Best Gears of War 3 Weapons


The Top Ten

1 Lancer
2 Gnasher Shotgun

A powerful shotgun with an 8 shell capacity, effective at medium range, but even deadlier up close. Accurate fire can cut down several foes quickly.

3 Boomshot


Who needs skill? get a boom shot!

4 Hammer of Dawn

I only used it once in the campaign and that was at the very end when you verse Queen Myrahh. I can say it is EXTREMELY powerful and is a beast of a weapon.

5 Boltok Revolver
6 Scorcher Flamethrower
7 Digger Launcher
8 Mulcher Chaingun
9 Frag Grenade
10 Ink Grenade

The Contenders

11 Oneshot

The most powerful weapon in the conventional COG arsenal, the Oneshot as it name suggests can fell most targets with one hit and can even destroy a deployed Boomshield. A brief priming sequence and a targeting laser belies this weapons deadly intent. - decorulez97

12 Longshot Sniper Rifle
13 Mortar

Basically a tube that propels high-explosive shells over long distances, the Mortar can massacre an entire team in the hands of an accurate gunner. Spot enemies to aid the Mortar gunner in his conquest for a body count. - decorulez97

14 Hammerburst Rifle
15 Vulcan Cannon

If the Mulcher has an insane rate of fire, the Vulcan possesses an even crazier rate of fire. Mere seconds pass before the Vulcan eats through its ammo supply. Additionally, a second player must also retrieve the ammo box to supply the gunner with a steady steam of munitions. - decorulez97

16 Retro Lancer
17 Sawed-Off Shotgun

A double-barrel shotgun that packs a punch at close range, and impossible to use at any other distance with a very long reload time. It has a total of four shells of ammo but can hold six total. - decorulez97

18 Snub Pistol

The standard sidearm for the COG. Low damage with high accuracy and firing rate. Unique in that you can melee directly after firing the weapon. - decorulez97

19 Gorgon Pistol

A locust machine-pistol, the Gorgon's fast fire-rate makes it an excellent close range weapon, particularly behind a meat shield. - decorulez97

20 Torque Bow
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