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41 Dhelmise Dhelmise Dhelmise is a Dual Type Ghost/Grass Pokèmon introduced in Generation VII. It not know to evolve into or from any other Pokemon.

I love Dhelmise! It's design is amazing, It's cool sharp teeth seaweed arrangement on the anchor, it's cute lil' compass eye and the fact that it's almost 13 feet tall make it even more intimidating and cool. It's also good in battle with an amazing attack stat of 131 and alright 70/100/90 defenses mean that it can deal huge damage while tanking most non-super effective hits. It also has a huge movepool with things like Power Whip, Shadow Claw, Phantom Force, Rapid Spin, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Gyro Ball, and it's signature move Anchor Shot. It's ability is Steelworker as well, boosting the power of it's Steel-Type moves basically giving it triple STAB. I just love him so much, easily in my top five favorite Pokemon from Generation 7!

42 Doublade Doublade

Eviolite, Using eviolite on this Pokemon is a must, toxic 100% hit and you can use swords dance to increase its low attack.

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43 Luvdisc V 4 Comments
44 Sandygast Sandygast

Even though its design looks a little lazy, you have to admit that deep down you love this thing at leased a little bit (unless your a Genwunner)

45 Frillish

Frillish is awesome and it is really strong. I once beat a Jellicent with one move with my Frillish.
I think it is better than its evolved form.

How can people not love adorable frillish? Frillish comes in different colours and can learn great water and ghost type moves. Eg. surf, shadow ball and pretty much any strong water or ghost HM/TM. Finally, frillish evolves into the strong jellicent!

46 Honedge V 1 Comment
47 Hypno Hypno

Not a ghost type!

Psychic, not ghost

He's a PSYCHIC! My god!

48 Gogoat Gogoat V 4 Comments
49 Phantump

LOL should be 1 st

Its not ghost type lol

Phantump is both adorable and creepy if you understand the description in the pokedex.

Phantump is a great pokemon with good amount of hp

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