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Little Mix are a British girl group formed in 2011, consisting of members Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson.


Little Mix was the first and only musical band to ever win the X Factor...Their separate voices are flawless; they can perfectly deliver emotions out or even show off rocking voices full of enthusiasm and power. Their harmonies are beautiful, they definitely know how to blend their voices well. They can all hit notes and rock the show off. Their performances are worth-watching, never actually got bored of watching them. Everything's coming up out of Little Mix seems to be impressive and phenomenal...! The girls seem to know how to impress their fans; unlike some other girl groups(not to mention them). The girls themselves proved that stereotypes are wrong, they dedicate each song they wrote to their fans(Little Me, Wings, Good Enough, etc...) to become better and to learn to never give up. Why are they even lower than The Spice Girls? They broke their record multiple times! Why are they even lower than 4th Impact? Yeah, surely 4th Impact is a talented girl group but they ended up ...more

Little Mix are icons. I really enjoy them. they have made music that is original and helpful to many people. What I like about little mix is that they are very true to them selves and will always stay to them selves. Little mix do have real voices and never lip synced because they have strong voices and they don't scream to make a high note (Christina Aguilera). Little Mix make amazing music and have an amazing acapella and harmonize. But I think Little Mix should be more at the top.

My favourite for sure. They are such sweet, relatable, and talented artists. They are excellent live and recording singers that deserve a lot more attention. They have such variety in their voices (high notes, low, rapping, and beatboxing)

Little Mix should be number one at least...why is it ON NUMBER 4?!

Man, only if there's hope in this world...?

Duh..they're the first group to win the X Factor...their voices are just so calm, smooth, soft, sophisticating, gentle, and deep. You just feel that the pain and the emotions haunting in their voices. None of them actually sings terribly, they are coincidentally great for both, pop and funky songs and for slow ones. Their harmony is LIFE...Although their voices are a bit different due to the notes and layers each one can reach higher than the other...but the harmony out there sounds just sounds SMOOTH, POWERFUL, and FRESH!

What? Spice Girls number 3 and Little Mix number 4?! Hahah..good joke but Little Mix's biggest success is both winning the X Factor and breaking the Spice Girls's record. Sorry, but since Little Mix are all way existed, there's nothing called "The Spice Girls" anymore. And wow, we still have some a top of ...more - xXLittleQueensXx

Fabulous girls, brand new single Shout Out To My Ex is amazing, they are taking over the world right now and are FINALLY getting the recognition they deserve! I have been with them right from the start and, have you even HEARD their harmonies? They SLAY in every way!

For me they're the best girl group of all time because of their real friendship not like other groups, voices, feels, their personalities and everything bout them and the most important thing that they care bout their mixers like me!

This group is INCREDIBLE! They have a wide range in sound, amazing vocals,deep meaning and clever lyrics. These girls have everything: Songs to empower yourself (Little Me), some about shaking off the haters (Wings), beautiful-written love ballads (Secret Love Song Pt II), perfect-to-dance-to songs (Move), crush songs (Black Magic), girl empowerment (Salute) and much more. Their song "Little Me" helped me trough rough times, and made me realize I have to stand up for myself and love me for who I am! Mixer for life!

Why is this here? This the BEST-EST girl group ever! And half of these names
I had never heard of. And Girl Generation at the top? They are okay. I mean some people who voted for them DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING! This group had to go through to be famous, and their songs have a meaning (e. G Wings). Plus they have lots of experience, different voices (which make the songs better I mean the same voice you get bored! ) and can sing in Japanese! (So cool ^0^) and totally funny. This SHOULD BE #1!

Their songs are life. They're different not only vocally but musically as well delivering a accapela and acoustic (unplugged) versions on their album. Their song Change Your Life, Good Enough, These Four Walls, Clued Up, The beginning and many many more that I can relate to and that inspire me so much. This is what true talent is.

They are one of the best girl groups' in the universe. Their songs are easy to relate to. They are the best!

Why isn't little mix number one? They have awesome songs and they have amazing voices! They are super famous and incredible!

Fantastic group and really lovely down to earth girls their fame stays very grounded and they will be very popular and talented young ladies for a long time to come

When somebody says "DIVERSE", Little Mix will always be the first word in my mind. They have different genres, but their harmonies were amazing. They slay everything.

I usually would stay away from girl bands, but little mix got me hooked. Just their close realationship and how well their voices go together. All the girls are great but I have to pinpoint Perrie, May be the best voice I've ever heard. Such a shame they are never on the radio and aren't very well known in Canada.

I totally agree. Little Mix are super talented and have really cool music out. They really deserve more recognition. BEST GIRL GROUP FOR SURE

No words they are actually amazing and this is the only girl group I have seen in which there is no distinct leader.

Little Mix are the best for me! Please vote for these girls to be in the top 5! They totally deserve it! & what the hell are The Saturdays doing at 7?

I love them so much and I can see that everything they had was all of their hard works. They deserve even more.

I have spent a lot of my time focusing on these amazing and beautiful girls. Most of the time I pay attention to Perrie (she's my favorite) and her amazing talents but I still pay a lot of attention to the others amazing talent.

They are all individually AMAZING singers and are so pretty and nice and they should be number 1!

They are a legend for me because I have been a fan of them since I was 7 years old and now I'm 11

Little mix is the greatest girl band ever. They are pretty and have a lot of talent. They are amazing singers and each one of them have amazing talents. They won the x factor! That is amazing. They should be number 1 cause they are the best

Still going on. Reaching to the top. Little Mix is the best girl group today & forever!

Little mix is the best group of girl bands I like their new single shout out to my ex

Yes! Little Mix all the way! Mixers!