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1 You're So Creepy You're So Creepy

This song is AWESOME! I love the lyrics and I swear to god no matter what mood I'm in this song always wants to make me jump around I smile. I TOTALLY LOVE WERE THIS SONG IS!

I love the lyrics to this song! This was the first Ghost Town song I have ever heard and it got me hooked to their music!

I fall in love with it the first time I've listened the song. Amazing! "

There's no way for you to not like this song!

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2 Monster Monster

My first Ghost Town song and it got me addicted to Ghost Town! I love this song.

This song is an addictio. For me the best that they ever made. Meaning full totally perfect from head to toetoe. I'm just completly addicted

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3 Trick or Treat Trick or Treat
4 I'm Weird I'm Weird
5 Game Freak Game Freak

Timings everything gotta get that right it might get tight breaking through that Spotlight

6 Tentacles Tentacles
7 W.F.F. W.F.F.
8 Off With Her Head Off With Her Head
9 Dr. Doctor Dr. Doctor

Incredible rhythm and incredible video of the artwork

10 Zombie Girl Zombie Girl

Has a very catchy chorus

Amazing song BY FAR!

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? Candles Candles
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11 Acid Acid
12 Party In the Graveyard Party In the Graveyard V 1 Comment
13 Skeleton Skeleton
14 Voodoo Voodoo
15 Dreamer Dreamer

I love it it's the one that makes me happy when I'm sad

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16 Universe Universe
17 Ghost In the Machine Ghost In the Machine
18 Human Human
19 Loner Loner
20 Fan Girl Fan Girl

A really awesome song that targets fans around the world

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