Top Ten Best German Bands

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161 Broeselmaschine
162 Atlantis
163 Karthago
164 The Rocking Stars
165 Hoelderlin
166 Ougenweide
167 Xhol
168 Straight Shooter
169 Space Debris
170 Bap

Needs way up, but not many understand the lyrics because it's dialect.

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171 Brainticket
172 La Düsseldorf
173 Apollo 3
174 Frida Gold

Best new German band, even if you don't like more 'pop-y' music

175 Nargaroth
176 Serum 114
177 Panik

Timo Sonnenschein, David Bonk, Christian Linke, Jan Werner, Frank Ziegler, Juri Schewe...

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178 The Notwist

amazing no one has put them in the top. Acid Pauli and other conected music.

179 Tocotronic

Best german band in the 90's but then they sadly changed their style

I didn't notice a style change. Hard to think of a better German indie band.

180 Silver Convention
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