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21 Fard V 1 Comment
22 Deichkind
24 Casper Casper Benjamin Griffey, better known by his stage name Casper, is a German rock musician, singer-songwriter and rapper of American descent born on September 25, 1982 who rose to massive national fame in Germany with the blockbuster album “XOXO” (2011), which received rave reviews by critics. Despite being more.
25 Blumio Blumio Kuniyoshi Fumio, better known by his stage name Blumio, is a German rapper of Japanese descent born on February 16, 1985 . In the late 2000s and the 2010s, Blumio developed a fanbase mostly through his YouTube channel, where he uploads his rap music . Despite his internet popularity and collaborations more.
26 Marteria Marteria
27 Antilopen Gang
29 Morlockk Dilemma
30 Nate57
31 Kay One Kay One Kenneth Glöckler, better known by his stage names Kay One and Prince Kay One, is a German rapper of Filipino descent, born on September 7, 1984. Kay got famous due to his exceptionally skilled freestyle raps, causing him to win several battle rap tournaments . After being a featured artist on several more.
32 Peter Fox Peter Fox
33 Paradog
34 4tune
35 Fler Fler Patrick Losensky, better known by his stage name Fler, is a German rapper born on April 3, 1982 . more.
36 B-Tight B-Tight V 1 Comment
37 Battel Boi Basti
38 Weekend
39 Haftbefehl Haftbefehl Aykut Anhan, better known by his stage name Haftbefehl, is a German rapper of Kurdish descent born on December 16, 1985 in Offenbach . In the 2010s, Haftbefehl's hit song "Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist", which became a meme in Germany, as well as having some guest spots on albums by better known German more. V 1 Comment
40 Der Kolibri
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