me lose a little hope in the pallet of humanity

The best by far, but extremely frustrating that I can never find it

Great smooth fruit taste of mango. One of my top 5 favorite.

Damn son! This is GREAT!

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27 Rain Lime

Best flavor ever! Hands down. Unfortunately not available anymore, although it popped up at my local Big Lots store in southwest Florida. Bought every last one every time they get it in. Though seems like it's passing out of that store also. Please bring back this flavor!

This is the most refreshing flavor. I do not think that they make it anymore, but when they did it was always sold out in the gas stations and supermarkets around my house.

Rain lime is my favorite gatorade flavor, but unfortunately they discontinued it! I look desperately anytime I get gatorade in hopes they will bring it back!

The second best flavor right behind glacier freeze

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28 Arctic Blitz

I don't think the name fits the color or flavor a tropical sensation came to mind

Tastes exactly like a starfruit to me, love it

Smells good tastes good, cool color, FULL PACKAGE period. BEST!

Tastes like what laundry smells like. I'm addicted to this one and its almost always sold out at any Wawa I go to.

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29 Strawberry Splash
30 G2 Mixed Berry

So good, sweet with a bit of an almost coconut taste. Hard to discribe but very tasty. By far trumps all other flavors I've had.

At least there's no artificial coloring or food dyes.
And it tastes very good like strawberry/raspberry

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31 Kiwi Strawberry
32 Lemon Ice

Best flavor ever to the point there are social media groups designed with the sole purpose of getting Gatorade's attention and letting the company know they discontinued a goldmine. Even before its limited released sold out everywhere people loved this flavor from its first incarnation. This would not be so low on the list if more people knew of it! Gatorade is missing out on serious money here

There isn't a flavor sold in the US that I haven't tried and this one is my overwhelming favorite. The only reason this is so low on the list is the fact that it hasn't been in stores since the mid 90's. Most people have never even seen this let alone tried it.

Hands down their best flavor for my taste buds. I bought it by the case over the summer 2015. It saved the day on 7/4.

Green apple was limited the year before, now it's everywhere. I hope the same happens with this.

Get it together Gatorade! Bring back Lemon Ice!

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33 White Cherry

One of the best

34 Strawberry V 2 Comments
35 Citrus Crash
36 Blackberry Wave

Perfect mixture of sweet and refreshing with a hint of tang
Best flavor in my opinion

37 Blue Blast

I don't know if it's the same as Cool Blue.

38 Tropical Cooler

Such a good flavor! I just had to get it because I never seen it before, now I better go get more! This is delicious!

This is my favorite Gatorade! Tastes just like a fruit cup but it's hard to find.

Love this flavor but I can't find it anymore I would buy a case craving this flavor pleas help let me know where it is available PLEASE

Delicious! Was available only this summer, and now it's GONE! My taste buds are weeping!

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39 Rain Cherry

This is the BEST Gatorade of all time. I've tried searching for it everywhere even online, no luck. Last time I had it was maybe 07'? But I do remember when it came out in late 05' I believe. I might have to get on the horn with PepsiCo. and see what the deal is.. (that's how much I miss this flavor) and I'm sure I have many backers on that. I pray that one of the ceos or analyst people see this and reintroduce this beloved flavor! -Matt (Florida)

40 Cascade Crash

I used to buy the Frost series flavor pack strictly for Glacier Freeze and never bothered to try this flavor because I thought it would taste like blue berries. Anyways, I finally tried it and I can no longer enjoy Glacier Freeze because Cascade Crash has a much better flavor! Especially, if you drink it slowly and let the flavor linger in your mouth.

Best in the Frost Series and overall flavor! Hands down! Refreshing and has that subtle fruit taste. Hard to find but Costco has the three Frost flavors in a variety pack.

This flavor can be hard to find, but it is well worth it. You owe it to yourself to try it if you say you like Gatorade. It has always been my fave and always will be.


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