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1 Emily

Why is everyone saying this is a good name. This is my name and I hate it. Any parents thinking of naming there kid this, don't do it. My school isn't even that big (130 kids) and there are 5 Emilys. (Iv'e talk to 2 of them they say they get anoyed by having this name) There were 4 of them in my 6th grade math class. Who knows how many there will be when I get to high school. Iv'e always hated this name any I wish so badly that I didn't have it. I don't stand out at all. My mom regrets giving me this name.

Very common name, quite pretty but extremely overused. I know that you can’t help what your name is but many Emilys are extremely basic. Not to say this is a bad thing of course but surely there are other names to use other than Emily?

All the gen z Emilys I know are snobby , rude , ugly , and stupid , you should only have this name if you are millennial. [I'm gen z but this isn't my name , ok boomer lol]

Cute name reminds me of a jellybean. I could not find my name on here which is Havannah and I could not find my friend Phoenixlia. We both have unique names. Back to Emily. It's so cute and it brings me joy. I have a friend named Emilyean which is close to Emily ish. So Emily is the best name ever (well almost). I have a ex friend named Salatha who has a sister named Emily Noriah Jean. Yeah so over all Emily is a cute name. Please like for my friend Shelia who is sick and for the cute name Emily.

2 Mia

Mia is the sexiest name on earth. It belongs to amazing people and will soon be copyrighted by myself...the one and only Mia! I love it more than everybody else. It it much hotter than Lily, Yasmin, Emma, Maree, Taylor, Zara and much much more. The middle name Lydia goes well with it too

Short and sweet. Mia is a small name fit for a good girl. Plus it begins with a solid, round letter like "M" and the ending is a light, short sound like "ia." M-ia. Mia. The name Mia, both solid and light, makes me think of a perfect pink and the smell of cotton candy. Sweet!

Mia is a beautiful name, I love it! If I ever have a baby girl, I'm going to name her Mia. It means "Very much wanted" or "Mine" in Italian. It just sounds so graceful and elegant!

Mia is a awesome and beautiful name my name is Mia and my mom told me that got the name Mia from a dream and she loved that dream it was the best dream she had

3 Elizabeth

My middle name is Elizabeth and I LOVE IT! Not bc I'm biased even tho I am but I think Elizabeth is the perfect middle name to go with a kind of weird first name (mine's Maeve) bc if your kid doesn't like their first name or gets teased, then they have SO MANY OPTIONS beyond that bc Elizabeth has a million nicknames. Eliza, Lizzie, Beth, Tessie, Betsy, et cetera. great choice.

LOVE THIS NAME! Best name ever, it should soooo be #1! It is so beautiful and just so classical. I love how the name sounds, so royal and perfect. It has such perfect nicknames, and I love that theirs a "z" in it, because z's are in hardly any names, and that's what makes this name so special I will definitely name my first born daughter this name!

Omg I thought my friends said Elizabeth is cool I'm like there is not Elizabeth name? but I also thought they write it like "Elisabeth" didn't even know this name existed ... :o

This name is best as a first name. It's almost all of my friends' middle name but it's my first. I love my name because it's not one of those fake names or last names. Seriously, who would name their child Lane or something of the sort? If it's a family name I totally understand. But anyway, think of every awesome person who is named Elizabeth. Surely you'll think of me...

4 Natalie

I'm making my own story, and I was looking for names for my characters and when I saw this name I thought it would PERFECT! Natalie is just a really cute name, it works for when you're a baby because it's so cute and sweet, and it works as an adult and teen because you can have so many nicknames, my personal favorite nickname would be Nat. Also just a suggestion for a name, Faith or Hope, their just cute names and I think having a name like that would give a little girl confidence and let her know there are more things to life than looking pretty and being popular. Thanks, Bye.

I love this name so much, I named one of the charecters in my book Natalie, it was my first choice, I thought it could really match her personality, a Natalie could be a feminine, yet down to earth girl, who finishes what she starts, and is fun and silly. The glue that holds everyone together

I think it's a really good name and it's popular! When you name your daughter Natalie, you can give her really cute nicknames like Nat or Natty. I think this would make the top of my list. Vote for Natalie!

The name Natalie has been predicted to be one of the most anticipated and popular names of 2018. It's on dozens of websites. It peaked in the US in 2008 and is looking to rise again. It truly is an attractive name. Classic yet modern at the same time.

