Best Ghost Type Pokemon From Unova


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1 Chandelure

Dude this pokemon is awesome and needs to stay first because he is an awesome fire type pokemon and looks beast

Chandelure is way to awesome like seriously I have a chandelure lv 98 and beat 2 of the elite 4 just using him

One of the coolest looking pokemon ever a ghost fire pokemon amazing

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2 Golurk Golurk

While chandelure is cool and great Golurk and the iron fist ability make it great for sweeping out opponents

Golurk is my favorite Pokemon of all time and in is not a fighting type it is a ground type

Golurk is op and it can transform in to a rocket What more do you want?!

Golurk is awesome. Enough said

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3 Litwick Litwick
4 Golett Golett
5 Cofagrigus
6 Lampent
7 Frillish
8 Yamask Yamask
9 Jellicent

its lit

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1. Golurk
2. Chandelure
3. Litwick
1. Chandelure
2. Golurk
3. Litwick



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