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1 I Got a Boy I Got a Boy

This song is brilliant! Really, a new revolution.. It sounds like 5 songs but each song is amazing... Really from cute to fierce to a a fast beat... This song is a master peas!

The song is a bit unpredictable.. It certaintly isn't for everyone, but however I just love it, it's so dynamic and as much as I love the Old GG this song is a departure from their usual music, but I LOVE IT. The beats, the chorus, everything is very catchy, probably my favorite part would have to be Sica's last part <3 I think it was a different experience. SOSHI FIGHTING

This so Amazing song

This is the first song I heard from SNSD and it became one of my favorites

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2 Genie Genie

Sowoneul marhaebwa. This song is the best. Very cute, very good. In this song, their voice are very amazing. Very awesome. They make everything to be best. But as for me genie is the best in their songs. I like another their songs but I like it the best. "Into the new world, " "Gee, The boys " are also good. But I will pick Genie forever. I love "Genie and SnSd". Fighting. PHEW! =-O

Good good good very good. I'm genie for you wish. Come on.

Genie is the best song in the world. Genie is lovely. I love genie.

It is the best song I have ever heard.

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3 Into the New World

Their first song, their first start, their first to being top of the world.

This song marks the start of their journey to fame. This song was the song that captured many fans heart. Without this song, SNSD won't be as famous as they are.

Because this song are very very beautiful, look good and pretty
Like thiss!

Taeyeon's high note says it all

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4 The Boys The Boys

I love this song so much in this song yoona's voice is improving and they knowit that they bring the boys out.

This is my favorite song from snsd because in their stepings they have their own styles..

This song rocks. when I heard the chorus I fell for it

It was good with ot9

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5 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Mr. Mr. Is just awesome! I think it's even better than IGAB. What the hell is Mr. Mr. doing way down here? Maybe just because it was released just a few days ago.. I hope more people vote this song!

It's better than I GOT A BOY, and I really like the concept that SNSD gives, and the simple movement of their dance is quite memorable & easy to practice. 1 thing I can't resist is that Hyoyeon is becoming a new visual of this promotional picture.

This song is so catchy! It deserves to be in the Top 5! Taeyeon sounds amazing in this song.

I love the part that Jessica is singing! Her voice is so sweet and strong!

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6 Oh!

This song has such an upbeat and cheerful mood. The girls show their cute side in this :3 It makes me want to go hang out or go to the mall. The energy it suddenly brings from nowhere is amazing.

Oh! Is different a like it so much the beat is so good..

They look the cutest cheer leaders. Those Pom-Poms make a perfect pair. They lyrics are so catchy and cute.I can't stop listening. Snsd fighting

It's a good song

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7 Run Devil Run

I love how fierce and angry this is, such passion! Also, LOVE THE OUTFITS. My favorite song ever!

Honestly, a lot of SNSD songs are hit or miss for me... but this song is AWESOME.

My only idol in run devil run is sunny because she is beautiful cute and all my love for my idol name is sunny Lee I love you my idol

I love this song! It is so feisty and shoes the badass side of snsd!

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8 Paparazzi

This one should be the number 1 for sure

I like the dresses that you dressed is not favorite color what is your favorite color

It is a great song. you want to dance while listening to it!

This is the catchiest song of SNSD! Boom Boom

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9 Hoot (Korean Version)

This song has a catchy beat and its overall a great song from SNSD!

Prefer the live version to the music video...

This song is really catchy and I love it. I was watching a Kdrama and they mentioned and danced to hoot

I love this song

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10 Kissing You Kissing You

It's the song that got them on track to where they are today. And it's one of my favorites

This song is super sweet and super cute.Dancing with lollipops

I will kiss you every day every night my idol is Jessica jung any her sister KrystaI want the heirs because your sister is so good in acting so I'm verry souprizedbbecause I don't now krystal is in the heirs I love you Jung sister

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? Gee Gee

Gee is awesome
i can't stop hear it and keep replay until I get tired

so addicting.

Amazing Voice and Girls' Generation is so kinddly in the mv!

I love Gee so much because Gee was the first song that I heard from SNSD this is the song that made me a SONE. I love the tone and the beats! It was so cute and sweet

Gee song really make me and my frendz day go very sweetly

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11 Lion Heart Lion Heart

Sunny stay with your tiger

This song is very amazing and catchy especially Yuri - Aira_MSS_ShaLtair

Amazing come back with such a refreshing concept and can't ignore the fact that they look more beautiful. They are definitely the top idol girl group.


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12 All My Love Is for You All My Love Is for You

Nice harmony, I like tiffany in here

My sexy idol is sunny but her smilebcomfots me with her beautiful eyes I love sunny lee

This is their best song, even though I'm listening to it many times, it doesn't let me feel bored... I love it!

Saranghee! Yoona eunii..

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13 Mr. Taxi (Japanese Version)

This should be number two!
We don't like your taste, we like hot songs, those songs we can feel the beat; follow the beat; falling love with the beat!

It is cool it should be on 2 place! Laugh out loud this song is good

Because there all pretty there

Extremely catchy! The lyrics and beat are great to sing and dance to, yes! This should be higher

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14 Twinkle Twinkle

I love the 3 of them but 2 girls is my favorite forts is the leader names Kim taeyeon and second is tiffany like a couple name is tawny I love this3 girls love you macnaie

I love this song. And I love Tiffany

I think twinkle song is amazing I love Yuri

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15 Dancing Queen Dancing Queen

I love this song this song was going 2 realise in 2008 but it was shown in late 2015 because gee became the main song.

I really like dancing queen a lot it needs to get no 4 please vote

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16 Complete Complete

This should definitely be the best song of Girls' Generation. It is the simple communication between SNSD and SONEs.

This is such the most meaningful song among their songs for me ;-)

This is the most meaningful song to SNSD! It is just amazing

The only song who makes cry our nine angels

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17 My Oh My

The music video for this song is complete gold, also the English is perfect ❤

My o my is my 6 songs but my taeyoen is not so nice voice she is my idol in dancing love you Kim taeyeon

I love how the girls are in the music video, they're just like me :P

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18 Time Machine

This song's just amazing! It's so sweet and melancholy at the same time and the MV -, it's just perfect! This shouldn't be the 18th song, come on!

I want the sort hair my idol is sunny Lee and taeyeon tiffany and Jessica and Yuri yoona and also sooyoung and seiyoun it hard to spell it love you hyoyeon

This is just beautiful. It makes me about to cry every time I listen to it.

Time Machine is an amazing song. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful beat and beautiful voices. ( ♥ )

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19 Baby Baby Baby Baby

Love you girls generation hart hart hart

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20 Beep Beep

This is one of favorite SNSD songs, because of their powerful voice and awesome costumes and they are just beautiful... To me this song is a number 2 in my book

I love song and the dance and the dresses I love most it is the voice love you sunny lee

Hello hello moshi moshi ciao ciao baby baby#respect

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