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61 Twilight Alehouse
62 Time Table Time Table

Beautiful lyrics, in my opinion this song should be higher. At least near the first 20 positions

The piano in this song is absolutely beautiful. Definitely one of the most emotional parts you'll find on Foxtrot.

63 Driving the Last Spike Driving the Last Spike

Great lyrics, great vocals, great instruments, great everything. The last third of the song gets a little repetitive after four minutes, but an amazing song nonetheless.

Best Genesis song for me...a whole storytelling song

Seriously this is the best damn 10 min crescendo of all time with powerful lirycs phil mike and tony at her best

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64 Harlequin Harlequin
65 The Fountain of Salmacus The Fountain of Salmacus

I'm very surprised this song was not on the list! A story from Greek mythology beautifully told. There's a timeless, ethereal quality about this song in both the poetry and the music. The arrangement and musicianship has plenty to hold your interest, lots of change and contrast throughout. From the mellotron/cymbal crescendos accompanied by some delicate guitar work. The complex organ instrumental parts. The lively pace of the guitars, drums and flute that pick up around the lyric away from me cold blooded woman your thirst is not mine Colin's drumming is superb throughout this track. Unlike many of Genesis recordings that sadly I feel have been spoiled by the use of some odd sounding synths and 'experimental' guitar work this track survives the test of time relatively unscathed!

How is Invisible Touch in the Top 10 and this be only 49? Absolutely shameful! Maybe I love this song so much because I love greek mythology but it really sends shivers down my spine during the crescendo at the end. It creates atmosphere and tells such a vivid story, what does Invisible Touch create? Nothing that's what, just trash. - camillon1

I agree! A lot of songs listed higher than this one shouldn't be. Not in the top 10 but definitely not that far

66 The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging V 1 Comment
67 Eleventh Earl of Mar Eleventh Earl of Mar V 2 Comments
68 Stagnation Stagnation

Should be top 10, especially for Gabriel-era fans. An important part of their progression as writers and performers, and a key element in the band's live history. The flute part towards the end was used in the "I Know What I Like" medley all the way through the 2007 tour. It stands the test of time and is one of their earliest and most chill-inducing epics - musicman4

69 A Trick of the Tail A Trick of the Tail

Definitely one of Genesis' all time greats. Why could I not find this on this list?

70 The Chamber of 32 Doors

My favorite Genesis song. The lyrics are as good, if not better, than any other Genesis song. The music is prog at its best.

An amazing song. I like when the music just crashes down around where rael says "Every single door / that I've walked through /Brings me back, back here again"

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71 Deep In the Motherlode Deep In the Motherlode

Can't explain it but I do love this song.

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72 More Fool Me More Fool Me

This may bot be their best song, but it sure should be up there at least. This is the second song Phil Collins has sang the lead as a part of Genesis and I still think it is one of his best. Peter Gabriel as back up was interesting, but beautiful nonetheless.

73 Keep It Dark Keep It Dark

#66?!?!? Well genesis does have a lot of songs... Regardless this is by far my favorite collins-era tune, beautiful lyrics and extremely catchy beat.

Right up there in the best of the Post Gabriel. Squonk. Entangled.
Keep It Dark is firm rough and dry. Unlike most of the moist pap they unleashed subsequently.

74 Dusk Dusk

In my opinion, this is one of the most relaxing songs ever made.

75 Calling All Stations Calling All Stations
76 Undertow Undertow

Fabulous arrangement with spine tingling lyrics suit Collins vocals to a tee.

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77 Dreaming While You Sleep Dreaming While You Sleep
78 Horizons Horizons

Supper's Ready is nothing without Horizons to lead up to it.

79 Counting Out Time Counting Out Time V 1 Comment
80 Solsbury Hill

Really, has nobody added this yet? Perhaps they have done more stunning work, but I find Salisbury Plane strangely evocative. Again, perhaps not quite my absolute favourite, but had to give it a mention!

Nobody has added it because it's not a Genesis song. It's from Peter Gabriel's first solo album.

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