5 Taylor

Taylor Swift! I love her! In my Imaginary (sorry I don't know how to spell that! ) world with my bffbIlh (best friend forever because I love her) we both have lots and lots and lots of worlds and in one of them I'm Stephine and my bffbIlh is Taylor, and soon I hope I will make a world that my name is Taylor Swift!

I'm Stephine Richfield and my bffbIlh is Taylor Swift and soon I'm going to make a world with me as Taylor Seifer and my bffbIlh as... I don't really know! Laugh out loud

Thanks for reading! Please give me lots of thumbs up! And please vote for this! I hope you know
Taylor Swift cause if you don't go to youtube and type in
' Taylor Swift Trouble Lyrics' then push enter and there you go!


This name is good. Not melodious or flowing or round or redundant, but kind of sassy. It makes itself heard in its own little way. Tay-lor. Kind of easy to divide into syllables, and so even-six letters. Taylor reminds me of light blue-but not too light! - and the smell of fresh berries. Plus, the name Taylor even has it's own sound: a steady clarinet playing a song, or maybe I just hear that because of Taylor Swift.

Taylor is such a natural name! It says something! It says, " I am like the best of the best of the best names even though this list says I am number six I am totally hot." And if you haven't learned the song "Stay, Stay, Stay", by Taylor Swift, word for word, you really should.

OH MY GOD I LOVE this name. I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT TOO. This name is AMAZING and I'm even writing a book with a girl cast as Taylor Swift. I might name one Taylor in a book too.

6 Charlotte

I have a best friend named Charlotte who is energetic and fun. She has this short, thick blond hair the color of ivory and blue eyes and a big smile and I really like her. Her name is so inbetweeny kinda long and slow and just a bit short and fast. A COMBINATION! So smooth. It is a yellow name and smells of soap. Or cheese.

Oh this fresh name, it might be old but I like it because it is my young sisters name and it is not that common because if you shout out a name like Karen you would find a lot of people having this kind of a name so this is kind of the best name I could ever think of.

If I had that name I would cherish it for my whole life. Also an example of Charlotte being such a great name is on Charlotte's Web how she is kind and considerent of others. So over all I would give the name Charlotte a 10 out of 10!

I love the name Charlotte not only because it's my name but just because it has a nice ring to it. If you pair it with a good last name and a beautiful middle name like Sophie or Sarafina it will make it a beautiful name

7 Jessica

My name is Jessica and I love it the fact that it has a beautiful meaning I don't like when people called me Jess but since my friend calls me that I got used to it writing Jess even in papers. but it is beautiful I would like that name for more girls! thanks, -Jessica M

To the person who said 'Many artists have this name, such as j-lo' let me stop you right there. Her first name isn't Jessica, it's Jennifer. But I do see your point, and I don't intend to sound snappy and prissy. That is not my intention. Take this as a friendly correction, if you must.


Jessica is the best name ever! All the Jessica's I no r really pretty and my best mate is called Jessica, they can be really nice or really funny and they all have brown hair straight and beautiful green eyes, this name also rocks as it comes with the nickname Jessie and Jess!

It is a pleasant, long name so you can shorten it to anything you like. You can even spell each shorter version any way you like. Jessi, or Jessie, or Jessy, and Jess, and Essi, and Ca, okay, maybe not Ca, but still I love this name! It looks like a turquoise blue and smells of salty sea water.

8 Emma

I just know two girls in my school called Emma. Also I have friend named Emma in my imaginary world. I absolutely love, Love, LOVE the name Emma. So if you ever have a baby, do consider calling it (if it's a she) Emma.

I had a crush on a cute brunette named Emma in Elementary. I and my three best friends had a crush on her and I still wish I had a chance to go out with her, but she moved and I hate social media and me typing this makes me a hypocrite but I can deal with that.

Even though I know a girl named Emma who is blond, the name Emma is not a "blond" name to me. It isn't even a blue-eyed name to me. It is just a solid name for a person who is steady on their feet and brave. It is a chartruse name and smells like snow peas.

My name is Emma and everyone calls me Emmers and I absolutley love my name! All the guys call me hot, but I think I'm so ugly, but oh well. My eye color is natural grey and turns blue sometimes and I have ombre hair.

