Best Top Gear (UK) Episodes

The best episodes from the UK Top gear. Brackets: (series,episode).

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21 Hovercraft Test (20, 4)

One of the best episodes for me. The boys turn a van into a hovercraft before totally ruining it.

22 Military Vehicle Demolition (17,5)
23 Police Car Challenge (11,1)
24 The Caravanning Holiday (8, 6)

By far the best, especially when May hits the pole.

25 Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Challenge (21, 3)
26 VW Scirocco Diesel Ads (13,7)

Best bit in that episode is at the end of that were Jeremy put 1 tank is enough to Poland joke

This one is great, though not for the Scirocco ads (as hilarious as that may have been), so much as for the gorgeous V12 Vantage film at the end. So calm, so different, so beautiful, I love it. The rest of the episode is good, not outstanding.

What it's a funereal, make it a black bikini

27 Tremendous Tractors (19,1)
28 Brilliant British Engineering (20,6)

My favorite episode of the series. It wasn't the funniest of the series but if you are British then it is the most emotional episode of the series. It shows how many vehicles we do make and is extremely touching. The best finale of any series I have ever seen.

29 Romania Special (14,1)
30 "Low Budget" BMW X6 Test (14,7)
31 Stig Tries to Beat a Speed Camera (1,1)

Nothing to say just brilliant.

32 Botswana Special
33 Homemade Limousines (9,6)

Nothing funnier than seeing Jeremy clarkson get hit by a water canon & then his limo split in half in the middle of London.

34 Peugeot Special (22,5)
35 Marauder Test (17,1)
36 Train Challenge (17,4)

17,4 just hilarious throughout the whole thing a must watch

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37 The British (Top Gear) vs. The Germans (D Motor) (11,6)
38 Burma Special (March 2014)

Best special out there! best part when Clarkson peed in Hammonds water source before he used it to shower!

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