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61 Faith

I feel like in the future I'd name my daughter Faith, it's a beautiful yet reassuring name, like 'Always have Faith' it's just so beautiful.

If someone is named this I feel that somehow they are trustworthy and loyal Such a beautiful name. I wish it was my name! :D

I know someone with the name faith they are so funny so cute and will turn out to be the nicest person!

My Cousin's Middle name is this,it fits her so well.i love it!

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62 Victoria

I absolutely ADORE the name Victoria, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that it was in place 100. If any Victorious fans out there hear about this, they will SCREAM, I mean who doesn't love the name! Tori Vega is one of my heroes, so please leave comments and vote!

I like the meaning of this one, it means victorious (hard to guess wasn't it? lol) - Musicallyobsessed

Soon after Victorious was canceled for three seasons, Victoria Justice went to bigger roles. - playstationfan66

Victoria is my name and I love my name because it is unique. I was accually happy to find my name in this place because that means that won't be as common and who wants to have a common name? Not me!

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63 Rochelle

It's a beautiful, classy, and elegant name. It grows with age: It sounds beautiful on a child, sounds mature enough for an adult, and sticks with you when you're old. One of my favorite female names. - Turkeyasylum

That's my name and I think it is really pretty!

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64 Anastasia

I don't like this name only because my sister's name is Anastasia and she is a pain in the ass

This is my name and I love it!

I don't like it because it was the girl name that bullied me I think Miracle is a beautiful name

I like this name because it is part of Cinderella and I absoulutly love it.

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65 Scarlett

It's a nice name to have, I all was have thought of a color when I hear that name, and I sounds nice to say also it sound like someone you want to be around such a good person to have as a friend and as a wife or maybe a girl friend.

I have that name, I am 12. My sister loves the colour red and so I am pleased that my name is a colour. It is SO unique, I just love my name.

Scarlet is an unique name!
I just love that name
I like that name because I've never heard that name before but my 2nd (baby) cousin she's so cute!

Yay, it's my name - Puppytart

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66 Katy

It sounds fantastic and very successful you can predict she is going to be very girls

Katy is the name of my child and it is such a nice name. I love it and has a great ring to it. Reminds me of beautiful

There is a outlet mall located in Houston which goes by the name of Katy Mills (located in Katy, Texas). - playstationfan66

Yeah, Katy Perry haha... ;P - Righteous

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67 Ava

My name is Ava and I love it! Its rare and filled with personality and happiness...

I love this name so much, also because it is my name.

This name is so pretty, its like the sound of nature almost.

Ava is a beautiful and international name. In Germany it mins christmas eve, a pretty bird and in Iran it means voice and sound. My name is Ava as well. Ciao, Adios, Asta la vista.

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68 Ellie

Ellie is such a cool name! It has to be in the top tens seriously in the future its gonna be famous!

I love the name Ellie it is a cute nickname.

I would name my baby this, it's so cute, and adult-like at the same time.

I love the name Ellie becouas it's my name

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69 Maddy

I like your name

Maddy is my nickname so it is Awesome.

I love the name Maddy. Mine is Maddie I think it's better spelled Maddie it sounds more elegant mines short for Madeleine (MAD-EL-EN)

I love this name so much! I wish I was Maddy - lovefrombadlands

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70 Jenette

It's my mother's beautiful name

71 Michaela

My name's Michaela spelt different but worlds coolest name it makes me cool

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72 Sydney

My best best 1 friend in the whole worlds name is Sydney so I like it

I love this name it is so unique and after Sydney Australia, The PERFECT name for a girl.

That's my name! I love my name so much! It's so pretty and I just really like it!

Sydney is my name! I love my name! 😁 - Unicorns

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73 Violet

Beautiful name! It's old school but still very cool! I love it and of course it is my daughter 's name!

Gorgeous name love it

Violet is the name of a kid in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. - FinnsWorld

This is my favourite name it just reminds me of wonderful times

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74 Shayna

I love this name, I've never heard it before but today I saw the name Shayna it looked beautiful and also it sounds like an Irish sound and Chinese and Asian. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS NAME!

My name is Shayna, only ever met one other. I have received complements on it my entire life. It grew with me as I aged. The name means "beautiful" and butterfly".

I know a Shayna she is from New Zealand it's a beautiful name

My classmate's name is Shayna :D

75 McKenzie

You think it's a a awesome pretty name!

Because Its Nice Name

My friend's surname is mckenzie but I can't see this name as a first name

This name reminds me about dance mom

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76 Hope

Amazing name. Beautiful, with a hint of life even in the darkest hours.

I love the poem hope is the thing with feathers so I really like that name

This is my name I kind of wish that I had a darker name but I like my name it is pretty but it is anoying 'cause it's a word and my friends are always like I HOPE HOPE has a HOPEFUL birthday and I HOPE she gets what she HOPES for

This is my middle name It is cool

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77 Samantha

That's my name!
It's a perfect name!
If you're a tomboy (like me) you can go by Sam or Sammi
If you're not you can stay Samantha.

My name is Sanantha! I go by Sam, Sammi, and Samantha. It should be higher on the list. It's beautiful.

That's still my name! I and others Samanthas are awesome!

I like it

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78 Brianna

I love this nam because its awesome

This is a very great name meaning strong and honorable! This is my name and I love it!

This is my girlfriend's name so I had to vote for it

Yeah Boi

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79 Caitlin

This should be in the top ten just because it's so much prettier then Kaitlyn. Just saying

It was wonderful it means a beautiful pretty talented dancer and so it the most beautiful girl on earth and she is prefect

My name is Caitlin and it is so nice to see this spellin be so popular considering I have gotten "Kaitlyn" on so many birthday cards throughout my life!

I have a friend named Caitlin! Here's her info:
Personality: Girlish
Color: Pink
Year: 2006 Dog
Lucky Color/Number: Pink, no. 1

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80 Maddie

I think that is a very cute name I heard that and that Maddie means confident but I'm not really sure if that's true or not

My name is so awesome

That's my name its spelled right to

Reminds me of Maddie Ziegler

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