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241 Jewel
242 Elli
243 Jennifer

Jennifer is my name. I think it should be first and it is good for brunettes especially me because I'm a brunette. I love the name Jennifer and I am 8 years old. I'm a nice person so who said mean things in the comments are all wrong. I love this name so much.

Jennifer is my name. In my opinion, I think Jennifer should be first.

This is my name. I was actually expecting it to be way higher.

Jennifer is my moms name. She says its very common. - Lucretia

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244 Joanna

This name is absolutely beautiful I love it so much

I hate this name I'm sorry but I just do so much

It is such a cute name! I know four Joanna's!

Everyone should be named Joanna

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245 Cassidy

This is the best name to name your child

This is my name I like it most the time unless you call me assidy

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246 Haylie

Its cute and unique name

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247 Molly

Molly it is a brilliant name and it's a very pretty name and perfect Molly is my name and I think it's a great name to have enjoy having this name and I love it to

I love this name it is so much fun to say and I to am the only one with this name at school whom is a student but there are two teachers with this name

I love the name Molly because it is such an amazing name my name is called Molly also LOL

My crush has that name

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248 Tambry Tambry V 1 Comment
249 Aimee

This is a beautiful name, please vote for it

250 Diamond V 1 Comment
251 Hallie

This name is so cute! A nickname is Hal or Hal's I had a friend named Hallie than I moved:( I miss her!

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252 Janet

The High School teacher who sits in the middle of Jane and Julian is none other than Janet Craven. - playstationfan66

253 Lexie

This name is really cute and suits all, tomboys and girly girls. Also, it's pretty unusual and that makes it super cool!

This is mine. It's so sexy and cool. Best name ever!

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254 Ida
255 Prudence

Love it it reminds me of the Beatles "dear prudence" and since then never heard it again so it's unique. I also like cadence.

256 Missy
257 Venus

Greek goddess of love and beauty but Aphrodite is more popular. Also Venus sucks because she caused the Trojan war.

Pretty unique name. It comes from the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

258 Lanie
259 Lindsey

Okay, yeah it's my name but I'm not voting for it because "well it's my name and I love it" In fact, I hate it but I'm still going to vote for it. I honestly hate my name, but the name "Lindsey" would fit a tall, intelligent girl with glasses. ;3

My name is lindsey it's so hot lindsey is the best way to go not that many people have the name. When I was little I love my name I was the only lindsey in my class. everyone loved my name girls wanted my name

This is my sisters name and I love my sister.

Nice name.

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260 Christina

It's my name and its 2 names combined into one my name should be in the top ten

I love this name because it mean Christ and everyone who has this name loves all things and is very beautiful.

My names Christina and I think it's such a beautiful name I thank my mom for giving me this name

I like this name - Organ

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