Best Girl Groups of All Time

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81 Fanny
82 The Crystals

I think you are correct

83 Birtha
84 Secret

Secret girls are 4 lovely angels! 4 wonders of kpop than stole my heart!

85 Neon Jungle

They are pretty good

86 E-Girls

E-girls is a 20-member, Japanese, collective girl group signed to record company Rhythm Zone and managed by LDH and Avex Trax. It features all the members of the groups Dream, Happiness, Flower, and two original members who debuted as part of the group. They are the sister unit of the Japanese boy-band, Exile. The group name stands for Exile Girls Unit and Girls Entertainment project.

87 Clique Girlz V 1 Comment
88 Destinee & Paris
89 Jeans

Best mexican group

90 Sister Sledge
91 Eternal V 1 Comment
92 Fiestar

They're very good at dancing, actually maybe the best girl group dancers in K-pop, all members can sing, and each have unique personalities which other girl groups don't have.

Probably the best rookie girl group of 2012.

93 Melon Kinenbi
94 Selena Gomez & The Scene

Not a girl group. They are really good but it's one girl and four guys.

V 1 Comment
95 Crayon Pop
96 Brown Eyed Girls
97 M.O
98 Crazy Trios

The crazy trio's is so cute 3 girls

99 The Fundae

I love this group because they are fun to watch.
And I love their moves and music.
They create their moves and we can really dance with them while watching their videos.

So much FUN with 'FUNDAE'

100 HAIM
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