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441 Ophelia

Isn't this name from that annoying song? 😝

442 Claudia
443 Beth

Beth is a lovely name
I really like it

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444 Rita

My name is Jillian Rita, I love it and hate it

445 Shelby

That is my sisters name the name sounds like a very smart kind person

This is my name and I am proud of it

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446 Elodie
447 Summer

Lol My Name Is Summer And I Absolutely HATE Summer

I love this name because it is mine

It reminds me of the character on Henry hugglemonster who always sings and has this name. I hate her.

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448 Carolyn
449 Camilla

This is my daughter's name. She is beautiful, intelligent and extremely enchanting. It's a feminine yet independent sounding name just like her.

Beautiful elegant and exotic. Also more unique compared to Ashley or jessica

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450 Maya

What a cool name! It sounds very strong willed, and willing to stick to a code that they commit themselves to.

Best name ever so elegant and sweet

This is my second favorite name!

This name could have so many personalities to it and its short but sweet

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451 Ellen

I heart this name by the way it is 1 whole name and it me name!

Ellen is the Top 1 Most BEAUTIFUL name in the universe!

Beautiful than all other names

Even heard of Ellen's talk show? - playstationfan66

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452 Lorraine

Lorraine chapman is our teacher she is awesome. Why wouldn't you want a girl named Lorraine it's the most thoughtful name in the world.

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453 Miranda

This name is a cheerful cool name and you can name your girl after the actor miranda cosgrove!

Finally, I found my name... All the way down here.

454 Taeyeon V 1 Comment
455 Tori

Love it. It's not too snooty

I love this name! It's for a girl or guy and your probably cute and funny if this is your name! It's also after the name Thor and he is a boss avenger! :D

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457 Kyra V 1 Comment
458 Jasmin

I know a baby who's named Yasmine

459 Abbie

Finally, been looking for my name in sooo long! X

460 Andromeda

Such a beautiful name! When I hear it I think of stars

LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's my favorite name.

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