9 Nicole

Such a beautiful old fashion french name. My mom's name is Nicole and she's probably one of the best moms in the world. I mean, look at how I turned out! (Sorry, I don't mean to be gloaty but I seriously think this should be at the top of the list.)

Nicole is a beautiful name. You could be a tomboy or a girly girl, and it fits either way! It isn't too long, isn't, that unpopular, but not everyone has that name so it makes you special.

Nicole suits any girl and I wish that my name was Nicole. Well Nicole was supposed to be my name but before I was born, my mom's friend named her baby Nicole so I was named Monica

That's my name! I just love it... It's a name that can fit any girl perfectly. It's a French name, some people say it's Latin but its definitely French. I just love it!

10 Claire

My birth name - I HATED IT TO MY CORE! I hated how it rhymes with EVERYTHING, that it can't be shortened, the sound is gross to me; I just HATE the cl sound, and it's too delicate for a girl who LOVES Terminator, giant roller coasters and hard rock music! I started going by Queenie as soon as possible. Queenie is SOOOO much better and MUCH more appropriate for a Terminator fanatic who is a coaster enthusiast. Claire is just too soft and I prefer the harsher more aggressive air of Queenie.

Claire is a high class name and it means light in French. It's my name and I wear it like a badge. It's not obscure and it isn't overly common or over used either. A classic respectable name. It's perfect.

I know someone named Claire. She just sorta of lights up the room. She's possibly the nicest person I know.

My name is Claire and I personally love it! It means 'bright', 'clear', and 'light' in French. Claire isn't the most feminine name, but it's beautiful! That's what makes it great in my opinion!

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11 Megan

I read a book called Nature Girl and in it this girl named Megan is stuck in the wilds of Vermont for the summer. Then her mom makes her go hiking to a cider mill with her sister and her sister's boyfriend and her dog Arp. Megan and Arp get lost and hike to Mount Greylock, where Megan's best friend is spending the summer. They meet in the end, and her best friend Lucy comes home with her for the rest of the summer. It's such a good book the name gives it just the right touch. I like these names but mostly I like the girls who have them.

That's so nice, laugh out loud I should probably mention that my name is Megan so thanks! That made me feel good because I don't particularly care for my name that much but I do like it better than what it probably could be knowing my parents. I Love my middle name though, its Reanie in case you add that to unique at least I think it is because I don't know many Reanie's...

Megan! Meg-an. Meg-Ann. It's two short names combined to be best buddies! It's such a friendly, whole, round name. It sounds like peg and keg and egg and sand and man and clan. Does that sound confusing? I can't really explain it in a way you can understand, sorry. Megan makes me think of a bright orange and the smell of a doughnut.

Megan is my name. And that is how you spell it a lot of people spell it different. And when I saw it I was the happiest girl In the world. I love the name Megan.

12 Grace

I have the name grace. Everyone says it is amazing and cute but honestly sometimes I wish I had a different name. I’m glad everyone,loves it.

My name is Grace and I love having the name grace. Although I get teased about being a 'disgrace', I know that If they have nothing better to do than come up with a stereotypical 'nickname' for me, I'm better than them. I get a lot of compliments about the name Grace though. Apparently it's 'beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, ladylike and a little bit sexy' and I think that too.

I love that name so much I love it because it is my name and it is a very unique name. It is also very pretty and it shows that you are pretty and loved. That is exactly why I love my name "Grace". Thank you for my parents of thinking of my beautiful name. Love you guys!

My name is Grace (nicknamed Gracie) and I have always loved it! It's so happy, cheerful, and pretty! No one actually calls me Grace, (again nicknamed Gracie) but I truly acknowledge (and love :)) The true meaning of my real name

13 Sarah

Wow 64 on the list? It should be higher in my opinion because it is a beautiful name. Urban Dictionary definitely; A cool girl, generally pretty, smart and funny. into expressing herself through music, art, and or acting. fun to be around, and even though she may not know it, shes loved by everyone. people who hate her, either hate her for something she did or hate her out of jealousy. Shes very romantic and a little bookish, but can also be sexy when she wants to. Usually very happy/positive, unless something emotionally or mentally crusing happens.

