Best Ghost B.C. Songs

The Top Ten Best Ghost B.C. Songs

1 Cirice

Cirice and Square Hammer get me really hyped up every time I hear these songs sits a party for me.

love it - trowland4

Best one, just a bit superior to Square Hammer. Also, it's "Ghost" not "Ghost because"

Sorry guys I am gonna ruin your fanboy erection but the riff to your Grammy winning song is composed of 2 well known riffs by Slayer: Skeletons of Society and a close variation of the intro to Raining Blood. - Metal_Treasure

I think the riff is quite different enough for it to be considered original. I have seen far worse riff stealing from other bands like Bleed - Meshuggah from Jambi - Tool. Or the final guitar solo from The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold, which is a direct homage to Master of Puppets - Metallica. - Gamefreak23788

2 Square Hammer

One of my personal favorites gets me really pumped up.

I grew up and started to love music in the late 80's and from then on. I love metal, and this was the first song I had herd done in a great many years that really reached out and got me. I am slowly enjoying this bands work and I have not heard this like since, Ozzy or Kiss. It is nice to know that this kind of music is still going strong. I absolutely love it and will follow this band, hopefully for a long time to come.

Usually a fan of heavier music, but this was he Ghost song that really caught my attention. The riffs and chorus were stuck in my head from the first play, and now I'm going back and giving Ghost another chance. They didn't hook me with OE the first time around, but this time they definitely have.

Great 80's party music.

3 Year Zero

If you could only listen to one Ghost song, this is the one you'd want to hear

Just incredible and unique from the very first moment I have the pleasure to taste it.

Ghost's most toe-tapping track. Great beat, sinister lyrics, awesome live performance.

The song that got me into Ghost - Feels like a satanic ritual all the way through. Love it! - Grundapants

4 Ritual

It is the catchiest song about human sacrifice

Um... And why the riff sounds like the Symphony Of Destruction by Megadeth? - Metal_Treasure

The riff is similar but the rest of the song (vocals, Solo, etc) are very different. - IronSabbathPriest

I played this song four times in the day I got the album. - IronSabbathPriest

Good song, but not the best. It Remembers Symphony Of Destruction's riff

5 Monstrance Clock

My first song I heard and even from listening to all the albums this is one of my all time favorite ghost songs. So head banging

My first Ghost song, first seconds of hearing it I was already in love - Halvsten

Love it so much awesome beat

2nd ghost song I have ever heard and is the best ghost song. catchy, heavy, satanic, and dark. what ghost is made for

6 He Is

We are falling over the precipice...
I love that ending with the melodic guitar solo.

Not the best but deserving of more praise. I showed this song to friends who hate metal and they loved it. Just goes to show how this band can really be the next step in bringing back a style of metal that can resonate with a broader audience.

Hauntingly beautiful in a black mass kind of way, I can't just listen to it one time has to be a double play at least, this is my first ghost album and I'm totally hooked!

My 2nd favorite song by ghost. You can love/hate the satanic theme of the band all you like but the brilliance of this piece is undeniable.

7 Ghuleh / Zombie Queen

Love the end, foremost during concert with the three unbridled ghoul.

Come on... Awesome transition from dark ominous slow ballad straight into a doomy 60's surf rock jam... How can you go worng

This my current favourite song - it starts off with a beautiful haunting piano melody, followed by a sudden and awesome transition into a groovy hard rock song - definitely the band's best song to date! - petrucci75hammet

One of my new favorite Ghost songs. It's a really beautiful, chill song! The song literally sounds like you are sitting at a weird satanic ritual. The first time I heard it, I thought god was gonna smite me when the song was over. - ryanrimmel

8 From the Pinnacle to the Pit

This songs haunts me in my sleep, pure awesomeness

This is the first song I listened to by ghost and now I'm hooked. Great song

Amazing song, my absolute favorite... Gotta love these perfect finger taping parts and awesome base!

This, in my opinion, is Ghosts best song. I can never listen to it just once. It stays with me all day!

9 Genesis

Everything from the melodic riffing to the emotional acoustic outro to end the album - one of the best modern rock instrumentals! - petrucci75hammet

10 Rats

Honestly just a great song this song gets stuck in my head all the time.

