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1 Emily

It just is awesome

That's my name! My name rocks! It's just pretty and I love it. ;-)

That's my name I think I just had a exitment fit aa

All the annoying kids are named Emily.

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2 Natalie

Awesome Name! It Just Says It By Its Self! My Baby Girl Will Be Drop Dead Gorgeous! Its Perfect For A Cheerleader, Female Basketball Player, Tom Girl, Anything. To Me It Says My Daughter Is GOING To Be Successful! No Questions Asked,... Vote Nat!

If I could change my name, I would change it to that

I think it's a really good name and it's popular! When you name your daughter Natalie, you can give her really cute nicknames like Nat or Natty. I think this would make the top of my list. Vote for Natalie!

That's my friend's name

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3 Mia

Mia is a beautiful name, I love it! If I ever have a baby girl, I'm going to name her Mia. It means "Very much wanted" or "Mine" in Italian. It just sounds so graceful and elegant!

I love this name! So pretty! My best friend's niece's name is Mia and she's the cutest baby ever! I just wonder what it means...

Love hat name my name is mia too laugh out loud

This is my aunt's dog's name.

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4 Taylor

Taylor Swift! I love her! In my Imaginary (sorry I don't know how to spell that! ) world with my bffbIlh (best friend forever because I love her) we both have lots and lots and lots of worlds and in one of them I'm Stephine and my bffbIlh is Taylor, and soon I hope I will make a world that my name is Taylor Swift!

I'm Stephine Richfield and my bffbIlh is Taylor Swift and soon I'm going to make a world with me as Taylor Seifer and my bffbIlh as... I don't really know! Laugh out loud

Thanks for reading! Please give me lots of thumbs up! And please vote for this! I hope you know
Taylor Swift cause if you don't go to youtube and type in
' Taylor Swift Trouble Lyrics' then push enter and there you go!


Taylor is the name of the girl in my book who gets bullied she is supposed to be really pretty but gets made fun of cause her brother is well

This name is good. Not melodious or flowing or round or redundant, but kind of sassy. It makes itself heard in its own little way. Tay-lor. Kind of easy to divide into syllables, and so even-six letters. Taylor reminds me of light blue-but not too light! - and the smell of fresh berries. Plus, the name Taylor even has it's own sound: a steady clarinet playing a song, or maybe I just hear that because of Taylor Swift.

I think taylor is amazing because she is the name of my cousin

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5 Jessica

Jessica sounds so perfect for a girl. The best of the best

I love the name Jessica! Its so great! Vote for this name please people, especially if your name is Jessica.

Jessica is the best name ever! All the Jessica's I no r really pretty and my best mate is called Jessica, they can be really nice or really funny and they all have brown hair straight and beautiful green eyes, this name also rocks as it comes with the nickname Jessie and Jess!


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6 Elizabeth

Elizabeth will never be old as a name.

Reminds me of elizabeth gillies, this is my vote

This name is best as a first name. It's almost all of my friends' middle name but it's my first. I love my name because it's not one of those fake names or last names. Seriously, who would name their child Lane or something of the sort? If it's a family name I totally understand. But anyway, think of every awesome person who is named Elizabeth. Surely you'll think of me...

I think this name is very elegent😊

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7 Charlotte

This is my best friends name Oh I love you charlotte! The name is old and not very common but I love it! It really does sound FRESH!

Different and nice sounding and sounds like the girl who is named it is really fun and special

Sounds fresh and calm its though best!

Charlotte sounds like a girl you would meet at show choir

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8 Sophie

My name is Samantha, not Sophie... But my favorite stuffed bunny was named Sophie. My mom had it even before I was born because she got it at my baby shower. She put it in my crib when I was little and I loved it so much. I brought it to school every day but it second grade I wasn't allowed to bring toys to school anymore. I cried because I had never been away from Sophie for so long. People ask me, "Why name her Sophie? " it was my mom's idea to name her Sophie, because I was meant to be a twin and my mom was going to name the other twin Sophie... But my twin sister died at birth. At first I didn't like the name, but I grew to like it and I started loving it. Loving the name made me love my bunny, Sophie, even more. I snuck Sophie in my backpack every day up until fifth grade I was playing with Sophie on the bus to school and a popular girl named Lucia in the seat behind me grabbed it. I chased her all around the school for ...more

My name is Sophia. I love the name. My nickname is Sophie. I was named after famous actress Sophia Loren.

