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181 Lottie

Lottie sounds like a parking lot or something

My friends older sister is Lottie well, for short, her real name is charlotte (CharLOTTIE) get it? Any way I really like her name and I think she made the wright choice


182 Retrina V 2 Comments
183 Harper

This name is so pretty

184 Carter

Carter was Selena Gomez' name on Princess Protection Program and I've just been so in love with it ever since

I love that name but it can also be a boys name but I still love that name

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185 Sara

Sara is a wonderful name. No, wonderful is an understatement. It isn't my name. My name is Hannah, so I voted for that as well a couple times. This name is my second favorite name. Hannah is obvi my first favorite name. I don't like princesses, which is the meaning of the name Sara, but Sara just as an incredible ring to it that I just can't explain. Hannah has a great ring as well, like the thrill of hitting a gong. Sara is different, though. come on, people! Let's get this name higher. Why on earth is it at 189th place. They are underrating the name of Sara. And also, Hannah is only at 32. I know a million people named Hannah and a million people named Sara. Let's get this higher than 0.1%! please VOTE FOR SARA! EVEN IF YOUR NAME IS NOT SARA, VOTE FOR IT ANYWAY, LIKE ME! Thank you.

This is my name but spelt differently like Sarah... What is it doing behind here it is supposed to be like of course number #1 It means Princess and a Princess I shall be...

My name is Rydel, bit when I was older I begged my parents to change it to Sarah's. I wanted to go to court!

My name too! Love it and the spelling is unique. This should be higher on the list.

186 Riley

Riley can be a boy or girl name but pretty for both

Riley isn't too common, (which I like) and the girl I know named Riley are super pretty. I love the sound of it.

Thank GOODNESS this is my name. It makes you sound tough, unlike those other names that make you sound delicate and fragile. I am a HUGE tomboy, and this is one of the few names in here than both genders have.

My name is Riley - riri_lol

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187 Mollie

My name is Mollie! I got named after my Great Grandma Mollie, and I love my name!

Mollie is awesome
I vote for you
Please vote for me!
I like these ones:
Clover summer August Danielle Hazel anyone of the

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188 Carol

I think that Carol is the best name for me.It's simple but it's so nice.

189 Colette

Amazing and beautiful. Pure and pretty. Like summer meadows and golden sands. My favourite name.

Amazing, one of my friends are named Colette she is a fast, but kind girl

French and fashionable I see you pretty girl with the name Colette

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190 Yasmin

I think this is a really nice name and it's my name! I've not heard anybody else's name called Yasmin, I LOVE my name so much I never want to change it

My name is Yasmin and I love it it's international and easy to pronounce and people can give you fun nicknames

Close to the name of the mean girl in the story. Yasmine Hunter. Not sure why this name stood out, but it's good.

In Honor Of My Best Friend

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191 Kimberly

My name is Kimberly and in my language Kim means diamond I think it's a beautiful name cause what kind of girl don't like diamonds?

GO KIMBERLY! It sounds like a cute sorority girl name! I don't like the name Megan, it's very unfeminine but Kimberly is a very girly name, I like the nicknames Kim and kimmie! And I like sorority girls! Go Kimberly!

Kimberly should be much further up than this, megan at the bottom its so bad name, I love kimberly and my cute fat sis is called it, I want to feed kim cake to make her fatter

Kimberly is the most beautiful girl name ever

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192 Jazlin
193 Alia

This is my friend's name and her sisters name is Alina and her other sisters name is Alisa

! This is my name!

194 Sky

I love that name!

I love your Name

Nobody could ever take this pride away from you if you had this wonderful name.


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195 April

April is my name to I love It and hope if your name is You need to love it

Really pretty love it

That is when my birth day is

love it

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196 Julie

It's such a beautiful name so classy and sophisticated yet fun! It's also a nickname for Juliet which is also a very pretty name! And it's meaning is even better! My vote goes to Julie!

I think of a very pretty girl when I here this name.

It's like Julie Johnston the soccer player

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197 Tiffini
198 Izzy V 1 Comment
199 Anne

This my name and I love it!

How is Anne so low? - Organ

200 Karyn
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