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101 Weltraumstaunen
102 Stormwarrior
103 Emil Bulls
104 Rosenstolz
105 Holy Moses
106 Nu-Matix
107 Walking Dead On Broadway
108 Cinema Bizarre Cinema Bizarre Cinema Bizarre was a German synth rock band consisting of Strify (vocals), Yu (guitars), Romeo (keyboard), Shin (drums) and Kiro (bass) that formed in 2005 and disbanded in 2010. Before leaving the band in 2008, Luminor would provide vocals and keyboards, originally ought to sing in duet with Strify, more.

Haven't heard a song I didn't like.

Cinema bizarre have great songs and have great performance. Strify voice is so sexy. best group in world. They are German pride. they have many fans in Iran and Russian and Italy.

Cinema bizarre have great songs & performance. stirfy voice is so sexy. they have many fans in Russian and Italy and Spain and Iran. They are German pride.

Cinema bizarre for ever

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109 Trio
110 Reamonn

Yes Rea Garvey all the way he's the personification of musical talent

The greatest German band ever,Rea Garvey is a real singer and a good artist.
Beautiful songs,beautiful lyrics no autotune and no electro crap!

111 E-Rotic E-Rotic E-Rotic is a German eurodance group. The band originally consisted of the duo, the lead singer Lyane Leigh, the rapper Raz-Ma-Taz and the group's producer David Brandes.
112 Die Atzen
113 Faderhead
114 Cluster
115 Vibravoid
116 Colour Haze
117 Frumpy

In my opinion the best German Rock group of all times

Simply the best from Germany

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118 Embryo V 1 Comment
119 The Boots
120 Novalis
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