Before "Rats": I knew the band.
After "Rats": I Love the band

A chuggy riff, a great solo, a great harmony, everything about this song is awesome. - MattAffterburner

Yo put this in the top five what

The Contenders

11 Stand by Him

Very chacthy danny de vito aprove

I started listening to this song in April, in which obviously the last thing on your mind is Fall, let alone Halloween. But this song immediately made me feel like I was in a really cool, spooky Halloween setting! Definitely one of the coolest songs I've ever listened to. - Dorito

I used to hate the chorus, but then I realized that it has its place. It actually adds to the eerie feel of the song. - Caleb9000

12 Elizabeth

This song is how found ghost cause my name is Elizabeth and I was looking up songs with my name and I'm so hooked I listen to them ever single day. I might have an addiction

Beautiful masterpiece

This hook is following me for months. Love the bassline at the hook...

13 Secular Haze

I love the rift of this song and the keyboard playing in the background! I always get chills when I listen to this song and it makes me feel like I'm a part of a religious cult. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

A masterpiece and My favourite song 10/10

14 Con Clavi Con Dio

The bass riff is killer, and the whole song as well!

For our corns. For our god.

I really love this song

Siamo con clavi
siamo con dio
siamo con il nostro dio oscuro

15 Deus In Absentia

Can't explain why, but there's a little something which makes me love it.

The hook is so powerful. Heavy music, eerie keyboards, pop hooks and deep, but dark content.

I haven't heard something close to Ghost from an impact on metal/heavy music since Ozzy went solo with Randy Rhodes or early Pantera. It's a real shift in heavy music. Plus, other influences fused into the music makes it complex and really enjoyable. This band (Tobias) is something special.

The song I listened to the most in 2017. It's hard to pick a favorite Ghost track, but this might be it for me.

Great closer to Meliora. Summarises the album nicely while still adding it's own little touch, building up until the end. - IronSabbathPriest

16 Absolution

Just catchy. And his final cry in Ceremony and Devotion live album is wonderful.

It is my favourite ghost song!?!?! There is no need for any other explanation other than it is amazing and the best!

It's just the best, no further explanation


17 Dance Macabre

I covered this song with school of rock Eden prairie love this song.

Great Song! Awesome hook and very well played!

24th on the list? Seriously?!
This song deserves so much better.

How do you not LOVE this song! Deserves better! Prequelle is definitely their best yet!

18 Prime Mover

Obsessive Oyster...Not the actual lyrics but makes my 9 year old sing out loud every time. It's a cool song and one of my favorites for that reason.

19 If You Have Ghosts

One of the best. It's a cover, yeah, but personally I think this version is the best.

Great underrated song I believe.

Love it when they play it in live.

20 Majesty

Beautiful melody in this song

21 Body and Blood

Best song on album

I love almost any Ghost song, they are all perfect. But this one is just slightly more catchy, so Body and Blood takes the cake. Groovy guitar solo too! - Dorito

This is probably their most underrated song. - ryanrimmel

This song is so addicting to listen to. Absolutely love it.

22 Mummy Dust

Excellent, the best songs aren't the best because they are well known for a music video.

Way too underrated, one of their creepiest songs

One of my absolute favourites. The writing is so great.

23 Per Aspera Ad Inferi

My top 20:
01 - " Per aspera ad inferi
02 - " Year Zero
03 - " Satan Prayer
04 - " Ritual
05 - " Secular Haze
06 - " Depth of Satan's Eyes
07 - " Con Clavi Con Dio
08 - " Stand by Him
09 - " Monstrance Clock
10 - " Body and Blood
11 - " Idolatrine
12 - " Jigolo Har Megiddo
13 - " Elizabeth
14 - " Genesis
15 - " Death Knell
16 - " Prime Mover
17 - " Ghuleh Zombie Queen
18 - " Infestissumam
19 - " Deus Culpa
20 - " La mantra mori

24 Death Knell

What the only good album! " Ha" Your a tosser mate u don't deserve to vote on these completely original mystical gems made from this Incredible band.

6...6...6... My personal favorite Ghost song. The harmonies are amazing in the chorus. It is unlike anything I have ever heard. Also, going to add that this is the only good Ghost album.

25 Faith

This song should be in the top 10.

He is the world.

Heaviest song on Prequelle, definitely a banger.

