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381 Ariel

Cutest name of all time. There is a girl whose name is ARIEL because she is a MERMAID from some '80s Disney cartoon movie since she had red hair. - kristyrosepetal4

I LOVE this name it is beautiful and I absolutely love it. I think it suits girls with black hair

382 Kerrie

It rocks! I love it

383 Erin

My name is Erin and I am one of only three people called Erin in the school! This makes it unique and my friends think that its really elegant and matches my personality! Having a unique name is good as it makes it all the more special to you and people will remember your name and face above others!

Erin is my sister's name and I love her so much. It also means Ireland in Gaelic an Irish language. Any way I love the name Erin!

Erin is my name and I'm the only person on my grade named Erin witch makes it vary unique and cute and it makes me special

My names Erin and there's only 2 people called that in the hole school

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384 Yvette V 1 Comment
385 Devin
386 North
387 Praise
388 Louisa V 1 Comment
389 Lorelei
390 Suzie

My wife's name. It is so beautiful and is great when whispered to her.

391 Georgia

Georgia means worker of the land. It is a beautiful, graceful name that you don't come across often and when you do you never forget the name or the person. This is a sweet name but can also be powerful and confident.

Georgia is such a hot name! They are so powerful and confident! If you wanna have a queen, name her Georgia!

They will always believe to achieve

The hottest ones

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392 Virginia

That's my name! I really like it. I think I will make a book with a girl with this name in it.
It's like the state in the US! Virginia. Just sounds perfect.
I hope this goes in the top ten names!

I have this name, in French. Virginie
I love it more in English then in French. It's like the name Caroline. I love Carolyn but I hate Caroline

393 Joanne

Joanne is a cool name. I wish it was my middle name.

394 Althea
395 Abbi

This is my name and I think it has an unusual spelling for Abbie/Abbey/Abby

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396 Monica

This is my name it means (adviser) which is technically why I do I give people advice I love my name and to me it is the best name I could ever have. Better the the name tomorrow this name represents beautiful people like me and like every other monica.

This is my name and I love it!
It's so cute name and so many nickname for this name my friends call me mink or mony love it this name have a lot of people and the people are beautiful funny cute smart happines and all of the good thinks this name a lot to me because it's my mom name and it's my name and it will be my daughter name... This name is unique and for me it's the 1 place! And for this name I have only 1 word BEAUTIFUL I hope to all of Monica's happines to their live LOVE YOU

397 Betty

My name...I go back and forth on whether or not I should just change it.

Betty is ghetto

398 Ashlyn
399 Reyna

I love this name and I am SHOCKED it's not higher

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400 Jordyn

I love this name it's my name.

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