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181 Payson

I think this name is individual and rare, but it sounds special

182 Marissa

Amelia's Notebook creator used that name when she is writing literature. Her name is Marissa Moss. - playstationfan66

That is my name

I love this name so much, espesally because my cousin has this name to and shes super nice and I love her so much so I love this name so much

THIS is my name!

183 Lexi

I like this lots but spelt Lexie - that's much cooler!

Even though this is not my name I love it!

Okay... That ain't bad for my nickname.. - Fandom_Lover

Lexi because it does rhyme with "Sexy"
Sexy Lexi :D

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184 Isabelle


That's the American girl doll of the year I have her in my arms right now

Russian sounding, but very popular and reminds you of gently falling snow

Deserves a higher spot - Organ

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185 Kiara
186 Janine

My name is Jeannine and a name off of Janine.

Love the name Jeanine. Named my daughter that many years ago.

187 Ivy

It's right up there with sexy, strong Scarlett if you ask me... Love this name!

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188 August

I wish more people liked this name I love it!

I love this name it is in my birthday month!

This is a boys name so. But it's still really cool

It's a month or a boy's name!

189 Emmeline

Looks and sounds pretty, also unique!

190 Lottie

Lottie sounds like a parking lot or something

My friends older sister is Lottie well, for short, her real name is charlotte (CharLOTTIE) get it? Any way I really like her name and I think she made the wright choice


191 Retrina V 2 Comments
192 Harper

This name is so pretty

193 Carter

Carter was Selena Gomez' name on Princess Protection Program and I've just been so in love with it ever since

I love that name but it can also be a boys name but I still love that name

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194 Sara

Sara is a wonderful name. No, wonderful is an understatement. It isn't my name. My name is Hannah, so I voted for that as well a couple times. This name is my second favorite name. Hannah is obvi my first favorite name. I don't like princesses, which is the meaning of the name Sara, but Sara just as an incredible ring to it that I just can't explain. Hannah has a great ring as well, like the thrill of hitting a gong. Sara is different, though. come on, people! Let's get this name higher. Why on earth is it at 189th place. They are underrating the name of Sara. And also, Hannah is only at 32. I know a million people named Hannah and a million people named Sara. Let's get this higher than 0.1%! please VOTE FOR SARA! EVEN IF YOUR NAME IS NOT SARA, VOTE FOR IT ANYWAY, LIKE ME! Thank you.

This is my name but spelt differently like Sarah... What is it doing behind here it is supposed to be like of course number #1 It means Princess and a Princess I shall be...

My name is Rydel, bit when I was older I begged my parents to change it to Sarah's. I wanted to go to court!

My name too! Love it and the spelling is unique. This should be higher on the list.

195 Poppy

I love the name because I t is a flower and my friends name is poppy

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196 Riley

Riley can be a boy or girl name but pretty for both

Riley isn't too common, (which I like) and the girl I know named Riley are super pretty. I love the sound of it.

Thank GOODNESS this is my name. It makes you sound tough, unlike those other names that make you sound delicate and fragile. I am a HUGE tomboy, and this is one of the few names in here than both genders have.

Riley Riley Riley!

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197 Mollie

My name is Mollie! I got named after my Great Grandma Mollie, and I love my name!

Mollie is awesome
I vote for you
Please vote for me!
I like these ones:
Clover summer August Danielle Hazel anyone of the

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198 Carol

I think that Carol is the best name for me.It's simple but it's so nice.

199 Colette

Amazing and beautiful. Pure and pretty. Like summer meadows and golden sands. My favourite name.

Amazing, one of my friends are named Colette she is a fast, but kind girl

French and fashionable I see you pretty girl with the name Colette

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200 Monica

This is my name it means (adviser) which is technically why I do I give people advice I love my name and to me it is the best name I could ever have. Better the the name tomorrow this name represents beautiful people like me and like every other monica.

This is my name and I love it!
It's so cute name and so many nickname for this name my friends call me mink or mony love it this name have a lot of people and the people are beautiful funny cute smart happines and all of the good thinks this name a lot to me because it's my mom name and it's my name and it will be my daughter name... This name is unique and for me it's the 1 place! And for this name I have only 1 word BEAUTIFUL I hope to all of Monica's happines to their live LOVE YOU

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