Killer song

26 Miasma

This song didn't wow me upon initial listen of the studio album, but my appreciation of it shot right up after seeing Papa Nihil play that sax solo live! - petrucci75hammet

A delicious instrumental journey with epic guitar riffs and a monumental sax solo..!

27 Satan Prayer

Young Tobias' voice, amazing lyrics, genius.

28 Idolatrine

Don't know why this is so low, so catcy and awesome, only bad thing about the song is that the 2nd verse is too short!

29 Jigolo Har Megiddo

This song is so greasy. It makes me lick my lips in anticipation, and leaves me wanting more.

I am completely in love with this song at the moment. The lyrics, rather lascivious and sexual, are amazing. I mean, this song is basically about a guy, Satan's son according to the lyrics, enticing women and destroying them in the best of ways in his opinion. I mean, "And I am the one who comes richly endowed", he's basically saying he has a huge package. And don't even get me started on the guitar and keyboard in the song because I will not stop. This song is a pure masterpiece! - Supernatural

This should be way higher, maybe top ten.

Underrated, but catchy, melodic and awesome - Lem

30 Depth of Satan's Eyes

Hidden gem right here

Love singing this one.

This song is a gem

31 Zenith

Not only sums up what Ghos sounds like but also feels refreshing and new...


This is an awesome bonus track - ryanrimmel

This song gives m chills with this creepy vibe coming from the piano + the song is full of musicality

32 Pro Memoria

Very emotional, such as Life Eternal.

Just fantastic and chilling - Shyrtex

Do not forget about dying...

Really catchy, grows on you and the piano is awesome. don't you forget about dying...

33 Witch Image

Wish it was 10 minutes long

My favorite hands down

I mindlessly listen to songs sometimes, when I actually focused on the song, I searched for the lyrics, learnt them by heart, and now sing along every time this song pops up in my playlists. Personally think it should be top ten.

One of the best choruses I've heard in a long time. Not the best but definitely should be higher than this

34 Crucified

This song is very underrated. It should be played live!

35 Kiss the Go-Goat

It took some listenings for me to warm up to this one, but after getting used to it I actually quite like the 60's feel of this song.

36 I'm a Marionette
37 Spirit

This is in my top 3 for Meliora. Fantastic keyboard solo and great singing from papa

Papa is amazing and with the climax of the song at end, you wont find that anywhere else

The way the guitar riff bursts into this song after the haunting opening is awesome

Surprised Spirit isn't in the top 20. It's an amazing song, and got me wanting to listen to the rest of Meliora and the other two Ghost albums.

38 Life Eternal

Will become a Ghost classic - simply amazing words & music

Just amazing. It almost makes me cry every time I listen to it.

Amazing song

Up there as Ghost’s finest moment so far - musically & lyrically majestic.

39 Mary on a Cross

Late 60's vibe - very melodic - will become a Ghost classic for many years to come

This song is wonderful! So catchy

This song introduced me to Ghost last week. I'm now the proud owner of 4 albums and 3 EPs. Mary on a Cross is still my number 1 song for Ghost.

40 Bible

Get dis song to da top 10 or I shoot u through my computer screen!

Absolutely outstanding. Should definitely be higher on this list. - PapaEIII


41 Helvetesfonster

Make way for this masterpiece, guys. The rest of the songs are really cool and all, but this piece of art is just one in a lifetime, I'm gladly surprised to see Tobias' full potential here. - patoezequiel

42 Waiting for the Night

It's a cover of the Depeche Mode song.

Not my favorite Ghost song, but it definitely should not be this far down on the list, so I gave it a vote

43 Missionary Man

Deserves more praise! Wish they played this live.

Kick ass cover. Hands down the funkiest Ghost song.

44 Infestissumam

One of the best opening tracks of all time. - Andrevalenca

I actually really like this song

45 I Believe

I was expecting this to be way closer to the top. Such a beautiful song.

Ranked last... how is this possible. This song is executed perfectly and is a great spin on the original. It is so peaceful but filled with emotion. Ghost is the master of atmospheric music. - Dorito

46 Nocturnal Me

Because its lit

47 Deus Culpa
48 La Mantra Mori

One of the most mysterious ghost tracks out there... I can still hear the haunting of "We focus on your death"

49 Spöksonat
50 See the Light
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