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221 Normahl
222 Strassenjungs
223 Toxpack
224 Tempo
225 Lord of the Lost
226 Kadavar

Hard/psychedelic/stoner rock from Berlin. 2010- present. Sound a bit like Sabbath. Very 1970s.

227 Zodiac

Hard rock/Blues Rock from Münster. Classic rock. Takes inspiration from 1970s rock and 1960s blues. 2010 - present.

228 The Petards V 1 Comment
229 Umbra Et Imago

Gothic erotic, best song ever.

230 Metallspuerhunde

Actually Swiss, but its all in German

231 Samsas Traum
232 SDP

They have some of the best pop sounds.

233 Der W
234 Aloha From Hell
235 Dschinghis Khan V 1 Comment
236 Schandmaul

They are one of the best Medieval/ Folk-Rock/ Metal bands I've ever heard

Great Medieval Folk Rock-/metal band.
Cannot believe they're not in the list

237 ASP
238 Nu Pagadi Nu Pagadi Nu Pagadi was a German band consisting of Patrick Boinet, Kristina Dörfer, Markus Grimm and Doreen Steinert, all of which provided vocals, that was formed in 2004 in the German talent search TV show "Popstars", and disbanded after only nine months at the peak of their success, due to creative as well more.
239 Monrose Monrose Monrose was a German girl group consisting of Mandy Capristo, Bahar Kizil and Senna Guemmour that was formed in the fifth season of the German edition of Popstars in 2006 and disbanded in 2011 . more.
240 Lindemann
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