Most beautiful name... I have a Best Friend whose name is Sarah I am technically her Cousin Sister to and she my Best Friend after Shanaya ( my Bff) Sarah means princess and bringer of joy. My beautiful Friend is sweet, surely a bringer if happiness, and is certainly as beautiful as a princess. I miss her a lot

15th? This list is wrong...
It should be number 1.
My name is not Sarah it is Alisha and I l8ve my name but Sarah is beautiful I was going to vote for my name but when I saw Sarah at such a low position I was shocked.
please it is supposed to be no. 1

I think this is a really pretty name and it also means princess in Hebrew. It can be for a girly girl or a tomboy. I think it is perfect and deserves to be on this list.

14 Jade

I dunno...I just love this name! Along with the names Harlow, Nick, and Iris. It just...seems beautiful. I wouldn't like it to be my name, I'm too ugly for (I don't think I'm ugly...but, eh, I call myself it when I try to act cool XD.). That's basiclay it.

Hello?! Jade's a great name, but my name is Jayda! There are no cartoon characters or sitcom characters with the name Jayda neither are there any famous people with the same spelling, so it will more than make my day it it could find it's way on the list. Maybe I'll just suggest it myself. Thanks for reading.

Jade is a unique name, a gem of a name, fit for a princess, to be a jade is to be strong & beautiful & feminine & determined & completely genuine with everyone, to be a jade is to be real.

In kindergarten I had a bff named jade and we were friends till 2nd grade because I moved to Florida and haven't seen her since. Ever since than I thought the name was pretty.

15 Sophie

My name is Samantha, not Sophie... But my favorite stuffed bunny was named Sophie. My mom had it even before I was born because she got it at my baby shower. She put it in my crib when I was little and I loved it so much. I brought it to school every day but it second grade I wasn't allowed to bring toys to school anymore. I cried because I had never been away from Sophie for so long. People ask me, "Why name her Sophie? " it was my mom's idea to name her Sophie, because I was meant to be a twin and my mom was going to name the other twin Sophie... But my twin sister died at birth. At first I didn't like the name, but I grew to like it and I started loving it. Loving the name made me love my bunny, Sophie, even more. I snuck Sophie in my backpack every day up until fifth grade I was playing with Sophie on the bus to school and a popular girl named Lucia in the seat behind me grabbed it. I chased her all around the school for Sophie but ...more

This was such a sad story. I had a stuffed fox, and I named it Todd, from the movie "The Fox And The Hound". I was about to start calling it Fluffy, when my sister suggested Todd. At first, I hated the name, but then I grew to love it. I have never been away from Todd, and I never will. Todd had these little stuffed Todds, as I like to call them. I loved bringing one of the little Todds to school, until a popular girl from school came and took him away from me. Thankfully, one of the teachers caught her, and saved my little mini Todd from dying. I'm forever grateful for that. And I love the name Sophie, cause it sounds like a beautiful and elegant name. The sound coming from people saying Sophie, is unimaginable. The name is so cute!

I have a story like that to. I had a stuffed cat I named Twila I got for my 3rd birthday, the name was suppose to be Willa, after my preschool friends middle name, but my parents miss herd and the cat was named Twila, I brought her to school every day and was my favorite childhood toy. Until one day in 4th grade, a popular girl named Chelsea stole it from my backpack and cut it up with scissors! Luckily the teacher caught her and she got suspended and was unable to go on any field trips for the rest of the school year. When I found out I cried for months, I sorta fixed it with gray duck tape though, the duck tape is getting weaker though, so I keep her on my shelf, but I still love my little Twila.

This name is so cute and it is my best friends name who is really nice and funny, and the dramatic story about Sophie is saddening. Samantha I am really sorry about your stuffed animal, Sophie. So I am saying we as girls need to stand up to the mean one or the ones that make us uncomfortable so we can live a happier life. Yeah, I know, that has nothing to do with the name Sophie, but my best Sophie is always there for me when I'm sad or even happy, we have been best friends since kindergarden and still are besties.

16 Olivia

I've herd good things and meanings about the name Olivia and I think that most names are nice, but this one stands out. Everyone comments on my name, saying how bueatyfull and wounder full it is. I'm so grateful to have this name and I wouldn't change it.

I think my name is pretty because my teachers think so and that makes me happy. People also think I am talented and they love my blond hair! By the way if your name is Olivia then you rock!

Olivia is my name and I love it because there is so many ways of shortening it. For example: there's Liv, Livi, Little Liv ( that one would be for a young kid), Livzi, Livi Loo. by the way those are only a few. But in the end Olivia is an amazing name and I wouldn't change my name for anything else.

