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21 Spinning the Wheel

It spins my wheel

22 Kissing a Fool


23 I'm Your Man

Definitely an underrated song, should be in the top ten. Really simple, catchy, upbeat tune

One of his best songs. Dunno why it's down the ranks...

24 Playing for Time
25 I Can't Make You Love Me

Technically not his song but one of his greatest.

A song of pure beauty

Adore this song

26 The Edge of Heaven
27 Club Tropicana

This song is one of his best with good lyrics and great music

So good, so so good, catchy lyrics, funky bassline, hilarious music video, this song has it ALL

28 You Have Been Loved
29 Cowboys and Angels

Love this so much.

In my opinion his best song...breezy,jazzy with his always amazing vocals make this a hidden gem.

30 Waiting for That Day

Honestly I think this is his best song

This is timeless just perfect.

Best GM song ever!

Classy, simple, meaningful, I trusted him 😃

31 These Are the Days of Our Lives
32 White Light
33 Flawless
34 Round Here
35 Brother, Can You Spare a Dime

This remake is better than the original. It captures the pain of an era now nearly forgotten. His vocals are amazing in this song.

36 Mothers Pride

Sends goosebumps down my spine,he sings this with such emotion

37 Bad Boys
38 Where Did Your Heart Go
39 The Strangest Thing
40 Older

The best song from his best album.

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