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221 Julieta
222 Alex

My full name is Alexandra but I love Alex way better! I totally go by Alex!

I have a friend that is named alex

I have a friend called Alex and I love the name I wish I was called Alex it is just a really nice name

Alexandra is the best name ever

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223 Payton

The best name ever it's so beautiful and sounds cool

224 Echo

This was my Nana's name! I always thought it was so pretty and unique.

(My sisa's name) Absolute beautiful name I just can't even... Nobody ever thinks of it because it's unique!

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225 Jackie

My auntie is called jackie although hers is spelled jacqui I love the name so much I do but I think there is something missing from it I donno might be wrong

My name is Jacklynn, "Jackie" for short. I am named after my father Jack so of course it's very special to me! If I have a son one day I'll name him Jaxson, "Jax" for short, a little different spelling but unique. I like to take a little piece of a family name and make it their name. I have Renee as a middle name and so I named my youngest daughter Jazmyne Gabriella Renee. My oldest daughter is named Kylie J'Lynn Grace, her fathers name is Kyle, J'Lynn (pronounced Jay-Lynn) is short for Jacklynn (my name).

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226 Eva

It's a awesome name for a tomboy girl and for a nerd girl.

This is my sisters name and I just absolutely love it! It's beautiful!

So gorgeous! I love the nam so much! It's quick and short but very lovely at the same time!

Gorgeous name - Organ

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227 Cleo

Believe it or not my cat is called cleo and it has now become my fave name ever used to be lexy now its cleo love the name so much

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228 Charlie

There's a girl in my grade named Charlie thin blonde hair baby blue eyes

My names Charlie

It's a guy name but I like it

229 Darcy

Darcy is my first name. It is a very good first name because you can have a lot of nicknames.

Darcy should be in the top 50 but doesn't deserve to be number 1

I've been obsessed with the book Pride and Prejudice and the main guys last name is Darcy and I love it so much... I don't like it as a girls name but I would die to have it as my last name! SQUEEE

Darcy should be in tbe top

230 Annelise

Such a pretty name. I want to name my daughter that (if I have one)

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231 Courtney

It's my name! I personally love it and I'm not just saying that because it's my name

I have a classmate named Courtney

I love this name

I love the name ❤️👍

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232 Jayla
233 Gabi
234 Vicky

HEY! I think this name is cute! I have a stuffed lamb named Vicky from when I was little. Its awesome, so don't you people dare insult the name!

Teachers name! Laugh out loud, I meant her nickname because we call her Ms. Vicky but her actual name is Victoria...
Still like it though...

My friends,teachers and other people
usually call me Vicky but my real name is spelt "Viktoriya"
I'm different but I like it!

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235 Helen

One of my favorites - Organ


My name is helen, a lot of people say its badass. When I moved in my new school no one would talk to me. Because they were scared of me. and I couldn't blame them, I had shot straight long black hair and my voice was low. people would apologize for nothing. Untill this girl named Carmen came. she became my friend and she was very popular. She had strawberry gold haor and I was a bit jealous. she was like my sister. She showed me stuff I never knew like cutting my too long bangs and getting rid of the dark circles under my eyes. then people would start talking to me. They didn't really trust me at first but after a few weeks I was their friend I was the whole class friends all because of carmen. But then carmen liked this boy named addison and I hated him. He stole my sister. I told him to stay away from my sister but then carmen caught me talking with him and thought I was confessing love to him. She got angry. The next day rumors spread. And I was alone again, but I didn't really ...more

236 Liana V 1 Comment
237 Lilly

I love the name lily my bff's name is lilly

I have a friend named Lilly, and I think her name is pretty.

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238 Naidiya

My name is nadia and I can't believe it is here - loskyou

239 Breanna
240 Heydon
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