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201 Anne

This my name and I love it!

How is Anne so low? - Organ

202 Karyn
203 Sage

I don't like it that much but it's got a cute edge

Going to name my daughter Sage

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204 Haley

It's a beautiful name it was named after hay so that's a farmers daughter and they always cute.

Beautiful name one of a kind and represents beautifulness and kindness

Haley is my name. I actually know a lot of Haleys' and everyone of them are wonderful people. I think we are pretty cool.

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205 Autumn

That's my name! And it's very special I think the name autumn sounds like some one who is extremely kind

Such a pretty name. I'm in love with this name!

That's my amazing little sisters name! I think Autumn is such a beautiful name for a girl!

I think it's nice name and its not even mine lol.

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206 Amanda

I mean come on it's a beautiful name and the name means "worthy of love" which is a good thing right?

I know a woman named Amanda. She called me a "goober." I don't know what that has to do anything, but she was pretty awesome. I would definitely name my daughter that

The fastest runner in my school is called Amanda! Shes great at everything..

That is my name

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207 Skyler

I love this name. -Which is weird. My mum was in France and was shot by a terrorist, and this was her name. I thought when I was younger I could climb up onto the clouds and chase the bad people away and help mum down but I never seemed to be as to dream as freely as before. My mum also worked with dolphins-and always seemed to know when they'd come and where. On the day we heard I ran to the harbour, down the steps and cried on the sand, but then I heard a phwosh! -Dolphins! Me and dad watched for hours, leaping out of the water. I love the name sky because, my mum will always be there for me, she's where she wanted to go-She said so-.

This is my name except it's spelled like Skylar and its getting more popular

This is the name! Just sounds so beautiful.

I think these name is cute and a cute nickname is sky...

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208 Brooke

It's a best of both worlds type or name. It can be a tom-boy name or a girly girl one. It also has a sexy vibe to it, yet has a cute part of it, which it rare to have.

So beautiful... I love it! It has an emotional, down to earth, sensitive-type vibe.

It's my name and I wouldn't change it

One of my friends is named Brooke (Black). - playstationfan66

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209 Mila
210 Ruby

I wish it was my name! I insist people call me Ruby! Like seriously, which name sounds better? Alexis or Ruby?

Ruby is a nice name the same as the Jewel it deserves to be in the top 20 but not number 1

Best name ever how can anyone not like it

Such a nice name.

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211 Misty

My aunt name is misty let me say yes it is a pretty name. But the sad thing is my aunt misty in jail but she getting out soon I think suppose to be out which is my birthday moth she miss 2 years of my life for being in jail that long but it ok because she getting out this moth hopefully

I LOVE THIS NAME AND I WISH IT WAS MINE! I don't care if it's a pet name, its beautiful!

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212 Margaret

Can be anything they want to be! With countless nicknames, and will obviously be drop dead gorgeous, Margaret is a perfect name.

That's my junior high teachers middle name. Her name is Mary Margaret Campbell. - playstationfan66

I love that name! Not just because of Regular Show,
But because it is very origanal and beautiful!

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213 Amy

This is my name, and by mistake it is here instead of its rightful place at #1, I'm sorry folks, just a typing error

I voted for you because I have a sister that I love and her name is Amy and I reckon other Amy's would be nice.

Amy Lee rocks.
She is the best female singer and is the best name!
Evanescence and Amy forever!
Amy is the best female singer!

Very cute and sexy

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214 Marlene
215 Ash

Abbreviation for Ashley. I just think it's a cool name, even if it sums with a nickname. It is definitely something I would name my "future daughter" if I were to ever have one in some time soon.

216 Mary

My grandmas name is Mary and I adore her very much. She is amazing and I love her very really much

My name is Mary and in choir we are singing a song called Mary where is your baby

My middle name.

Mary is a very pretty name! It's very elegant,
Like a princess! 👸

217 Rae V 1 Comment
218 Caleigh
219 Alice

Alice is such a magical name, Alice in Wonderland being one of my favorite books. I love it, it's beautiful.

It's simple yet divine! I am making a book with this name and it just suits her perfectly I hope this goes to the top list!

My name is related to Alice and I think it's a great name for a adventurous and a outdoor girl

Such a pretty name, it sounds very dainty! Adorable ^_^

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220 Teylor V 1 Comment
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