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One of the best singers of all time and no such list available to guide music-lovers to get to know his best. Here its my pleasure to make a list of top tens of my favorite singer.

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1 Careless Whisper

Awesome song. I started loving G.M. after listening this song

I heard this song many times in T.V. when it appeared. It was a big single and now it's a classic.

I loved George Michael as long as I loved Music... It started with Careless Whisper.

I was born in 1998 and this song was released in 1984, I think my generation should stop listening to all those lousy artists and start listening to the real music made before I was born. It's a great composition that moves me in a way that words can't describe.

2 One More Try

Close your eyes and feel the depth of his emotion. If this was the last song I ever heard, I'd die a happy camper.

The vocals in this song are unreal. He really does have one of the purest and most emotional voices ever.

I was bed-ridden, recovering from surgery when I heard this song playing in the next room. It spoke to me in a magical, spiritual way. I love this song.

This song always send me into a very pensive, reflective mood. There is so much depth conveyed in his voice and the melody!

3 Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

My introduction to "Wham"...from the moment I heard this song...I was in love!

One of his best

I would never go go without George michael

I love it and my does too

4 Last Christmas Last Christmas Cover Art

This has to be the 2nd best song of George Michael! The song, lyrics and tune are really touching... And it really touches heart!

This song should be no 2 after careless whisper
The beat of this son is absolutely good even far better than wake me up and really a meaningful song too

Please vote this..

My second favourite song after careless whisper. I will never tire of hearing it!

Last Christmas one of the very favorite songs of George Michael's that is played all year round.

5 Faith Faith Cover Art

This is in my opinion his best song ever! Out of all the amazing songs that this amazing man has written the one people remember the most is faith! "well I guess it would be nice if I could touch your body! I know not every body has got a body like you! "epic lyrics and kick ass guitar great vibe this should be number 1!

Well I guess it would be nice if I could touch your body! I know not every body has got a body like you.

That pretty much sums it up. This song has some kickin guitar and it is about his favorite subject.

This is like his theme song

This song sums up my childhood pretty well, possibly the best george Michael song, and it cemented him in my mind as the coolest person on earth.

People have faith...should be number 1 in my opinion

6 Freedom

The piano riff straight up smokes on this one. An excellent compliment to his ballads

In my opinion, it's the best song

I can't believe this song is NOT even on THE LIST! Come on Everybody, this is one of his best!

His absolute best! Catchy, amazing music and lyrics. Should number 1!

7 Everything She Wants

everything she wants well I will tell you all I what is George Michael and a bed I will let you do the math

Now this is third on my list of fave wham songs let's get it nearer the top!

He sings with so much emotion and passion in this song.

Grand Theft Auto 5

8 I Want Your Sex

I would love to have sex with George Michael all day and all night he would not have to ask me

Great song, greatly misinterpreted

One of the best songs ever. It's sexy, smooth, and catchy.

It's natural. It's chemical. Let's do it!

9 Freedom! '90 Freedom! '90 Cover Art

Personally, I believe this is the best George Michael song, great heartfelt lyrics, and it has many different sections, that cover many different genres of music, it is ridiculous and criminal how low this song is on the list, I think it should be competing for number 1

Very hard to choose but this is still a banging tune today

This song should be higher on this list!

Most lyrical of his songs. Simply an excellent song to me.

10 Father Figure

My favourite G M song. Haunting and beautiful. Never tire of this song.

The riff is fantastic, could listen to it all day long. It creates a mystic vibe. Great song

Favorite favorite favorite sexy song

This song was like a drug played it over and over

The Contenders

11 I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) Cover Art

when I die I want George Michael to say I knew you were waiting for me and then we will have sex

Brilliant song and brings back brilliant childhood memories one of the truly great pop artists in his absolute prime.

I love this song, so heartwarming and inspiring.

The best song ever

12 Waiting for That Day

Makes me think of a love gone by, that I know will never come back or could ever be replaced.

Honestly I think this is his best song

This is timeless just perfect.

So old but good too

13 Cowboys and Angels

I love the sweet flow and sway to this Beautiful song...I just along with it.

"But that scar on your face
That beautiful face of yours
In your heart there's a trace
Of someone before"

Lyrics to die for!

What a song!

I love how he used the orchestra, beautiful song

Love this so much.

14 Different Corner

This song would always be my favourite, he also looks amazing on the video, this is the George I loved

A great song that makes you think how fate can be the only reason two people ever meet

Love this track, it's so emotive, beautiful lyrics and melody. To me much better than Careless Whisper.

Anyone who hasn't heard "blue" the remixed version need to hear it

15 Jesus to a Child Jesus to a Child Cover Art

Why this song is so down, please feel the soul of this song.

For me this is on top of George Michael's songs along with careless whisper.

One of the most beautiful songs ever written. A song that perfectly represented him as an artist. This should definitely be in the top 5!

This song takes my soul to a strange place, it must be the first

16 As
17 Kissing a Fool Kissing a Fool Cover Art

Umm why isn't this #1 because I mean hello?

Most soulful song it could be

So soft, so gentle, so loving...


18 Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me Cover Art

this song is so good George Michael and Elton john sing this song so well

Sheer perfection. Thing is though how does one choose from so many outstanding songs?

The most amazing song ever

I sing this song every time its on

19 Fast Love Fast Love Cover Art

one of the really first best songs by george michael I'm pretty sure about that.

This song is just so cool and definitely should be in top 10 if not top 5 brilliant and so cool

This song deserves to be higher than 19 the emotion in his voice as he sings about trying to move on from anselmo but no one is the same and how he misses his baby is heartbreaking. the best george song

For Top 5 definitely!

20 Too Funky Too Funky Cover Art

It is so raw...Funky! Can not help but move to this...

This song gotta' be top 10 at least

Great song!

21 Monkey

ahhhhh I love this song now the first time I heard it did not like it but the next time I heard it LOVE IT

Come on people, this is one of his best. Was #1 on Billboard for 2 weeks. 5 of the songs ranked ahead of it didn't even hit the top five. One of my favorites, anyways.

Awesome...George shows off some killer dance moves in the music video

Perhaps his best effort. Should definitely be ranked no lower than fifth or sixth.

22 Amazing Amazing Cover Art

Not usually a fan of George Michael, but I love this one. I think this is his best.

Great lifts you up when your down

Love it great memories

I can totally see everything in this song reflected in my life.

23 Mothers Pride Mothers Pride Cover Art

Sends goosebumps down my spine,he sings this with such emotion

24 Praying for Time Praying for Time Cover Art

Absolute best song of all time! The lyrics are so meaningful and relevant. Timeless!

This is his greatest song. He sung this on an American Idol finale and brought the house down.

Really makes one think..

Meditation it's all

25 If You Were There
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