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1 Brokeback Mountain

I ADORE THIS MOVIE! I don't care what anybody says it is wonderful. I cary everytime at the end when he finds that shirt. - Oh-Yeah

If this movie ever stops being #1 on this list, I am seriously going to murder someone.
Just saying that simply looking at the poster makes me believe in true love, that's how powerful this movie is.
Now if you excuse me, I'll go and cry in the corner (for... Obvious reasons). :(

The first time I watched this movie, my tears started dripping when Ennis asked for Jack's ashes. This is a superior movie which really rivals Titanic.

This movie is so creepy. I wish I could erase the vision of the men frolicking on the cliff naked. Ugh. And it's not homophobic- the gay scenes in Shameless don't bother me at all

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2 Trick
3 Shelter

It is an outstanding movie, that makes one feel life is beautiful. All the concepts of love is seen (Family, friends, lovers) and even the acceptance of the society is shown. Its done so clean and refreshing

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4 Boys Don't Cry
5 Beautiful Thing

It has a great storyline and really conveys emotional feelings, with great bouts of comedic relief!

It's funny and fab acting. It's interesting and comedian. This film is so cute.

its sweet and funny, and fab acting by a widley unknown cast...

One of the best movies I have ever seen. Very moving story.

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6 Bound
7 Ang Lihim Ni Antonio
8 Latter Days

I loved this movie, when he goes to the mothers house looking for him.

I can't believe brokeback was rated higher than this masterpiece

It so awesome, it must to be in top 10

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9 Milk

This should be the movie of all time - this man was murdered standing up for gay rights and helped pave the way for the social acceptance we have today. but we all know it could be better.

Harvey Milk is a brave gay hero, someone we should never forget, ever.

He was willing to "come out" when it wasn't done. Without people like him it wouldn't be normal today.

Harvey had the strength that most of us wish we could have tubeum self in the world that hated him and he changed that world.

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10 Get Real

This was my first "gay" movie, loved it because it hit home for me. It is a Brit film, but I completely delved into it and watched it over and over. Not a comedy but a coming of age tale that is heartwarming.

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11 Prey for Rock & Roll
12 Moulin Rouge V 1 Comment
13 Dancing at the Blue Iguana
14 Hedwig & The Angry Inch V 1 Comment
15 Prayers for Bobby
16 Heavenly Touch
17 Interview with the Vampire
18 Philadelphia

Gorgeous and touching movie, it has to be one of the most stunning potrayals of the troubles and the prejudiscm that gay men face in society. This movie will definitely get you thinking, will definitely make you cry. To me one of the best movies out there.

Pretty good movie again better than brokeback

Nice, but misses on the fun required..! We look for 'some' chemistry..!

19 Rent

I LOVE this movie. Although, it's better on broadway. - cheesemaster

20 My Own Private Idaho

, This Movie made me so aggressive it's so bad

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1. Trick
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1. Shelter
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3. Brokeback Mountain



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