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41 Mango

This drink is possibly my favorite thing ever

This is the best

The best of the best. I love it really teasty during

Mango > Lemon Lime > Lime > FruitPunch

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42 Fierce Blue Cherry

New In My Area But It's The Best Among Whats Available!

This is my grandsons favorite. He won't drink any other flavor. Hard to find and would like to find some in the smaller bottles. I live in Keene, New Hampshire. He has a medical condition that the doctors reccomend that he drink at least one bottle a day.

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43 Cherry Rush

Remember this as a kid, had it all of my soccer games. They should bring this back

Absolute best flavor of all time. Bring it back!

I wish they had this flavor still! :(

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44 Blue Rush

This one is probably the rarest Gatorade bottle out there. I haven't seen it in years but even when I did it was extremely rare to find. It is known as the Dark-ish blue flavor, and has a strong but very sweet taste to it. By far way more tastier than cool Blue and I don't know why they are so hard to find!

45 G2 Tropical Blend

My favorite is G2 Tropical Blend. It is emerald green (not red). After determining this is my favorite, no other flavor refreshes as well. Now I can't find it ANYWHERE! Please don't tell me the Gatorade folks have stopped producing this?

This is without a doubt my favorite flavor of Gatorade! The pretty emerald color and the refreshing fruity flavor is the best! Its sweet without being too sweet so the flavor comes through. I can't get enough of this stuff, I always stock up on it whenever I see it!

Why can't I find this flavor anymore? It is the best of all your flavors. I have a very delicate digestive system and need to drink G2 Tropical Blend Gatorade often. Please, please, please -- tell me where I can get this flavor!

G2 Tropical Blend is the only flavor we like. If it's not available. we won't buy Gatorade.

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46 Tangerine

I swear tangerine and citrus cooler are the same. Either way... my new favorite! Old was riptide rush. I like tangerine because it's not too sweet and a little tangy. Perfect. Sill think they're the same though...

I drink this one 3 times a week while I am working out. It is sweeter than the orange and it is my favorite. I can't believe it isn't on this list!

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47 Strawberry Watermelon

It's better frozen but is really delicious any kind of way

Definitely top 3 favorites next to Strawberry Lemonade and Fierce Strawberry

How is this not the best? It tastes like pixie stix!

I get it every time my stomach hurts somehow it makes me feel better :) honestly My Favorite!

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48 X-Factor Fruit Punch + Berry

This is my absolute favorite, that of my family as well. I cannot find this flavor in stores in my area, Portland, Oregon. Please let me know where I can purchase.

Favorite flavor ever I have at least 10 of these in my fridge always

This is in my top 5 Gatoraid list, but it is hard to find, I only see them at CVS drugstores in 32oz and occasionally at a grocery store. Excellent strong flavor!

This is a good flavor.

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49 X-Factor Lemon Lime + Strawberry

I never knew there were so many flavors up until now so all I can say is this flavor is by far the BEST I've had "so far" (and I've tried a lot of them)

This is the best flavor so far

Just found a couple bottles at a little market. I'm probably heading back for what little they had left

Trying to find this online because I can't find it in stores. So good.

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50 Fruit Punch + Berry V 3 Comments
51 Blue Cherry

Blue cherry is the best the first time I tried it, it tasted like heaven and it still does

52 Tropical Mango

Very smooth flavor, not too sweet, but very refreshing.

It is the best when it is cold

It is the best frost flavor.

The best

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53 Icy Charge

If you enjoy the lighter, more crisp flavors, you will dig Icy Charge. It is wonderfully quenching, especially if you pop it in the freezer for about 20 minutes, shake it vigorously for a few seconds, drink... Enjoy!

It's so hard to find this flavor where I am, but it's extremely good!

How could they not have had a Pineapple Lime flavor before now?

I love this flavor so much I could drink it for hours

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54 Rain Grape
55 Raspberry Melon

We love Raspberry Melon, but can't find anywhere. We live in South Carolina. If anyone knows where to buy, please share your opinion.

I was so excited to find this wonderful beverage. Like many other things in life its soon taken away.

Would love. To try never heard if must not be in states

Great stuff but hard to find

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56 X-Factor Orange + Tropical Fruit

It tastes exactly like Melon, my favorite flavor

Litrally can't believe how hard this is to find. The best Gatorade by far. Orange with a twist. I buy as many as I can when I come across it

57 Strawberry Lemonade

This is the BEST flavor of them in my opinion! Should be a lot higher up on the list.

It is the best! Too bad you can't find it anywhere.. Should be higher up on the list

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58 Mango Xtremo

I was hooked on Fierce Strawberry until I tried this one. Now Mango Xtremo is my absolute favorite of all time. Why are the things I love so hard to find?

Very best ever ever

Why is this so hard to find? please, my all time favorite... Life is disappointing! 😩

59 All-Stars Tropical Punch

This was the best flavor ever! I inadvertently voted for the tropical fruit by mistake. This is the one I'd buy 10 cases of as soon as it hit the shelves!

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60 Protein Recovery Shake Chocolate

Yum love the protein shakes flavor chocolate vanilla and cookies n cream

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