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21 Destiny

I love this name and I don't know how any one would hate this name. If I could pick some name s in the world to name myself I would definitely pick Destiny. Not a lot of people have this name and only one person who used to go to me school her name was Destiny. To all of you Destiny's out there I would never say I hated this name.

I LOVE this name. It will stand out (in the good way) and it sounds like a successful name. VOTE DESTINY!

This is a beautiful name, in and out. It shows your courageous spirit and it it just amazing. Names show us. That play a big role in our lives. Its what everyone calls you, so make it special. VOTE DESTINY!

My best friend's name

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22 Abigail

that's my name I love it very much it is a nice name because it is really really cool for a girl with that name huh is it or not it is a great name for me eh - powerpufflover

It's my name and at first I hated it so much and then as I got older I liked it more, but I go by Abby.

This is my name! So many people call me Abby but I love either! I know people don't like their name but I can't say that about mine!

Try naming your daughter after the King Diamond album of the same name.

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23 Ally

My names Alice and ally is my nickname only that its spelt Ali. My name is the best and its Australian

Ally is short for Alison! But love it.

My name is Ally I love it because its short for alice allison all that stuff you know? - CookieMonster

I think this is an awesome name. (Mostly because it's my name).😜

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24 Amethyst

Such a beautiful name it is the February birth stone!

So cool! I've never heard of it, but it sounds so sophisticated and unique!

Love amethyst on Steven universe

I love this name!
I've never likes Steven Universe, but it never changed my opinion on this name!

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25 Rose

It's my first name, my friend's middle name, and my grandma's last name. I like it very much.

It particularly reminds me of my first date. My date gave me a white rose, a black rose, and a regular red rose. Now roses are my favorite flower. I hope you will choose this name for your daughter so she can be an endless reminder of the one you love.

Its a beautiful name like the flower belonging to a strong aroma no one can explain. Also knoqn as President Snows very well known plant in the hunger games. I honestly love the name so much I could go on and on about it but I'm not

So, this is my name but like, I like the other names but I'm voting for this because we got FLOWER POWER 🌺

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26 Savannah

Since my first language isn't English I can't really be a judge on what name is good or not. But Savannah sounds really cool and unique. It just sounds pretty to me and if I ever had to name my daughter in an English name, it would probably be Savannah.

Not very common. I think its the peettiest name out off all of them!

My best friend is named this some times I call her savvy


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27 Hannah

Hannah is a great name. It is so beautiful, and it means full of grace. Grace is like mercy. When you show someone grace, you are treating them better than they deserve. Also, my name is Hannah, so I would definitely vote for it. Come on, people! We have to get this to #1! If we don't get it somewhere near that, I will be very unhappy, so let's do this thing! Game on, other cute girls' names out there! Hannah is likely to get higher if we get more votes. Even if your name isn't Hannah, but you just love the name, please VOTE FOR HANNAH!

I love this name, it's so cool and is spelt the same backwards and forwards! Basically it's my name and I love it

Hannah is my name and it's so easy to spell. :) Its also a palindrome which makes it even cooler... Love this name


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28 Kaitlyn

Such a beautiful name! It has an elegant side to it, as it comes from the name Katherine. Yet it also has a modern quality to it. You can easily find it on a key chain, and it has many cute nicknames as well. (Katie, Kate... )

This is my name and I've always loved it. It's common and romantic.

This is my name ;) however there's about 300 ways to spell it which gets annoying. Surprisingly you guys spelt it right (kaitlyn) the meaning of kaitlyn is PURE

My crush's (who probably likes me back) name so I had to vote - mathyfox441

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29 Raven

I think its awesome name, it screams "don't mess with me" My daughter shall have this name - elisabethuustalo

My name great well my favorite part of the list not the Blackbird know it's a pretty name I like it so all you haters out there you should just like it please

It sounds like a crow's name, which isn't a bad thing. In fact, that's half the reason I like it so much. Interesting and beautiful.

I absolutely love the name Raven

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30 Gabriela

My mum's name is Gabriella

That is my sisters name and it is amazing. this name makes you happy

Love Gabriela. That my princess's name. Gabi for short.

That's my friends name but she prefers to be called Gabi.But overall amazing name!

