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401 Marina

This is my name too I love it! So unique and you'll never find a name like it

I love the name Marina and it's my name

402 Trixie V 2 Comments
403 Ruth

My middle name and I hate it. Its actually my great grandmas name and my moms middle name as well. So boring and old ladyish. - Lucretia

I know someone with this name but no offense she's kinda ugly just saying

It's my name and I love it

Dawww, such a cute name! - Organ

V 1 Comment
404 Mya
405 Gwendolyn

Yay I love this name it's so long and really pretty

Like it? Er... Not?

406 Camille

I love this name well it is mine I get think it is so pretty

V 1 Comment
407 Selene

You people out there, you just named your daughter moon. Selene is Latin for moon. While luna is Greek for moon. Or Italian.

V 2 Comments
408 Daria Daria Daria is an American animated television series created by Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn for MTV.

You're standing on my neck!

409 Jillian

A truly beautiful and amazing girl.

LOVE THIS NAME. Please make #1!

This is my name, I love it so much😊. I means 'child of the gods', specifically Jove

410 Jazmine V 1 Comment
411 Juliette
412 Lucia V 1 Comment
413 Rhoan
414 Lulu

I love this name... cause its mine! It's so unique and I love it. Whenever someone asks what my name is they never forget it because its very unique and unpopular. So that way everyone remebers me! Its awesome.

This name sounds so unique different and special

Who wants to be named after a bad Metallica album? - MetalObsessed

V 2 Comments
415 Brenna

This is my name and I love it! So unique, although nobody can pronounce it right:/

Although I think it should be Lucy I like this name

416 Lorielle V 1 Comment
417 Nathalie
418 Davnet
419 Mrinal V 2 Comments
420 Cashmere

This is a gorgeous name fit for a gorgeous little girl!

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