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The best Genesis songs ever written by the British rock group.

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41 That's All

Misunderstanding, That's All, In Too Deep, I Can't Dance, Follow You Follow Me... Seriously I don't trust this list if most of these are not in the top 10.

I know a majority of the voters are fans of Peter Gabriel's Genesis, but Phil Collins' version has given us some great songs. Phil Collins is one of my favorite musicians and Genesis is one of my favorite bands. Abacab, Genesis, Invisible Touch, & The Duke are extremely good and underrated albums.

This should be in top ten at the very least, if not the number one song.

#32!? Are you serious!

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42 Back in N.Y.C.

Most underrated Genesis song of all time. This with Hairless Heart is so powerful. Gabriel really lets go and produces some of the most fearsome vocals. My personal favourite on The Lamb along with The Lamia and In The Rapids - camillon1

Still remember listening to it for the first time. Caught me like heroin. Impossible to sing along with Peter´┐Ż's vocals, and impossible to move your head with the beat too.. Amazing.

When you've listened to enough prog rock, there comes a point at which 7/8 doesn't feel all that awkward anymore. (Usually. There are exceptions. ) I stripped the vocals from this song and used it for karaoke once with no problems. I didn't even have to think about the time signature; I just did what came naturally.

43 Hairless Heart

This is actually one of my favorite songs in "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"

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44 Lilywhite Lilith

A wonderful sound throughout its juration, just a little too short to be up there with the classics, neverthelass an important cog in the wheel of the Lamb

45 No Son of Mine

This song really deserves to be higher.
Great song with mesmerizing lyrics and an amazing finale.
Phil is amazing on the vocals.

Hard to pick an overall favourite, but this is definitely one of the ones I look forward to most on my compilation CD.

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46 The Lamia

I consider this to be the most beautiful song off of "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway", due to the chilling nature of the creatures that meet Rael, as well as Tony's flowing keyboard work and Peter's soft vocal work. You don't know how to act when listening to this song. One minute, you're awestruck, then frightened, then woeful. You go through the same feelings that Rael does in this story during this song. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

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47 One for the Vine

This has always been one of my favorite epic Genesis tracks (though I like their short songs too). One of the best songs Tony Banks ever wrote, along with Firth of Fifth and Afterglow.

Are you kidding me? This one is a true masterpiece with fantastic heart touching piano solos and a majestic outro. Come on, let's be serious: How come this is in the 37th place on this list, but the good yet commerically successful Land of Confusion is 3rd? You can't compare One for the Vine and Land of Confusion because they're different. But One for the Vine is way better than Land of Confusion (just my opinion).

Definitely in the top 5 for the real progressive fans, out of the commercial ones

Very sad this song but equally it is very good and well made

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48 The Colony of Slippermen

Should be far higher up the list - amazing keyboards and drumming. One of their very best.

Amazing keyboard riffage also Peters vocals are so silly "to see dr dyper reformed sniper he will whip off your winddream wiper (Balls)"

49 Fading Lights

Most epic Song Genesis ever did. Full of I don't know what to call it, but it is a lot... Don't know which Song should be better than this here. But I guess it is not very well known in Public.

Would have been a great way to end Genesis. (But I'm a big fan of Calling All Stations) - Darrell

Underrated song!

Playing this on my funeral "and you know these are the days of our lives, so remember". Not their best song ever but very appropiate.

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50 In Too Deep

Love this song. Personal

Best memories of love past

51 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
52 Throwing It All Away

This is my favorite Genesis song. Should be top 10 in everyone's list. If you haven't listened to it, this is a must.

Beautiful song

53 Fly on a Windshield

A few minutes of true Prog Rock at its finest. Should be right up there with the top few songs.

Searing solo by Hackett. Haunting tune, one of their best and that says a whole lot.

54 Aisle of Plenty
55 Robbery, Assault and Battery

"Hello son I hope you're having fun"
"You've got it wrong sir, I'm only the cleaner"
With that he fired, the other saying as he died,
"You've done me wrong, " it's the same old song forever, forever
Robbery Assault and Battery
The felon and his felony

56 Your Own Special Way

Just a great song. I recently discovered the live acoustic "unplugged" version. It's magnificent and was performed long before "unplugged" shows became popular.

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57 Harold the Barrel
58 Heathzaze

Awesomwe sparce music and clever lyrics

'Beware the fisherman
Who's casting out his line
Into a dried up riverbed
But don't try to tell him
Because he wont believe you
Throw some bread to the duck instead
Its easier that way

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59 Dodo/Lurker

Hands down, the best Genesis song ever, should be number 1 just based on inventive melodies, dynamic arrangement and emotive vocals. It's not a song it's a trip.

Dude this song is musical genius

60 Behind the Lines

Great drumming! Great song that keeps on rocking the Genesis way.

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