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Banette is one of the best. He is just flat out AMAZING because he has a very great attack stat unlike most ghosts who are high in their special attack and I took this awesome thing and even took it through the elite four.

Absolute beast. While the defense and speed are...well, to be completely honest, a bit pathetic, the attack is absolutely WONDERFUL. I can't really say much though because I'm awful at explaining stuff.

One of my favorite Pokemon but really needs another evolution to get to the top. ( I hate when a Pokemon with 2 or less stages of evolution gets a mega).

One of the rarer Ghost-types who's Attack really shines, compared to Special Attackers such as Gengar. And it's Mega Evolution is baller as hell.

I love banette so much, the idea of having a little doll that also happens to be haunted and an amazing addition to my team is awesome!

The fact it has a mega now makes it all the better. Not to mention how few ghost types have physical stats.

Banette is my number one favorite Pokemon and is awesome to use in battle. I use one on every single one of my competitive teams.

He is by far my favorite Pokemon in existence. I love my stuffed animals, so what's better than a stuffed animal Pokemon?

When your little sister throws away her doll lets remember this Pokemon's awesome look and high attack stat

His mega is terrifyingly scary and cool. One of his egg moves is the awesome phantom force, epic pain!

Banette is so awesome He can put the most powerful curses when it sticks needles in it's body.

Shadow sneak, shadow ball these are only some of the awesome moves that banette can learn.

BANETTE IS JUST AWESOME when I was fighting elite four I beat a lot of Pokemon with it!

Banette is the #1 ghost pokemon but some people had leaves on their eyes!

In gen 3, all ghosts were physicals. With it's sp attack, Gengar was kinda weak, but this thing kicked ass with Shadow Ball. Now that Shadow Ball became special, Gengar is better, but in gen 3, it would lose to Banette.

Banette always scared the hell out of me when I was younger. The creepiest Ghost type, and also one of the best of the best. I choose Mismagius over Banette, but I can't make up my mind on which looks cooler. - Ohno

Such a creepy doll he is even scarier that gengar

Its just the best Pokemon full stop in my opinion.

Banette is just super amazing. Just, amazing.

He is the creepiest ghost pokemon

Scary as can be Nanette he keeps mouth zipped and scary as he has really good moves Attack is good defense is good and yeah scary as can be

He is the best pokmon to use with a trick room strategy. He is a beast with hippowdon and Tyranitar at his side.

Banette is number one if she's good enough for my Harley she's good enough for me! PS. Contest queen

My banette destroyed my friend's charlizard with shadow ball. It was epic...

Bannete now has a mega form and is amazing I need to go catch one