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421 Lucia V 1 Comment
422 Rhoan
423 Lulu

I love this name... cause its mine! It's so unique and I love it. Whenever someone asks what my name is they never forget it because its very unique and unpopular. So that way everyone remebers me! Its awesome.

This name sounds so unique different and special

Who wants to be named after a bad Metallica album? - MetalObsessed

V 2 Comments
424 Brenna

This is my name and I love it! So unique, although nobody can pronounce it right:/

Although I think it should be Lucy I like this name

425 Lorielle V 1 Comment
426 Nathalie
427 Davnet
428 Mrinal V 2 Comments
429 Cashmere

This is a gorgeous name fit for a gorgeous little girl!

430 Daniel

Isn't it a boys name?

Danielle is a girl not Daniel

It's another spelling for Danielle

It's Not A Boy name It's Pronounced: Daniel, Not Danuel

431 Buttercup

It is a sweet name and if I had a baby I would call her that.

V 4 Comments
432 Tayla
433 Mellisa

This is my name and I think it is a great name but I normally get called Mel for short.

V 2 Comments
434 Jessie

This name is my name and a lot of people are name Jessie

Love this - it's so cute!

435 Jasa

Its new and my name.. It's a weird name that sounds weird.. Is Jasa (jay sa)..

436 Melegan Mae
437 Caddy

Such a cute and unique name!

438 Lisa

This is my name though not popular in my area so it is special to me

My name :) only ever met a couple other lisa's throughout my life.

Should be higher - Organ

Beautiful name and pretty popular... I love this namw

439 Zhallana

Even though it's a very pretty name

V 1 Comment
440 Anabella

I just like it, come on please thumbs up if you think Anabella is a pretty name for at least a little cute girl that's like about 4 or 9 years old... Don't you think?

A girl in my class when I was young was name like that. She was beautiful and hot. She was Asiatic (Japanese). She spoke English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish, German and Russian. She was amazing. But now, she became my wife.

That's the best name :-) I called my daughter Annabell :-)

Reminds me of a creepy glass China doll

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