Top Ten Best Gifts for Her

The Top Ten

1 Flowers

This always have to be the first - MatrixGuy

Nothing separates roses and love.

2 Chocolates

They are the best gifts on a Valentine's day, dark or light.

3 Perfumes

No girl says no to these.

4 Gadgets

Mobiles, i-pods, laptops, mp3 players and the list goes on...

5 A Day At the Spa

No girl can resist the make-ups, massages and hair-dos.

6 Dance Classes

Register yourself and her for sessions and dazzle your families during parties, celebrations, etc.

7 Romantic Dinner

A candle-lit dinner never goes out of fashion.

8 Diamonds

Be it rings ornecklaces, diamonds are all time favourites.

9 Her Favorite Band's Concert Tickets

Doing rock n' roll, love song balladry amazing performance - ronluna

10 A Cruise

A cruise helps to relax and gives time to spend with each other.

The Contenders

11 Shopping

Last but not the least, a day of shopping can never be resisted.

12 Romantic Movies

esp with kissing and hugging scenes
makes you both remember what you did - ronluna

13 Evening Bag
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