Best Ghost Town Songs

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1 You're So Creepy

This song is AWESOME! I love the lyrics and I swear to god no matter what mood I'm in this song always wants to make me jump around I smile. I TOTALLY LOVE WERE THIS SONG IS!

I love the lyrics to this song! This was the first Ghost Town song I have ever heard and it got me hooked to their music!

I fall in love with it the first time I've listened the song. Amazing! "

It just gets stuck in your head, and lots of people can totally relate!

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2 Monster

My first Ghost Town song and it got me addicted to Ghost Town! I love this song.

Ugh I love this one so much

This song is an addictio. For me the best that they ever made. Meaning full totally perfect from head to toetoe. I'm just completly addicted

3 Trick or Treat
4 I'm Weird
5 Game Freak

Timings everything gotta get that right it might get tight breaking through that Spotlight

6 Tentacles
7 W.F.F.
8 Off With Her Head
9 Acid
10 Dr. Doctor

Incredible rhythm and incredible video of the artwork

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11 Party In the Graveyard

This speaks to my soul :')

12 Zombie Girl

Has a very catchy chorus

Amazing song BY FAR!

13 Voodoo
14 Skeleton
15 Dreamer

I love it it's the one that makes me happy when I'm sad

Love the lyrics <3 ghost town are amazing - Emmzy14

16 Fan Girl

A really awesome song that targets fans around the world

One of my favourites


17 Black Moon

Such a beautiful song

18 Universe
19 Ghost In the Machine
20 Human
21 Loner
22 Evolution
23 That's Unusual (Jump!)
24 Hocus Pocus
25 In Flames
26 Carnival
27 Mean Kids
28 Spark
29 Let Go
30 I'm Wasted
31 Out Alive
32 Candles
33 Modern Tragedy

I love this song, I am so addicted to it, starts the year off right

34 Modern Tragedy


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