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341 Esme

My closest friend's name, and a rare, beautiful one. - PastelFlowers

Beautiful name!

Best name in the world better than any else l love it! ❤❤

342 Natasha

You judge someone by their name. That's what you do. But Natasha isn't even my name, and I'm probably the only one not commenting about my name unlike all you people commenting here but I like the name.

It's REALLY AWESOME! Better than the rest of the other names! :D (it's my name)

I think that is a great name

All Natasha's are beautiful!

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343 Michelle

Michelle is a pretty name. I have a friend called that. It means who is like god. Michelle is loyal fun and easygoing and not to mention a genius

I love the name Michelle my name is Michelle and items something beautiful in Chinese

Amazing and unexpected so very nice and the first lady's name

Michelle is just so beautiful and sexy.

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344 Ever

I really love this name! My name is Verity, but people call me Ever. People says it suits me because it's a mysterious name and I'm kinda mysterious.

Unique, better than other names you hear all the time. This one makes you think of the meanings behind it. Love it

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345 Jenna

My name is jenna to not many people have it as a name but I'm so glad I do it really should be in the top 10 people say it's a symbol of love and it fits me, to all you jennas out there your name is great and I love it

My name is jenna and I think its a relly nice name and it should be in the top 10

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346 Penelope

I just love this name. This name should be consired for a princess. It even has his own song. Called of course Penelope by Diego Torres. Oh man I love that song.

This name is perfect for my sims 3 LPS I'm gonna look forword to using this name thanks I normally can't think of one

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347 Melissa

I LOVE this name. It's beautiful on its own, but also is the name of my wonderful aunt, who HATES it!

My name, I never really did like it

Classic and sweet like honey (name means honey bee)

Ugly name

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348 Yana
349 Alisha

I think alisha is a very nice, pretty, cute and amazing name because it is very popular and it sounds very sexy as well so please vote for this thanks!

Such a sexy name, meaning nobility. I know many Alisha's and all of them are divine and intelligent.

Should be first, megan should be last, because its not girly, but alisha or any other spelling is a lot better

Alisha is a cute amazing beautiful name obviously because it's my name

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350 Katelyn

My name is Katelyn, spelled the same too. Not to be an ungrateful child but I wish me parents would have named me something different. It was really annoying being one of three Katelyn's in my childhood classes, then in other grades there were more. It made me feel not special. Katelyn is such a common name, and most of the time when someone doesn't know how to spell it, they will spell Kaitlin or with a C or something. Trust me it's not very fun having a super common name. If you really want the name though, I'm not judging. It might have sentimental value, that's just my two cents.

I've always wanted to be named this name!

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351 Hania

It is different and short and sweet

It's really nice. Better than emily

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352 Nicki

My name is nikki and "who wants to be named after a terrible rapper" I'm sure my mum had no idea of Nicki Minaj 23 years ago! I use to hate my name but grew to like it as I got older

A beautiful name

Who on Earth would use this name? - Neonco31

Geez. Some people are so rude! 😖
I like the name Nicki. It's cute and has a positive spin on it. Nicki reminds me of the beach.

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353 Anabelle
354 Beatrice

It gives you the sense that your girl is going to be a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes, so beautiful

I LOVE this name because it's my sister's name but be call her Bea for short:).

Beatrice is a good
Name short and sound sexy very lucky girl you

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355 Alexandria

This is my name, and I'm proud, it's special and unique without going overboard. There are a million different nicknames you can have and it means 'Protector of Mankind' which I think is pretty cool. Plus it's the female version of Alexander, like The Great.

Yeah there are so many nicknames like my name Lexie!

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356 Isla

This name is so cute and not used very often. Produced eye-la. It's obviously a mistake that it is here instead of in it's rightful place at #1. Move over, Natalie! Come on, let's get Isa into at least the top 10.

I think this is the best name ever! Besides Delphinium. My grandma has a couple of friends named Isla. I think they should spell it Ila, because it is pronounced I-LAH. The way it is spelled looks like it is pronouced I-CE-LA

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357 Bethany

A local Hawaiian championship surfer is known as Bethany Hamilton because she did Soul Surfer. - playstationfan66

My name is Beth but my friend calls me Bethany

I would go by Beth if my name was bethany

My name is bethany! I go by Beth and bethy

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358 Luna

Luna is my name, and I think it's gorgeous! It means moon, and why wouldn't you want to be named after the mysterious nature of the moon?

This is a perfect name! My name is Luna and I have a twin named Elsa.

I love the name Luna as in "Luna lovegood"
I think it should be first not Emily I think the name Emily sucks

359 Celine

My name is celine and is so cute for a girl name

360 Lorithia
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