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101 At Vance

They have amazing song. They should be in top 10!

The best in this list!

102 Cosmic Gate
103 Der Plan
104 Kin Ping Meh
105 Weltraumstaunen
106 Stormwarrior
107 Emil Bulls
108 The sweet The sweet
109 Rosenstolz
110 Holy Moses
111 Lacrimosa
112 Nu-Matix
113 Walking Dead On Broadway
114 Trio
115 Milky Chance

"Stolen Dance" is a can't-go-wrong song. Literally everyone loves it. The distinct vocal sounds and instrumentation don't seem like they'd appeal but put together they compliment each other so well you can't help but smile at their music.

German modern folk duo
Recently rocketed up in popularity with their hit singkle "stolen dance" with 200 million hits on spotify
Unique and interesting band

116 S.E.X. Appeal S.E.X. Appeal S.E.X. Appeal is a German dance music project that formed in 1996 after lead singer Lyane Leigh and rapper Raz-Ma-Taz left the eurodance project E-Rotic by David Brandes. Leigh also worked with Brandes as the first lead singer of Missing Heart. more.
117 E-Rotic E-Rotic E-Rotic is a German eurodance group. The band originally consisted of the duo, the lead singer Lyane Leigh, the rapper Raz-Ma-Taz and the group's producer David Brandes.
118 Die Atzen
119 Faderhead
120 Guru Guru
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