Best Genesis Songs

The best Genesis songs ever written by the British rock group.

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81 Horizons

Supper's Ready is nothing without Horizons to lead up to it.

82 Counting Out Time

Great melody. a lot of work behind that. The lyrics are funny also.

83 Solsbury Hill

Really, has nobody added this yet? Perhaps they have done more stunning work, but I find Salisbury Plane strangely evocative. Again, perhaps not quite my absolute favourite, but had to give it a mention!

Nobody has added it because it's not a Genesis song. It's from Peter Gabriel's first solo album.

84 The Lady Lies

Can't believe this wasn't on the list yet. Probably my favorite song on ATTWT

85 Paperlate
86 Congo
87 Jesus He Knows Me

Very funny song with great rhythm.

Strangely no comments for this one.. This is groovy!

Excellently pointed snipe at popular crowd pleasing preachers of the time. Collins at his acidic best. Great upbeat song, too. Quite underrated. Okay, it's not actually my favourite, but I think it deserves a mention! One of my favourites.

Awesome rhythm, good song from the 90s

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88 Misunderstanding

I thought this was their most popular song. I really do like early 70s the most with Gabriel singing more than the later Genesis, but I'm very surprised at Misunderstanding's rank. Supper's Ready and Firth of Fifth are obviously their classics and my favorites, but come on, at least top 20 for this one?! Nice chorus with backing vocals and a good beat throughout.

89 Man On the Corner

Subtle yet powerful dish served up with a pungent yet odorless finish. Classic genesis yet not...

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90 Who Dunnit?
91 Scenes From a Night's Dream

Amazing, catchy, great song!

92 The Light Dies Down On Broadway
93 Illegal Alien

Great, fun song

94 Just a Job to Do
95 For Absent Friends
96 Down and Out

Can't understand why this isn't even on the top 10, the performance in this song mindblowing.

97 The Dividing Line
98 Me and Sarah Jane

Mini epic from Banks make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

99 In the Rapids

These two songs which are generally lumped together end the lamb lies down on Broadway, and they end it with emotion and power. In the rapids is a beautiful song where Rael finally realizes the real reason for his quest to save his brother and "it" ends the song with a high paced, absolutely electric song.

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