This was such a sad story. I had a stuffed fox, and I named it Todd, from the movie "The Fox And The Hound". I was about to start calling it Fluffy, when my sister suggested Todd. At first, I hated the name, but then I grew to love it. I have never been away from Todd, and I never will. Todd had these little stuffed Todds, as I like to call them. I loved bringing one of the little Todds to school, until a popular girl from school came and took him away from me. Thankfully, one of the teachers caught her, and saved my little mini Todd from dying. I'm forever grateful for that. And I love the name Sophie, cause it sounds like a beautiful and elegant name. The sound coming from people saying Sophie, is unimaginable. The name is so cute!

Only cool girls are named Sophie

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9 Nicole

Nicole is a beautiful name. You could be a tomboy or a girly girl, and it fits either way! It isn't too long, isn't, that unpopular, but not everyone has that name so it makes you special.

That's my name! I just love it... It's a name that can fit any girl perfectly. It's a French name, some people say it's Latin but its definitely French. I just love it!

I love the name because my name is Nicole witch by the way means "Victory of the People"

This used to be second place! Amazing! My name as well

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10 Megan

That's so nice, laugh out loud I should probably mention that my name is Megan so thanks! That made me feel good because I don't particularly care for my name that much but I do like it better than what it probably could be knowing my parents. I Love my middle name though, its Reanie in case you add that to unique at least I think it is because I don't know many Reanie's...

I like Megan personally it leaves me with a good feeling and it's nice, short, and really adorable!

I also like Megan! Although Megan means pearl as in sweet and bright, my friend, Megan, she is weird, disturbing, and sporty.

I think that megan is an very pretty name

Yay, that's my name! I didn't think it would be on the list, but here it is! It kinda makes me feel better about myself. 😁 - Meg21

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11 Grace

My first name is Grace. My nickname is Gracie.

I love that name so much I love it because it is my name and it is a very unique name. It is also very pretty and it shows that you are pretty and loved. That is exactly why I love my name "Grace". Thank you for my parents of thinking of my beautiful name. Love you guys!

Grace or Gracie it sounds very pretty marvelous she will be very kind and caring

This is my name!

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12 Claire

Claire is a high class name and it means light in French. It's my name and I wear it like a badge. It's not obscure and it isn't overly common or over used either. A classic respectable name. It's perfect.

Hey person down there who says never trust a Claire I am Claire and my friend tell me I am possibly one of the most trustworthy people they know haha don't judge people by their name

My name is Claire and I think it's another name which means clever!

Really a pretty name. a figure skater at my skating club is named Claire! she is so nice and she is really good and works really hard. shout out to all the Claire's out there.WAHOO!

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13 Emma

Emma is a very cute name for blue eyed blondies. And this is the best name out of all of them. Emma is a beautiful and unique name. A good nick name for emma is emski I think... My name is Emma and people call me Emski doodle :P

I LOVE the name Emma! :) Whenever I hear that name, it reminds me of EMma Watson! :) ANd I lOVE her!

My name is Emma and I love it! People often say to me: "What a beautiful name! " I LOVE MY NAME! :) P.s I am not blond. I am a blue-eyed brunette

Omigosh! My name is Emma but still! You don't need blonde hair! I just love my name! I mean, like it's THE BEST NAME IN THE WORLD!

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14 Selena

The name is unique and spectacular in different ways. It brings back the Spanish traditional names. It makes you smile.

My cousins name is selena but spelled celina haha she's awesome

Selena gomez is cool probally you to

Reminds me of Selena Gomez she's an amazing singer

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15 Sarah

Wow 64 on the list? It should be higher in my opinion because it is a beautiful name. Urban Dictionary definitely; A cool girl, generally pretty, smart and funny. into expressing herself through music, art, and or acting. fun to be around, and even though she may not know it, shes loved by everyone. people who hate her, either hate her for something she did or hate her out of jealousy. Shes very romantic and a little bookish, but can also be sexy when she wants to. Usually very happy/positive, unless something emotionally or mentally crusing happens.

