Best GazzettE Members

Who is your favorite GazzettE member? Mine is Ruki but I want to know yours! So please vote!

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1 Ruki

He's my favorite, I mean his voice cheers me up if I'm sad. He has a cool style and moves. - cielphantomhive

Awesome member! Love his voice! I wish he would play near where I live! - cielphantomhive

Not the biggest fan but his voice in filth in the beauty is great and casis.

2 Reita

I love Reita and he is the coolest man on earth! And he have a heartmelting smile! I will always support him! No matter wha

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3 Uruha Uruha

I can see why people like him so much. I mean he is really cool and stuff. - cielphantomhive

4 Aoi Aoi

First, I love his name, I mean Aoi that's so cool! Awesome hair. Great playing! - cielphantomhive

5 Kai

I love his name too! He's the best drummer ever! - cielphantomhive

6 Yune

Even though he's gone, was he your favorite member? - cielphantomhive

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