Even though it derives from the word olive it is beautiful and classy. As a matter of fact olives come from olive trees which are a symbol of peace so there you go our name is the best!

17 Abigail

My name ! awesome old timey name my dad says I got the name from devil may cry the demon is named Abigail but my mom says she picked it because it is old timey and she likes old timey names

One of my BFFs is named this. She is an amazing friend who I have known since we were 3. We literally do EVERYTHING together (and we even like the same boy). My other best friend's name is Julia (she is also amazing) who I have known since we were 2. We do a lot together too. We're all homeschooled, so we see each other a LOT! I LOVE THEM! THEY'RE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER! My sister's name is Bethany, and she is so sweet (and my BFF)!

My best friend's name is Abigail but she is moving so I won't see her anymore. She was like the sister I never had. When I saw the name I almost burst out in tears. I miss her so much. She will always be my midgit. I will always remember our dumb jokes, contests, etc.

Uh, sorry, this name CREEPS ME OUT! The ghost of a girl walking and haunting in white with her entire black long hair covering her whole head and face?! Sorry no

18 Lucy

Lucy is something I wanted to name my cat but I also like that name you are lucky if you have it lol lucy is kinda like lucky but you just added the k

Oh my gosh! I saw this this and I was just like"HEY! That's me! ". My name is Lucille but, everyone usually just calls me Lucy. I LOVE the show I Love Lucy (cracks me up all the time). The name Lucy kinda has a certain "ring" to it when you say it so that's why I really like it.

I think Lucy is way awesome! It's like if you bully a girl named Lucy, you are the meanest person ever! Even if you like to bully, we NEED to stop this, it's way cool to be kind, anyway Lucy reminds me of light and sunshine because, MY name is Lucy!

Lucy is adorable, but I think it's too popular (excuse me, this is my opinion. No offense to any Lucys out there either). Lulie, Louise, Susie, Macy, and Leevie would all be good less-popular alternatives.

19 Robyn

There are so many great things about this name. I love how it's different and not that many people have it. I love how it is a very leading name. Robyn is a name of Magic it's strange. That people think that Robyn is a birds name but no it's not like it's spelled ROBIN but its Robyn and Robyn is a beautiful name. It's not like all the other names it's different and almost like a pice of art. I love the name Robyn it's WONDERFUL

My name is Robyn. I love my name, though, when I was younger I didn't. I was reading the comments and they were saying that it goes with a tom boy, girly girl, cheerleader and so on. Well I'm a cheerleader and partly tom boy, partly girlygirl. My Friends all love my name and wish they could have it and I just love the name so much! VOTE FOR ROBYN

I like this name. It is like a robin redbreast except with a Y. Did I mention I am nine years old and am looking for the perfect name? Don't tell me it's weird that I like names. Plus Robyn has two syllables which I like. It makes me think of a solid round red color and the smell of apple pie.

Robyn is a cute chic name for any girl and is pretty suits funny pretty sensitive girls who are pretty much social butterfly's personly I think Robyn would suit any girl from girly to tom boy it's a cute and popular name that I think is just very adorable!

20 Destiny

My name is Destiny. I am not voting for this name because of that reason though. I think it sounds like a sunrise or diaomonds, it sounds successful. I imagine pink balloons floating away in a bright blue sky, or shooting stars across a stary night. I have loved my name since I was very little. I never wanted to change it. To this day, no one at any of my schools has been named Destiny. I think it is confadent and beautiful. I lucked out with my name. Its unique.

I love this name and I don't know how any one would hate this name. If I could pick some name s in the world to name myself I would definitely pick Destiny. Not a lot of people have this name and only one person who used to go to me school her name was Destiny. To all of you Destiny's out there I would never say I hated this name.

I hate this name so much... I don't know why... it just feels like people are coming up with lame excuses for names... why not Hannah? that's a pretty name AND you can spell it backwards and its still the same. I know a girl named Destiny...

This is a beautiful name, in and out. It shows your courageous spirit and it it just amazing. Names show us. That play a big role in our lives. Its what everyone calls you, so make it special. VOTE DESTINY!

