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21 Galaxy Supernova

I love it go with the flow girls laugh out loud thanks to you all love girls keep love snsd and the girls generation every days

I love the song, the dance and their style. It's totally an awesome song

They are very beautiful with their colorful dresses.. Love it

G.G galaxy supernova awesome...

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22 You Think You Think

I love listening to this. Last song syndrome! - Aira_MSS_ShaLtair

I like it to.I really like hyoyeon's rap

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23 Mr. Taxi Mr. Taxi

I love this chorus! It is some kind of interesting! And it is like a Japanese anime song when you get to the final!

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24 Girls' Generation Girls' Generation

The Fun Song, a happy song, I LIKE THE SONG!

As well as the song having some great harmonies and high notes from Taeyeon/Sica, some of the facial expressions in this video make my day every time I watch it. Sarangahaeyo SNSD!

This song is amazing! Deserves to be in top 5

Love this song

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25 Bad Girl

The bad girl it so feeling my heat because I'm a skirt bad girl to but my only want is to be in my idol beside in there concert because the if the concert is started I want to go but is hard because I just stop be a bad girls this music's is my 5favorite song I ever head I love girls generation keep calm and love snsd love ya so much hart hart hart

I just love this song, I agree that it's very underrated. I love Hyoyeon's part and Taeyeon's voclas throughout!

Most underrated SNSD song... Ever! Its surprising that many SNSD wannabe fans havnt even heard of this..
The MV is also done very well, specially the hopping dance during the hook, I mean a dance move where they are randomly looking at each other instead of the typical "face the camera" or "show your rear" to the camera Dance moves..
Its a masterpiece that deserves more attention, from the public and Sones alike

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26 Dear Mom

Whenever I hear this song I probably think of my mom. And I feel sad for tiffany who lost her mother at a very young age.

Dear mom is for our belovely mother. In this song, SNSD realized that they love their mother. I very love this song

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27 Romantic Street

I like jessica's last part in this song :D it's just so adorable. I love this song very much!

28 Chain Reaction
29 Let It Rain Let It Rain

This song is very beautiful and emotional.

30 Wait a Minute Wait a Minute

I don't know this song because I don't here in another days what is this love slow song or a fast song

I litterally adore Hyoyeons voice in this song! :) it's a bit upsetting that she doesn't have more lines :(

Fany and hyo killed this one! It's one of my most played soshi songs!

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31 Lingua Franca

I love you sunny Lee and taeyeon and tiffany and Jessica and Yuri and other member of the girls generations thank you my idols hart hart hart

Its a nice song for me. I get so fun in thi song.

32 Divine

It truly is a divine song. The final song of snsd before jessica left. jessica's high pitched 'We are always
One' line makes every sane person's heart ache when listening to it. jessica will always be a part of soshi in my heart

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33 Etude
34 Visual Dreams Visual Dreams

Musically, it's one of the most interesting songs from their entire discography, with the fun electro-pop sound and catchy, infectious feel. This is also one of the most interesting GG concepts--the cute androids/robots in love, with adorable choreography.

I like the dance songs love you girls

Such a catchy song, unfortunately only 36th, one of my favourites which I feel should at least be above 25. Oh and Sunny is amazing ;___;

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35 Sunflower Sunflower

I don't know exactly about this song meaning but, I think get a lot of fun in this song

36 Promise Promise

I really love this song! Very recommended song

37 Only U

This song is lyrics by SNSD Seohyun.

This song is sooo good. The chorus is just beautiful. The people I knew who didn't like kpop or never listened to it before changed their opinion on kpop after I sent this song to them. that's how good it us. I hope this can reach at least top 20 soon because it really is a lovely song

38 Catch Me If You Can Catch Me If You Can

The girls are on a whole another level in this song. Damn, the choreography in this song gets me every time. This song literally made me a sone. Love their boldness of our girls in this song and the music is catchy too. I don't know why it's so down the list. It's a must watch by everyone

It's fierce and screams sexy, it's just one oart of the diferent stules in SNSD

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39 Party Party

Their newest single (2015 summer comeback). It SCREAMS summer,it's ├╝ber-fun and happy without being tacky or juvenile. I love it!

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40 Green Light Green Light

I love this song in the lion heart album

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