Best General Manager in Baseball

The Top Ten

1 Brian Cashman (Yankees)

he gets all the credit for DJ havin a good career

2 Theo Epstein (Red Sox)

Theo was a puppet to bill Lajoie

3 Billy Beane (A's)

He usually pulls a surprisingly good season out of his nowhere with a crew off average players and some ageing DH like frank thomas or mike piazza batting cleanup - Chris-1

This is easy. He puts together really good teams. Brian Cashman just throws money at free agents, and hasn't gotten a world series win in nearly a decade. - Cbatower

Best now and possibly the best ever A's in 2014... Finally a ring?

He wins with guys that shouldn't be winning - jbar62

4 Kenny Williams (White Sox)
5 J.P Riccardi (Blue Jays)
6 Doug Melvin (Brewers)

Anybody notice that the only Rangers teams to make the playoffs were his teams, and now he has rebuilt the Brewers. What if he had the Yankees or Red Sox and he was allowed to spend money around A-Rod or another high paid player.

7 Mark Shapiro (Indians)
8 Terry Ryan (Twins)
9 Walt Jocketty (Cards)
10 Dave Dombrowski (Tigers)

The Contenders

11 Brian Sabean (Giants)
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