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41 Jayda

This is my name and it's really pretty and meaningful! There are no celebrities, cartoon characters, or sitcom characters with the same name spelling as me. Please tell me if this is your name. - JHLover321

It's my name, it is a cool, different name that not many people have it.

I know a lot of people with this name.

Best name ever

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42 Peyton

Peyton is such a beautiful and pretty name! I think this should be number 1! It is not a common name but it should be because it sounds beautiful. I think Payton should be the name for boys and Peyton should be the name for girls. It is definitely my favourite name! I think this name is the best name for girls with long blonde hair and hazel/brown eyes!

Peyton is such a beautiful name! I wish that my name was Peyton

My friends name is peyton

This is my name! :) But I am disappointed that it is number 29 on the worst names list. :(

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43 Tiffany

"The name is TIFFANY, like member SNSD Tiffany Hwang! I Like Her!

How could you not love this name? It sounds sweet and cute yet sophisticated, intelligent yet pretty! Why not!

My friend's name is Tiffany, and I love her, and her name. It's just so fitting. Like clothes, it's one of those names that is comfy. Not too tight/annoying, and not too loose, it's just right. A pretty name, for some pretty girls.

I am Tiffany-Susan Stephanie Chesteropolis! I don't know why my parents chose such an awesome name for me, but I love it! My mother is called Josephine and my sister Bridget. I also love the name camilla but Tiffany is the best

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44 Annabella

I'm gonna be the first to comment about Annabelle because it is a sweet calming name. Plus who has two names in one? If you hear Annabelle it sounds so nice and gentle. Think about it.

My names Anna and I think I would like to be called Annabelle because it's just the perfect name for a little girl

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45 Scarlett

It's a nice name to have, I all was have thought of a color when I hear that name, and I sounds nice to say also it sound like someone you want to be around such a good person to have as a friend and as a wife or maybe a girl friend.

I have that name, I am 12. My sister loves the colour red and so I am pleased that my name is a colour. It is SO unique, I just love my name.

Scarlet is an unique name!
I just love that name
I like that name because I've never heard that name before but my 2nd (baby) cousin she's so cute!

This name remindes me of many things, I think of Scarlett from Gone With the Wind, I think of The Scarlett letter, I think of Scarlett Johansson

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46 Juliet

Beautiful name. And wouldn't it be sweet if she met a little Romeo...


This is my sisters name, but spelled differently (Juliette). She wasn't named after Shakespeare's story. I think it's a beautiful name!

That you were romeo you were throwing pebbles and my daddy said stay away from juliet! And I was crying on the staircase begging you please don't go...

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47 Roxanne

This is my name and I really love it. It is a pretty sounding name and unique. If you want a name that stands out this is a good choice.

My best friend is called roxanne and we all call her rosy she's so awesome and not scared of anything she's so awesome

This is really not a pretty sounding name to me.

I just think it is crazy exotic! Love the idea!

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48 Sophia

My sister has this name it's amazing and it means wisdom and almost every Sophia I know is smart including my sister it's very cute and unique

I love that name so so so so so so much! My sisters name is Sophia and I just love saying it!

Sophia is much better than Sophie and means wisdom in Greek.

The name Sophia sounds just right. I can't explain it.

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49 Dawn

Omigod I love this name if anyone is reading this and their name is Dawn be proud- you have an awesome name. It's cool because it's historic, futuristic, and it's sounds cool in like, every language. And it's and awesome prefix OR suffix for a warrior name :3

I love this name because you could totally make the name into a warrior cats name

I absolutely love this name

I know a girl called Dawn I think it's a really cute name

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50 Anna

This is the name my parents gave me when I was adopted. I used to want a cooler name, when I realized that I loved my name. Anna sounds adventurous, shy, smart, and energetic. I now love my name and would not want to be called anything else. My name is also a symbol of my parents love for me when they adopted me. They chose me, they chose my name.

Anna means grace and one from Frozen means she loves summer (winter sometimes) actually obviously I love Frozen - FireLove

I love this name because it is the name of my favorite singers name Anna graceman

Beautiful and timeless - Organ

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51 Holly

Holly is one of my favourite names it is a beautiful name! Just say it it sounds beautiful. Holly means bush with red berries. I think the name Holly is the best name for straight blonde haired girls with blue eyes!

I love the name holly because it is my name and it is the most best name ever

Holly and tessa are the most lovely names I think

Holly is the name of my daughter. - Sausagelover99

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52 Sadie

This is my sweet cats name! - NightmareIsHere_

My name is sadie! Yay!

My best mates name and she is gorge xx

53 Jiselle

Bad name girl friend



54 Makayla

My name is makayla everyone loves my name at school and spell same way

My name's makayla but spelt way different love it fun to say and it means gift from God!

This is my name it's the best name ever you seriously can't have a better name and there's like no one with this name so it's super special... =}

Nicknames-Mac, Big Mac Burger, MacKenzie, Kenz, Kenzie, Kenna, MacKenna, Ken, Akay, Okay, Ok, Ma KK, Ma, Mama, Mommy, Mackie, Mickey, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Kay, Kay Jewellers, Mary Kay Fashion, Mary, Marie, Katy, Katy Perry, Kayla, Kale, Kayls, Kaleidoscope, Lettuce, Ayla, Ay, Hey, Hey is For Horses, McDonalds, McCree, It's High Noon. Your so lucky Makaylas because u have a lotto good nicknames đź’•Directioner42

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55 Anastasia

I don't like this name only because my sister's name is Anastasia and she is a pain in the ass

This is my name and I love it!

I don't like it because it was the girl name that bullied me I think Miracle is a beautiful name

I like this name because it is part of Cinderella and I absoulutly love it.

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56 Melody

Hey hey yay my name is melody and I love it but it is the absolute best name ever so cool yes yes yay and I'm nine 9 and this is so cool

I was about to be named Melody. It is a cute name but sounds like the parents are trying to hard to be unique.

Like music! I love music

Melody Pond!

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57 Elle

Gorgeous name! Sophisticated and yet cute! Suits someone elegant, funny and lively! Love this Name because its my own! Could be short for Elizabeth too!

Elle is the shorter version of Danielle, Isabelle or Gabrielle. Elle is used once by Ashlee Hewitt in the 2010 film, Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale (Screen Media Films). Elle!? She is a princess. - playstationfan66

This is a mean girl in my grade's name, but still a nice name.

Pair it with Regina and It makes Regina Elle really good name

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58 Skylar

It is my name and it is very unique I don't know anybody else with the name Skylar I'm 9.

I know a mean girl and a kind girl named skylar

My name is skylar and I love it so much!

This is a lovely name

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59 Angelica

I love the name angelica because for short you can call it angel if I had a little girl these are the names what are at the top of the list of course angelica lilyah casie daisy Libby rose Evie Niamh or Heidi

My name is angelica! I like the name Angelica because I you don't say the last three letters you would have angel like the one in the sky!

Angelina pickles ain't no Angel (rugrats) but still like it in a stupid way


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60 Robin
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