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21 All Saints All Saints

30 are you having a laugh? 4th impact are 2 and they didn't even win the x factor and who the hell are girl generation? Anyway these girls had 5 number 1's and the rest top 10's. Along with the Spice Girls All Saints were the pin ups of the late 90's and early 2000's. All songs were catchy to the point of if you are a fan or not you'd be singing along to all the tracks. 4 best-selling albums including Red Flag the newly released album. Its disgusting how low they have ranked like wow.

Lol just because you don't know Girls Generation doesn't mean no one else does.

22 F(x) F(x)

Best! Love you all! F(x) fighting!

F (x) is both musically and visually interesting! They are such an unique group with interesting and experimental musical style

F (x) is really talented, and probably one of the dorkiest groups ever. I love them so much.

They should really be ranked higher. they're so talented and unique.
Krystal,Amber,Victoria,Sulli(former memeber) and Luna

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23 tATu

Lifesavers I've heard them called. I know their unique music makes me happy, and their accents are adorable. Lena Katina is just about the sweetest Angel, trying to help children in Japan affected by the Tsunami.

t. A. T. you are an awesome group Lena and Yulia have beautiful voices and stand for the right causes they support homosexuality and equality they even posed as homosexuals for several years... doesn't hurt that their hot too. - Twistedfox

They are so awesome. It's really cool that they are a couple. It's the first time I saw a lesbian couple just become so succesful in the music industry.

T.A.T.u best group in the world

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24 Wonder Girls Wonder Girls

They are already very popular in US after performing at the opening concert for Jonas brothers in 2010. Also their song nobody is popular all over the world

They are so good.. Confident with their self.. Always be their self..
They most lovely girl group and try to be success in their country or world..

25 The Ronettes
26 S.O.S
27 Kara

Of all the girl groups I've seen in my life, KARA is easily the prettiest group of girls my eyes have ever laid upon. Each member have their own strengths in talent looks and personality. Not one member outshines the other really. Not only that, but they are all so down to Earth and close to one another and their humbled fans. They have the catchiest songs in Korean and Japanese with some English in both, and complimented with memorable dances. I can't get enough of them. I thank Kara for the amazing memories and wish them more success, which they deserve for years to come.

Love you even if you are classed 4. It's just a number but you deserve more attention and more love because I'm a fan of the other but I get tired of them after seeing them too much but not you at all. Just keep going.

They're are a wonderful girl group kara is a very great female group to listen to. A lots of beautiful vocals and songs out there

Kara is best group of girls singer of Asia so cute specials and simple beauty

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28 The Pointer Sisters

Hands down the mostly vocally talented and diverse female group ever. Their harmonies were incredible. They basically had 4 lead singers and had had gold and platinium hits with each sister singing lead. They could sing jazz, funk country pop or rock. You tube them Their rehersal videos are better than most of today's female vocalists,

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29 702
30 T-ARA

T-ara is the best girl group of all the time, be number 1 or no T-ara stay the best group... I love T-ara forever, T-ara Go Fighting

T ara is better than the above groups they should be number one

T-ara should be number 1.

T-ARA better than sistar fx and 4minute they are should number3

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31 Atomic Kitten Atomic Kitten Atomic Kitten are an English pop girl group formed in Liverpool in 1998 whose current members are Liz McClarnon, Natasha Hamilton, and Kerry Katona.

They look so amazing! Love the talented ones! - DynastiSugarPop

32 L7

She's fast... She's lean... She's frrightening. They rock just as hard as any other band out there

33 First Choice
34 Cimorelli

These girls are incredibly talented & deserve at least to be in the top 20. If top 10, that would be my dream come true - PLEASE VOTE FOR THESE GIRLS!

They deserve to be at least as TOP 5!

I think the Cimfam should be included in this girl generation mann loll that's not fare for CIMORELLI they are the 2nd best band for me!

They r the est in d world

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35 Martha and the Vandellas
36 Super Girlies
37 Total
38 The Go-Go's The Go-Go's The Go-Go's are an American all-female rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1978. The Go-Go's rose to fame during the early 1980s as an all-female band that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments, rising to the top of the Billboard album charts.

Unlike the Supremes or Destiny's Child, The Go-Go's play their own instruments.

The ONLY respectable band on this list!

A couple of No1's and not bad musicians

What a joke they are No. 5. They should be first!

39 Bananarama

They deserve to be higher in the list

There track record says it all.should be much much higher.there still going strong now

40 The Shirelles The Shirelles
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