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321 Rachelle V 1 Comment
322 Laurel

This is my name, and I love it :) more unique than Lauren. (No offense to all the Laurens out there)

I can believe this is all the way down here it should at least be in the top 30's!

I can't believe its #428 it should be #1 that's my name!

Laurel is the best name I have ever heard!

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323 Stormie
324 Kacey

This is my name :) I love it!, Its unique the way its spelt. I was named after my grandmother, sadly she passed, it was her maiden name, and it was spelt like Casey thought, I believe it means: Watchful. and Its Irish ^^

325 Rania

It's a beautiful name and it means the female spider.

326 Sidney V 1 Comment
327 Meena
328 Mimi

My grandmothers names are Mimi Butcher and Mimi Reina. - playstationfan66

329 Loivia
330 Marci
331 Tiara
332 Cassy
333 Misha

There is a youtube channel called misha he made a pokemon go song

Yes! A thousand times yes! Even if it isn't girl's name.

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334 Lumina

Lumina is awesome if any good girl should be named it should be lumina

335 Kate

Very sexy name :-) and usually comes with a very passionate and kind girl

I love the name later it is one of my best best friends name the name kate is so cute!

I like Kate it is just a pretty name so please vote

It is my name and I think it's awesome

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336 Gracie

My name is grace but all the guys call me gracie so this name is awesome and it sounds really cute :3 my boyfriend calls me this and so does all his friends :D

I just love this is a GREAT name.. My name

Love Gracie as its own name not grace.

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337 Nova

The most beautiful name I've ever heard.

I love the name Nova, it's short for November

338 Mariah

I love this name so much! 1. Because this is my best friend's name that I have known since Kindergarten, and I'm in 6th grade now! She is the best friend in the whole entire world! I love her so much! 2. Because it is a beautiful name

I love mariah carey. I am currently pregant and my daughters name is mariah rhiannon smyth.

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339 Willow

Willow is my best friend's name, and she's the best person I've ever known. Also, I like Mariah, it's unique, it's my name, and believe it or not it's named after a shade of blue and green combined, it's like a teal color

Probably a blonde, No worries and just goes with the flow. I always think of a lake with Lillie's and a tiny bridge going across it, and a willow tree, with bright green leaves and branches in the water. A little house in the horizon and a horse tied to the trunk of the willow tree.

That's my new born cousins name and I love it! In fact, I love any name that comes after a plant. - Catlover2004

That name is from Liv and Maddie

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340 Phoebe

My name is Phoebe and I am so glad it was on here! Kind of an underrated name but unique!

I just love this name. Well it is mine

Beautiful name. Just lovely. Love this name.

Cute cute and cute name 😸

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