4th Impact


Full package, these girls have voices and moves that are made from heaven. There harmonies is on point, they don't disappoint! They are unique in a sense that they are sisters and so there bond is unbreakable!

They are currently the biggest hit, powerful vocals nailing all their songs. Total performers

4th Impact are the only girl group that got my interest. They are 4 siblings from the Philippines who grew up singing and dancing together. The band was formed in 2001 when their aunt discovered their potential and has since performed in different occasions. They began competing in 2004 in their native country and then in different countries when chances are presented. Their biggest break was when they competed in XFactor UK and ended up 5th place. They gathered fans around the world when their audition piece became viral and and has become the shows most viewed audition in the show's 8 years history. They have a very strong stage presence and their bond as a family is very reflective in their performances. This band creates an angelic sound with their very tight harmony that is credited to the 2nd youngest sister who arranges the group's vocal harmony. Not only that the band's vocal is impressive, this band also delivers synchronized choreography that will blow your mind. Watch out ...more

You wont get to see four equally beautiful and talented sisters, singing as a group, perhaps, ever again.

Best harmony they can sing and dance at the same time. I just love them all around.

They have very good connection to the audience, nice blending of their harmony, very strong person's and a good inspiration to the youngsters,

Best harmonizing girl group ever. All of em have powerful voices. Works well together. Oh yeah did I mention they can dance too.

They dance and sing on point with amazing harmony. They are adorable and all cute sisters. They are total performers and entertainers.

They're really sound great especially their harmonies/blending - LEENOX

Weird that I'm voting for a group that is still improving and don't have an album yet but at their best, they've got dynamic musical arrangements, smooth timing, tight choreography, exceptional harmonies and surreal blending. Yes they are that good. I can't wait for them to record and introduce us to new songs!

Why be in a group when you don't harmonize? this is why 4th Impact may be one of the best girl groups ever formed, aside from the wicked harmonizing, they have amazing voices, slick dance moves & personalities set for superstars. They are the future of girl groups and may be the window to breaking walls between Western and Eastern Pop. They're the key to change.

4th Impact is the new Girl Band Group that will hit the music industry.There versatility ranges from power belting, rapping, whistling, harmonizing and dancing skills which makes them a TOTAL PACKAGE for any performance in the big stage. Nevertheless, this girl band captures the heart of every nation from any ages of Kids, teens, moms, fathers and grannies. Their musicality showcases the essence of dreams do come true. With Patience, Love, And GodCenter makes them invincible!

What does it takes to be the best girl group of all time? First and foremost, 4th impact have encouraged and inspired a lot of people around the world. As y'all know, they started from a very humble beginning. They joined several contests before they auditioned in the X Factor Uk. Their rendition of "Bang Bang" has viewed over 42 million times in YouTube as of 6 months. Second, they are 4 talented, sassy SISTERS, which is very peculiar for a girl group. Third, they have shown passion and dedication for music and to everything they did, do and will do. They always give their 100% best. Fourth, they are versatile. They can sing and dance as well. They have angelic voices and graceful moves. Apart from that, their harmonies are well-polished and astounding. 'Love the way they blend their voices. Fifth, they are grateful and humble. They never get tired of saying/showing how thankful they are for everything. Finally, 4th impact have unbreakable and unstoppable dreamers who will continue ...more

The best band worth watching. Try it and you're going to be blown away from there explosive performances and you won't regret loving these 4 little pocket minions, because at 200%, you are going to fall in love with them.

They are the underdogs of this generation. They can sing and dance unlike other girl bands out there.

Talented genuine wholesome great role models. Down to earth. You can get addicted to the way they sing and dance...

This exceptionally talented girl group is from the Philippines. They are sisters whose passion is to sing and dance since they were young. They are total performers.4/4 can dance, 2/4 have whistle registers, 1/4 talented in rapping, 1/4 beatboxing. Almira is the belter (highnotes) of the group, she is a soprano(with wide range vocals). Irene is the the swagger and the master choreographer of the group. She is a contralto (low notes). Mylene is the soul and arranger of the group - she does the vocal arrangement and the harmony enforcer of the group. She is a Mezzo. Celina is the designated rapper of the group. She is also a soprano just like Almira but with a higher range vocals. She is also has whistle register.

But the best asset of this group is their tight harmonies (They have the tightest harmony I have ever heard in a group) Not to mention they can carry an intense choreography without sacrificing their powerful vocals.


I love them they create very good harmonies and they can dance as well... whenever u watch them once u will want more energy is always there for me they best band they can sing all kind of music

Lovely ladies with powerful voices and moves!

4th Impact are amazingly talented group. A versatile act who can blow you away with their heavenly voices and contagious dance moves.

They can actually sing and dance and create their own arrangements and routines instead of having others do it for them!

Amazing talents have pure hearts to anyone...

They can sing, dance, rap with a heart in every song. I think they are the best in this generation, they came from a humble beginning and I know that they have a big future in the music industry. I'm gonna be a fan of them forever. I love you Celina hope you notice me. - Aaron

They are making me smile as I watch their music. I do believe they will become history someday in rocking the world.

Their outstanding voices and the heartfelt interpretation of all of their songs made them really standout.