I think this is a really pretty name and it also means princess in Hebrew. It can be for a girly girl or a tomboy. I think it is perfect and deserves to be on this list.

It is such a nice name. Beautiful.

I love that name!

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16 Robyn

There are so many great things about this name. I love how it's different and not that many people have it. I love how it is a very leading name. Robyn is a name of Magic it's strange. That people think that Robyn is a birds name but no it's not like it's spelled ROBIN but its Robyn and Robyn is a beautiful name. It's not like all the other names it's different and almost like a pice of art. I love the name Robyn it's WONDERFUL

Robyn works as a name for a tom boy, a girly-girl, a cheerleader, anything!

Robyn is the best name in the world! Not only is it awesome, but it is also a more feminine version of Batman's accomplice!

That is a boy name!

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17 Olivia

It is my name and all the other names are nice but I really like my name so you should always like your name because they have different meanings

My name is Olivia and I just love the name I would never would like to change my name it is so beautiful name and not many girls have the name

I think my name is pretty because my teachers think so and that makes me happy. People also think I am talented and they love my blond hair! By the way if your name is Olivia then you rock!

I really like this name!
Imma post this instead of Emma because it’s forbmy bestie’s lil sis(not that little lol).Shes pretty cute most times!

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18 Lucy

Lucy the name reminds me of flowers and the sunshine x It's a beautiful name and popular too x

That's my favorite persons name

Oh my gosh! I saw this this and I was just like"HEY! That's me! ". My name is Lucille but, everyone usually just calls me Lucy. I LOVE the show I Love Lucy (cracks me up all the time). The name Lucy kinda has a certain "ring" to it when you say it so that's why I really like it.

Lucy, Amber & June are lovely and beautiful names. - Ananaya

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19 Abigail

that's my name I love it very much it is a nice name because it is really really cool for a girl with that name huh is it or not it is a great name for me eh - powerpufflover

One of my BFFs is named this. She is an amazing friend who I have known since we were 3. We literally do EVERYTHING together (and we even like the same boy). My other best friend's name is Julia (she is also amazing) who I have known since we were 2. We do a lot together too. We're all homeschooled, so we see each other a LOT! I LOVE THEM! THEY'RE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER! My sister's name is Bethany, and she is so sweet (and my BFF)!

It's my name and at first I hated it so much and then as I got older I liked it more, but I go by Abby.

That means fathers joy.My dad says it suites me because I make him happy.

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20 Jade

Hello?! Jade's a great name, but my name is Jayda! There are no cartoon characters or sitcom characters with the name Jayda neither are there any famous people with the same spelling, so it will more than make my day it it could find it's way on the list. Maybe I'll just suggest it myself. Thanks for reading. - JHLover321

This is my name! I love it because it is also the name of a precious gem and it makes me feel special

It's so cute, I'm using this name for my new book I'm writing. Vote for Jade, it's worth it, trust me Jade is the most popular name I've ever heard.

Pretty name, Jade is a gemstone I think

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21 Destiny

I love this name and I don't know how any one would hate this name. If I could pick some name s in the world to name myself I would definitely pick Destiny. Not a lot of people have this name and only one person who used to go to me school her name was Destiny. To all of you Destiny's out there I would never say I hated this name.

This is a beautiful name, in and out. It shows your courageous spirit and it it just amazing. Names show us. That play a big role in our lives. Its what everyone calls you, so make it special. VOTE DESTINY!

I LOVE this name. It will stand out (in the good way) and it sounds like a successful name. VOTE DESTINY!

Such a good name

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22 Ally

My names Alice and ally is my nickname only that its spelt Ali. My name is the best and its Australian

Ally is short for Alison! But love it.