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31 Daisy

My name is Daisy but I hate it! I'm 18 and daisy is a little kids name. I will faint if I see a daisy over the age about 10. But my nickname is Lydia and that is a much more grown-Up name than daisy. But not for pets it's such a cute name for pets though! When I was in primary school people called me lazy Daisy but in not lazy because I hate sleeping! I will never be able to go to sleep until atlest 11:00! I'm quite strong but daisy is just as weak as something like Lily

This name makes you feel so happy! I love the sound and how it makes me think of the actual flower. People with this name are so lucky!

I love my name! I think it's pretty and sweet and I love it because my mum & dad chose it for me!

I like the name daisy because it is a name for a flower and it some cute

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32 Rachel

It is a strong name with powers!
It could be a boys name but fits for girls more!
And a good nick name for this name would be rac or rach which is quite cool.
I think you will like this name cause it holds lots of interesting things in this person's life.

I love it because it's my name: given by my parents who I love very much

I love dis here name rite der

That's my name

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33 Zoe

My daughters name! Unique without being too weird & it's still pretty.

I LOVE this name! If you are called Zoe then you should be so proud! You are beautiful and determined! I am not being biased because my name is Josephine, and I love Johnny Depp, but I think Zoe is an amazing name!

I love the name Zoe. All Zoe's that I know are very talented and beutiful, and its my 2nd name!

My brothers friends sister is named Zoe it's really nice!

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34 Isabella

This is the name of a popular girl in my class! She is so nice! She goes by Bella but some other nicknames are Izzy, Bebe, Sable, Ella, and Belle - lovefrombadlands

If I ever have a baby girl I will name her Isabella. It's the cutest name.

I love this name it is my name actually everybody calls me Bella I think This name should be number 1!

This is my name. In Spanish, Bella is short for beautiful, I think

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35 Alyson

I'm using this name in a book I'm writing. The characters name is Alyson Hunter.

Alton Hunter sounds like a gaff chick with an attitude that matches, nice choice!

I have friend name Alison. she is pretty

My name is allison. <--- spelt like that. I don't mind my name but it drives me crazy how many people spell it wrong. These are all the spellings I've gotten that are wrong: alison, alyson, allyson, alicen, alisen, allisen, allysen, and so many more - heiglsbabe

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36 Lily

I love the name Lily because it is a flower that also is pretty and I wish my name were Lily so I went on a computer game and named myself Lily Petal because I was almost named Lily

This is also one of my favorite names because it's so pretty and it fits someone very special and sweet. I have a friend named Lily and she's so pretty and her voice is so sweet and her laugh is so cute

My name is lily and this should be in the top ten as it is such a beautiful name and whole of my school loves this name

10/10 would call my daughter - Organ

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37 Lauren

My friends name is Lauren, (me and my friends, I lost count of how many I've done! ) She is really really nice funny, like most of my friends. But she is different, she is really a lot like me and yes. Anyways I like the name Lauren: )

I LOVE the name Lauren. It is so cute and should be top of the list. It is a pulchritudinous and exquisitely divine name to have and is unique. IT'S THE BEST NAME EVER!

The name is so cute

My name! :3

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38 Amelia

Amelia is a gorgeous, elegant name. It means a crazy, awesome, loud, lovable girl, impossible not to be smiling when around her. She lights up the entire room when she comes in, the greatest friend you will ever have!

I'm gonna name my daughter Amelia one day, I also like Paige, so shell be Amelia Paige.. (Whatever my last name will be)

Amelia is my first name and everyone keeps telling me it's a beautiful name

I love having this name I think it's so different to normal girls names I get called meme, Flossy, Meles
Shout out to all the Amelia's out there Wohoo.

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39 Avery

My name is Avery, and while it's getting more popular with younger kids, I've always loved it! People think it's beautiful, and since it wasn't very common when I was born, I never had to deal with anyone getting confused over having the same name. I was also usually the first girl people met with that name!

It happens to be my name and I love it! It's not very popular and I've gotten so many compliments for my name. It could also work as a boy's name.

Love this name from the very first time I heard it... My next child girl or boy will have this name whether it will be the first or middle name is the question

Very pretty name for a girl!

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40 Brittany

My best friends name! She is so sweet and I love the spelling of it this way!

I love that name its cool

Awesome! You could call her Britt for short.


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