21 Lily

I thought it was something you say to your friends but it turns out as a real name I have a friend and her name is Lilian and we call her lily... but lily is a nice name to have :D

I'm Jessica (Jess) I WISH MY NAME WERE LILY! My older sister's name is Lily, she, me, and my twin sister Sophie, are the only real siblings, my parents are divorced my father and stepmom kept us, we live only with them now, the three of us in Virginia, my mother had two more, Emily and James (Jamie) and she is with them in Florida, I LOVE LILY!

Lily is sort of my name. My name is Lilianna but everyone calls me Lily. If I could I would change my name so it was Lily ( I would not have to write as much) but I can't because I am too young.

Lily is a name of a flower that looks so lovely. My favourite lily colour is pink, as it is my favourite colour.

This is also one of my favorite names because it's so pretty and it fits someone very special and sweet. I have a friend named Lily and she's so pretty and her voice is so sweet and her laugh is so cute

22 Raven

Raven? Like the bird? I don't really find it attractive if you want my advice. Alison is the best name anyone could have, that would be the name of my rabbit!

It sounds like a crow's name, which isn't a bad thing. In fact, that's half the reason I like it so much. Interesting and beautiful.

I love the name. I have a dog named raven and I just simply adore it. And by the way she is a bullmastiff so it does scream TOUGH!

I think its awesome name, it screams "don't mess with me" My daughter shall have this name

23 Rachel

Hey Rachel's! My name is Rachel too! I love it how it sounds and the meaning, don't you think? I growed up not liking it, but then I started to like it a lot. When I was small, some strangers would simply ask me what is my name, and I would say Rachel. After that, they would say Great things about this name and that it is super pretty! I was very happy that my name is beautiful and people likes it, but… I had one problem, I didn't understand the meaning and I didn't even like the meaning, but now I understand the meaning of it, and now I even like what it means, because I start to grow up and so… I understand more things.

It is a strong name with powers!
It could be a boys name but fits for girls more!
And a good nick name for this name would be rac or rach which is quite cool.
I think you will like this name cause it holds lots of interesting things in this person's life.

This is my name :D I actually used to hate it growing up because all the girls in my class were usually Britney or Elizabeth or Brianna and I didn't think my name was pretty enough, but I've grown to love my name! It means peaceful as a lamb and it's a popular but not overused name plus it's a classic!

My name is Rachel and I have loved it since birth! It's so beautiful and I would never dream of changing it! Laugh out loud

24 Hannah

Yeah! This name is getting higher. It was at 32 when I rated it. One of my other Hannah ratings starts with, "Hannah is a great name. It is so beautiful, and it means full of grace..." My other Hannah rating starts with "Hannah is a great name! It's my name, so I obvi would love it..." I'm not exactly sure how many times I've rated it. It's amazing, though. I know a bazillion people with this name. It's hot and sound like a name for a celebrity. It's also so popular, though I'm not in a popular girls clique (I don't want to be). It should make anyone feel attractive without all the makeup. I hate makeup! It's fake. No one needs it, not even if you have a gazillion spots on your face or something. (I don't. I just thought of it.) GEEZ, PEOPLE ARE MAKEUP FREAKS! Anyway, VOTE FOR HANNAH, OR ELSE I WILL-!...

Hannah is a great name. It is so beautiful, and it means full of grace. Grace is like mercy. When you show someone grace, you are treating them better than they deserve. Also, my name is Hannah, so I would definitely vote for it. Come on, people! We have to get this to #1! If we don't get it somewhere near that, I will be very unhappy, so let's do this thing! Game on, other cute girls' names out there! Hannah is likely to get higher if we get more votes. Even if your name isn't Hannah, but you just love the name, please VOTE FOR HANNAH!

Hannah is a great name! It's my name, so I obvi would love it. We have to get this name closer to the top! When I was little, I was so surprised when I found out that it could be spelled backward and forward! A palindrome name is so cool! Aah! I love the name! I mean, Hannah is a unique name. That's why I know so many Hannahs! I can't even count them on one hand! I...don't...think..., anyway! please vote. Thanks!

As I said before, my BFF name is totally awesome. My friend in year one was named Hannah but then she moved to Stewatby, so now I am in year five I made a new friend called Hannah and she is just like me, but I think I mite be a little more crazier

25 Gabriela

Love Gabriela. That my princess's name. Gabi for short.

Gabriela such a beautiful name and so pretty

I love this name oh my gosh you don't even know

That is my sisters name and it is amazing. this name makes you happy

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