My name is Ally I love it because its short for alice allison all that stuff you know? - CookieMonster

It's my sisters name and she is beautiful

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23 Kylie

My name is Kylie and I have loved my name ever since I was little. I do unfortunately have my name mispronounced every so often but I don't mind. I hope in the future Kylie is in the top ten of girls names because it is a very unique and sophisticated name!

I think it sounds very girly!

Cool it just sounds so cool I really wish I could change my name from Jessica because I really need a fantastic unique
Nickname that all my best friends can call me if you have any ideas just post it on this website please

That’s my name

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24 Hannah

Hannah is a great name. It is so beautiful, and it means full of grace. Grace is like mercy. When you show someone grace, you are treating them better than they deserve. Also, my name is Hannah, so I would definitely vote for it. Come on, people! We have to get this to #1! If we don't get it somewhere near that, I will be very unhappy, so let's do this thing! Game on, other cute girls' names out there! Hannah is likely to get higher if we get more votes. Even if your name isn't Hannah, but you just love the name, please VOTE FOR HANNAH!

I love this name, it's so cool and is spelt the same backwards and forwards! Basically it's my name and I love it

Hannah is my name and it's so easy to spell. :) Its also a palindrome which makes it even cooler... Love this name


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25 Kaitlyn

Such a beautiful name! It has an elegant side to it, as it comes from the name Katherine. Yet it also has a modern quality to it. You can easily find it on a key chain, and it has many cute nicknames as well. (Katie, Kate... )

This is my name and I've always loved it. It's common and romantic.

This is my name ;) however there's about 300 ways to spell it which gets annoying. Surprisingly you guys spelt it right (kaitlyn) the meaning of kaitlyn is PURE

My best friend's name was Kaitlyn... It reminds me of cake.

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26 Savannah

Since my first language isn't English I can't really be a judge on what name is good or not. But Savannah sounds really cool and unique. It just sounds pretty to me and if I ever had to name my daughter in an English name, it would probably be Savannah.

Not very common. I think its the peettiest name out off all of them!

My best friend is named this some times I call her savvy

This is my BFF you Savannah - crr

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27 Rachel

It is a strong name with powers!
It could be a boys name but fits for girls more!
And a good nick name for this name would be rac or rach which is quite cool.
I think you will like this name cause it holds lots of interesting things in this person's life.

I love it because it's my name: given by my parents who I love very much

I love dis here name rite der

Always reminds me of Rachel Green so I like it lol

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28 Daisy

My name is Daisy but I hate it! I'm 18 and daisy is a little kids name. I will faint if I see a daisy over the age about 10. But my nickname is Lydia and that is a much more grown-Up name than daisy. But not for pets it's such a cute name for pets though! When I was in primary school people called me lazy Daisy but in not lazy because I hate sleeping! I will never be able to go to sleep until atlest 11:00! I'm quite strong but daisy is just as weak as something like Lily

This name makes you feel so happy! I love the sound and how it makes me think of the actual flower. People with this name are so lucky!

I love my name! I think it's pretty and sweet and I love it because my mum & dad chose it for me!

I like the name daisy because it is a name for a flower and it some cute

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29 Zoe

My daughters name! Unique without being too weird & it's still pretty.

I LOVE this name! If you are called Zoe then you should be so proud! You are beautiful and determined! I am not being biased because my name is Josephine, and I love Johnny Depp, but I think Zoe is an amazing name!

I love the name Zoe. All Zoe's that I know are very talented and beutiful, and its my 2nd name!

Zoe is my cousins name.

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30 Gabriela

My mum's name is Gabriella

That is my sisters name and it is amazing. this name makes you happy

Love Gabriela. That my princess's name. Gabi for short.

Lol my cousin's name is Zoe and her mom’s name is Gabriela

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31 Isabella

This is the name of a popular girl in my class! She is so nice! She goes by Bella but some other nicknames are Izzy, Bebe, Sable, Ella, and Belle

I'm Isabel but I hate my name. Everyone calls me Isabella but that's not my real name. I go by Izzy but I hate that nickname too. Kill me please - RedTheGremlin

If I ever have a baby girl I will name her Isabella. It's the cutest name.

