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61 Apple

The best flavour. Was surprised to see it not here!

You either love it or you hate. I love it.

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62 Frost

I can't believe this isn't higher on the list. This stuff is great.

I took a sip and fell in love. Its crisp when cold, not too sweet, has a little fruity taste, and is down right refreshing and Delicious. wonder what it's doing all the way down here.

I saw this in the stores one day while I was painting the back deck. I took a sip and instantly fell in love. wonder why it all the way down here.

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63 Fierce Green Apple

The first time I had the chance to get the green apple gatorade it was amazing

It is my third favorite but my friend love it.

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64 Lemon Lime with Strawberry X-factor

Live in Indianapolis and can't find this one either

65 Glacier Freeze G2
66 Fierce Melon V 2 Comments
67 White Lightning

It's really good and if you haven't tried it yet go ahead and try it

68 Passion Fruit

Had plenty of it last year - can't find it this year! Gave my last six bottles to my granddaughter.

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69 Blue Bolt

So Good! Makes me so refreshed when I drink this flavor! It should be way higher than this. - TheSuperDuperMangoCitrus

Amazing! This flavor tastes so original and that's what I like about blue bolt

This is what I drink when I'm sick and it also tastes delicious!

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70 Watermelon Chill

The best flavour ever created! Even better than Fierce Grape, and that's one of the best!

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71 Tangerine Rain

Really miss the rain series can only find rain berry and rain kiwi strawberry

Tastes like trash there's a reason it's so low

Haven't seen since 2008 miss all the rain can only find rain berry and rain kiwi atrawberry

72 Tango Mango
73 Sandia Citrus

Tastes like watermelon jollyranchers. Absolutely delicious

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74 A.M. Orange Strawberry

Haha my favorite I finally find is dead last. This drink is special to me cause they sometimes came in morning boxed chow at Marine Basic. I loved that they gave us something specific to it being morning considering the morning boxes have the same sandwich that's in noon or evening chow. Always drank blue or red then sometimes on rare occasion you'd find this.

Reminds me of a taste from my childhood infant quite pin down this is my all time favorite

I would love to try it if I could find it

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75 G2: Watermelon Strawberry

This is definitely not the best but it depends on what you like. Try it for yourself but it taste like cucumber water too me.

76 Orange Strawberry

Orange strawberry is amazing unfortunately it's hard to find in the stores?

My favorite by far! I don't know why its not in top 10, everybody I know loves it!

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