Best George Clooney Movies

The Top Ten Best George Clooney Movies

1 Ocean's Eleven

Outstanding! Even if you don't like him in his other movies this movie will change your mind for all of the characters!

2 O' Brother, Where Art Thou?

I like this film it is best

This should be number 1.

Best of all time

3 Fantastic Mr. Fox
4 Ocean's Twelve
5 Batman & Robin
6 Michael Clayton
7 The Descendants

Liked when he kissed judy greer. In Your face Matthew Lillard

I love you more then your movies I just chose this one ramdonly

8 Ocean's Thirteen
9 Up in the Air
10 Money Monster

The Contenders

11 Gravity

This movie won an oscar - Ajkloth

12 From Dusk Till Dawn
13 Burn After Reading
14 Good Night and Good Luck
15 Three Kings
16 Tomorrowland

The best Science Fiction movie ever!

17 The Perfect Storm

Way better than Batman and Robin. Come on guys!

18 Syriana
19 Out of Sight
20 The Ides of March
21 The Monuments Men
22 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
23 The Peacemaker
24 The American

A misunderstood film, I think. The trailer sent us into a spin, but the film itself is quiet, moody, tense, and slow. Watch it a couple of times " it's Clooney's best performance.

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