My name is Isabella I ❤️ It but I don't like being could Izzy I love being called Bella it's nice

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32 Lily

I'm Jessica (Jess) I WISH MY NAME WERE LILY! My older sister's name is Lily, she, me, and my twin sister Sophie, are the only real siblings, my parents are divorced my father and stepmom kept us, we live only with them now, the three of us in Virginia, my mother had two more, Emily and James (Jamie) and she is with them in Florida, I LOVE LILY! - Swiftdawn

I love the name Lily because it is a flower that also is pretty and I wish my name were Lily so I went on a computer game and named myself Lily Petal because I was almost named Lily

This is also one of my favorite names because it's so pretty and it fits someone very special and sweet. I have a friend named Lily and she's so pretty and her voice is so sweet and her laugh is so cute

It's the name of a very close friend of mine who said I was her favorite human being And my favorite cousin is named this but hers is spelled Lilly. - RedTheGremlin

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33 Rose

It's my first name, my friend's middle name, and my grandma's last name. I like it very much.

Beautiful name. Tina must be the most forgettable. Whenever my family / and or friends are greeted, they are addressed by their proper names; then they turn to me and reach for a hug and kiss and say: "Oh...Ann Dew, Miss Dew! " I haven't the heart to correct them after so many years. - Britgirl

It particularly reminds me of my first date. My date gave me a white rose, a black rose, and a regular red rose. Now roses are my favorite flower. I hope you will choose this name for your daughter so she can be an endless reminder of the one you love.

My middle name...elegant and obviously the best😌 - crr

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34 Alyson

I'm using this name in a book I'm writing. The characters name is Alyson Hunter.

Alton Hunter sounds like a gaff chick with an attitude that matches, nice choice!

I have friend name Alison. she is pretty

My name is allison. <--- spelt like that. I don't mind my name but it drives me crazy how many people spell it wrong. These are all the spellings I've gotten that are wrong: alison, alyson, allyson, alicen, alisen, allisen, allysen, and so many more - heiglsbabe

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35 Dawn

Omigod I love this name if anyone is reading this and their name is Dawn be proud- you have an awesome name. It's cool because it's historic, futuristic, and it's sounds cool in like, every language. And it's and awesome prefix OR suffix for a warrior name :3

I love this name because you could totally make the name into a warrior cats name

I absolutely love this name

Dang, this name sound pretty. - Qryzx

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36 Avery

My name is Avery, and while it's getting more popular with younger kids, I've always loved it! People think it's beautiful, and since it wasn't very common when I was born, I never had to deal with anyone getting confused over having the same name. I was also usually the first girl people met with that name!

It happens to be my name and I love it! It's not very popular and I've gotten so many compliments for my name. It could also work as a boy's name.

Love this name from the very first time I heard it... My next child girl or boy will have this name whether it will be the first or middle name is the question

Very pretty name for a girl!

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37 Tiffany

I think the name Tiffany is for a artistic, popular, pretty, with a little bit of sass girl. I want to name a girl Kendra Tiffany (Those are both first names for my daughter if I ever have one.) But I do not get that some people think the name is for a sassy little brat. I have wanted the name Tiffany for two years but I have a cute name not to brag. My name is Joy.

"The name is TIFFANY, like member SNSD Tiffany Hwang! I Like Her!

How could you not love this name? It sounds sweet and cute yet sophisticated, intelligent yet pretty! Why not!

I already shared my opinion it's me Joy and now I want to name my first child Tiffany if I have a girl when I'm older

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38 Lauren

My friends name is Lauren, (me and my friends, I lost count of how many I've done! ) She is really really nice funny, like most of my friends. But she is different, she is really a lot like me and yes. Anyways I like the name Lauren: )

I LOVE the name Lauren. It is so cute and should be top of the list. It is a pulchritudinous and exquisitely divine name to have and is unique. IT'S THE BEST NAME EVER!

The name is so cute

It's my middle name and I love it

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39 Amethyst

Love amethyst on Steven universe

Such a beautiful name it is the February birth stone!

