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301 Kennedy

Wonderful it sounds very successful

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302 Katrina

I love it don't judge but I was IN hurricane Katrina! It's not like you'll drown of your named this!?

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303 Audrey

I hate whichever put this name on 296 it has a valuable meaning and is beautiful remember Audrey Hepburn? I hate you! So much!

That's my name, but I don't really like it.

The most beautiful name I could think of.

This is my name.It means "noble strength".I couldn't imagine a better name.

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304 Saddia
305 Luanne
306 Iesha
307 Krystine
308 Brigitte

I think that it is such a beautiful and intelligent name and it deserves to be in top 10. !

I thinks it shows sassyness and popularity so it's sort of a girly name

309 Lily-Mae

Absolutely love this name!

310 Kira

I have a friend in my class her name is Kira but a week ago she tore one of her muscles in her right arm which she rights with and she got a sling because of her brother

It's short but cute. In America it means bright; sunny, but in Japan, it means dark so it kind of has an opposite. Also, it's my name. laugh out loud!

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311 Lillian

My friends name

312 Arianna

My cousin's name is Arianna and she is the best cousin ever! Everyone vote for Arianna!

Guys, Arianna is the best name ever so yall better vote for it! Also, by the way my name is Arianna and I'm the coolest person I know.

313 Farha
314 Susan

Lol there's this kid in my class names Sam and I gave him a hetalia country and he's Sweden and if you know hetalia you know that Finland, (my country) calls Sweden Su-San so now I like calling Sam Susan lol

315 Olga
316 Melinda
317 Letishca
318 Imogen

I love the name Imogen and so what if it is 377th best name I'm proud of it and I don't care about the the first best name!

Imogen means image of her mother :-)

Imogen is a name of talent and opinion and I love that. It is also a name of fashion from Shakespeare

Sounds someone likes ice or ice skating or even eating ice icy Imogen is a great nick.

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319 Tasha

That's my character in my book! She's very pretty BUT sadly selfish :(

320 May
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