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61 Angelica

I love the name angelica because for short you can call it angel if I had a little girl these are the names what are at the top of the list of course angelica lilyah casie daisy Libby rose Evie Niamh or Heidi

My name is angelica! I like the name Angelica because I you don't say the last three letters you would have angel like the one in the sky!

Angelina pickles ain't no Angel (rugrats) but still like it in a stupid way

My name is Angelica! I just love that name! πŸ˜†

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62 Robin
63 Clara

She's my friend's name! She bumped me in 2nd grade but for some reason it lasted for 2 years - Hanasaki

Ah literally this name is almost like Claire and not clair

My friends called Clara

Clara is an awesome name! reminds me of clara schummann, who was a successful female concert pianist in the 1800s. clara means bright.

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64 Maddie

I think that is a very cute name I heard that and that Maddie means confident but I'm not really sure if that's true or not

My name is so awesome

That's my name its spelled right to

Reminds me of Maddie Ziegler

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65 Aria

So pretty!
It reminds me of Aria Montgomery from the T.V. show Pretty Little Liars!
I love it!
It's going to be my future daughter's name, along with Alison and Emma!

Aria is such a beautiful name. It sounds mystical. I would have loved this name instead of my name.

Aria is a great unique name that has a touch that made me vote for it.

Love it - natalily

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66 Sapphire

I think sapphire is a beautiful name for one of my daughters if I ever will have more than one daughter.

I am in love with this name. Not only is it a name but it's a gem stone and a color.

Love this name my fave cousin is called this


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67 Faith

I feel like in the future I'd name my daughter Faith, it's a beautiful yet reassuring name, like 'Always have Faith' it's just so beautiful.

If someone is named this I feel that somehow they are trustworthy and loyal Such a beautiful name. I wish it was my name! :D

I know someone with the name faith they are so funny so cute and will turn out to be the nicest person!

My Cousin's Middle name is this,it fits her so well.i love it!

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68 Hope

Amazing name. Beautiful, with a hint of life even in the darkest hours.

I love the poem hope is the thing with feathers so I really like that name

This is my name I kind of wish that I had a darker name but I like my name it is pretty but it is anoying 'cause it's a word and my friends are always like I HOPE HOPE has a HOPEFUL birthday and I HOPE she gets what she HOPES for

This is my middle name It is cool

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69 Rochelle

It's a beautiful, classy, and elegant name. It grows with age: It sounds beautiful on a child, sounds mature enough for an adult, and sticks with you when you're old. One of my favorite female names. - Turkeyasylum

That's my name and I think it is really pretty!

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70 Katherine

I did a book, And the main characters' names are Megan, Claire, Hannah and Katherina. *Nearly* Katherine. Some other names I used:

I love this name (because it's my name! ) but I spell it a "classier" way - Catherine. I know this sounds selfish, but I seriously love my spelling more. I haven't met anyone outside of my family that spells it the way I spell it

My name is Katherine and I love it but I go by Kate I think I wall use Kate till like 18 but than I will go by Katherine it sound more grown up and mature

That is my name and I ❀️It

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71 Ava

My name is Ava and I love it! Its rare and filled with personality and happiness...

I love this name so much, also because it is my name.

This name is so pretty, its like the sound of nature almost.

Ava is a beautiful and international name. In Germany it mins christmas eve, a pretty bird and in Iran it means voice and sound. My name is Ava as well. Ciao, Adios, Asta la vista.

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72 Katy

It sounds fantastic and very successful you can predict she is going to be very girls

Katy is the name of my child and it is such a nice name. I love it and has a great ring to it. Reminds me of beautiful

There is a outlet mall located in Houston which goes by the name of Katy Mills (located in Katy, Texas). - playstationfan66

Yeah, Katy Perry haha... ;P - Righteous

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73 Ellie

Ellie is such a cool name! It has to be in the top tens seriously in the future its gonna be famous!

I love the name Ellie it is a cute nickname.

I would name my baby this, it's so cute, and adult-like at the same time.

I love the name Ellie becouas it's my name

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74 Maddy

I like your name

Maddy is my nickname so it is Awesome.

I love the name Maddy. Mine is Maddie I think it's better spelled Maddie it sounds more elegant mines short for Madeleine (MAD-EL-EN)

I love this name so much! I wish I was Maddy - lovefrombadlands

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75 Jenette

It's my mother's beautiful name

76 Michaela

My name's Michaela spelt different but worlds coolest name it makes me cool

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77 Samantha

That's my name!
It's a perfect name!
If you're a tomboy (like me) you can go by Sam or Sammi
If you're not you can stay Samantha.

My name is Sanantha! I go by Sam, Sammi, and Samantha. It should be higher on the list. It's beautiful.

That's still my name! I and others Samanthas are awesome!

I like it

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78 Sydney

My best best 1 friend in the whole worlds name is Sydney so I like it

I love this name it is so unique and after Sydney Australia, The PERFECT name for a girl.

That's my name! I love my name so much! It's so pretty and I just really like it!

Sydney is my name! I love my name! 😁 - Unicorns

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79 Violet

Beautiful name! It's old school but still very cool! I love it and of course it is my daughter 's name!

Gorgeous name love it

Violet is the name of a kid in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. - FinnsWorld

This is my favourite name it just reminds me of wonderful times

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80 Shayna

I love this name, I've never heard it before but today I saw the name Shayna it looked beautiful and also it sounds like an Irish sound and Chinese and Asian. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS NAME!

My name is Shayna, only ever met one other. I have received complements on it my entire life. It grew with me as I aged. The name means "beautiful" and butterfly".

I know a Shayna she is from New Zealand it's a beautiful name

My classmate's name is Shayna :D

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