So cool! I've never heard of it, but it sounds so sophisticated and unique!

Because this is the name of my cool advisor

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40 Raven

I think its awesome name, it screams "don't mess with me" My daughter shall have this name - elisabethuustalo

My name great well my favorite part of the list not the Blackbird know it's a pretty name I like it so all you haters out there you should just like it please

It sounds like a crow's name, which isn't a bad thing. In fact, that's half the reason I like it so much. Interesting and beautiful.

Like ravenclaw!

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41 Elle

Gorgeous name! Sophisticated and yet cute! Suits someone elegant, funny and lively! Love this Name because its my own! Could be short for Elizabeth too!

Elle is the shorter version of Danielle, Isabelle or Gabrielle. Elle is used once by Ashlee Hewitt in the 2010 film, Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale (Screen Media Films). Elle!? She is a princess. - playstationfan66

This is a mean girl in my grade's name, but still a nice name.

Pair it with Regina and It makes Regina Elle really good name

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42 Brittany

My best friends name! She is so sweet and I love the spelling of it this way!

I love that name its cool

Awesome! You could call her Britt for short.


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43 Laura

This is my name and it was my great grandmother's name as well. I think it's pretty, and everyone always compliments me on it. It's pretty and classic. Everyone I've ever met named Laura has always been quirky, offbeat and interesting.

I think laura is a beautiful name! My crush's name is Laura I agree with you

Laura is a sweet name for the lovely type of girl.

Timeless and beautiful - Organ

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44 Amelia

Amelia is a gorgeous, elegant name. It means a crazy, awesome, loud, lovable girl, impossible not to be smiling when around her. She lights up the entire room when she comes in, the greatest friend you will ever have!

I'm gonna name my daughter Amelia one day, I also like Paige, so shell be Amelia Paige.. (Whatever my last name will be)

Amelia is my first name and everyone keeps telling me it's a beautiful name

I like amelia and amber
nice names for twins

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45 Jayda

This is my name and it's really pretty and meaningful! There are no celebrities, cartoon characters, or sitcom characters with the same name spelling as me. Please tell me if this is your name. - JHLover321

It's my name, it is a cool, different name that not many people have it.

I know a lot of people with this name.

Best name ever

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46 Holly

Holly is one of my favourite names it is a beautiful name! Just say it it sounds beautiful. Holly means bush with red berries. I think the name Holly is the best name for straight blonde haired girls with blue eyes!

I love the name holly because it is my name and it is the most best name ever

Holly and tessa are the most lovely names I think

I like it :). - Firemist

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47 Peyton

Peyton is such a beautiful and pretty name! I think this should be number 1! It is not a common name but it should be because it sounds beautiful. I think Payton should be the name for boys and Peyton should be the name for girls. It is definitely my favourite name! I think this name is the best name for girls with long blonde hair and hazel/brown eyes!

Peyton is such a beautiful name! I wish that my name was Peyton

My friends name is peyton

It's my second name so I love it

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48 Roxanne

This is my name and I really love it. It is a pretty sounding name and unique. If you want a name that stands out this is a good choice.

My best friend is called roxanne and we all call her rosy she's so awesome and not scared of anything she's so awesome

You don't have to put on the red light! - Userguy44

Found so many plain old names that you hear a lot.. this one I actually kind of like. Roxanne Rennison, my Harry Potter Rp character..

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49 Annabella

I'm gonna be the first to comment about Annabelle because it is a sweet calming name. Plus who has two names in one? If you hear Annabelle it sounds so nice and gentle. Think about it.

My names Anna and I think I would like to be called Annabelle because it's just the perfect name for a little girl

I like Annabel better

My 9 year old cousin hates the name because it reminds her fo the horror movie XDDD

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50 Juliet

Beautiful name. And wouldn't it be sweet if she met a little Romeo...


This is my sisters name, but spelled differently (Juliette). She wasn't named after Shakespeare's story. I think it's a beautiful name!

That you were romeo you were throwing pebbles and my daddy said stay away from juliet! And I was crying on the staircase begging you please don't go...

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