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81 Alexis

My name is Alexis and I love it my nickname is Ally or Alex or Lexi or lex and it is of Greek origin and it means defender it can also be used as a boys name but I think it's a unique and beautiful name

Alexis is a very awesome name

Alexis is my best friend's name and I think it is so pretty and her nickname is Ali

It's my name

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82 Caroline

It's my name. But I really wish I was named Anastasia or Natalia or something you could say with an accent. And I really don't look like a Caroline. I know people who do, just not me.

Caroline is a super cute name, like the girl from the animated movie "Caroline"! Suits any kind of girl, a cool girl, sweet girl, it's just awesome

Caroline is a normal name, yes it is. But why do you think it's one of the least favorite. Why does no one think of it? That's what people should change on this world.

My name is Caroline! I think it is really a great name!

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83 Crystal

It's a beautiful name, named after a glorious, expensive kind of Jewel that any person would love and adore. I think it suits any girl's name, baby, child, tween, teenager, adult, senior citizen, it's perfect for any girl. It's a beautiful feminine name.

Crystal is a beautiful name, except there used to be a girl in my school, but she got bullied for her appearance and the way she spoke. Her parents didn't teach her how to speak, and everyone said she looked ugly. Whenever someone would touch her, it was like the Cheese Touch. They would touch someone else and say "Crystal germs" and same went with her two younger sisters. I think they were just horrible to her, but I love the name Crystal. x

Crystal is such a special name if your a star it's just right 4 u

Crystal is a lady like name and should be first I love it and I think nearly every who ever else deos

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84 Sapphire

I think sapphire is a beautiful name for one of my daughters if I ever will have more than one daughter.

I am in love with this name. Not only is it a name but it's a gem stone and a color.

Love this name my fave cousin is called this


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85 Raquel

Just imagine a beautiful, confident, sensual and exotic brunette. So passionate and so strong! Be careful with your heart.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this name. It's a VERY SENSUAL, ALLURING, and SEXY name which can't help but
EXUDE CONFIDENCE in ANY Female fortunate enough to share the name, like Raquel Welch and Moi. I WOULDN'T change my name for All the money in the WORLD!

I think Raquel should be in the top 5

What a neat name. I like it

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86 Serenity

Serenity is such a pretty name I love it I know a 3year old who's named Serenity she is so cute little hands little feet and if you looked at her you wouldn't be able to keep a straight face you would always laugh

That's my name it is very unique and special I feel like I deserve to give my parents something big for naming me Serenity

So pretty! Beautiful name

Such a Beautiful name. Like for mermaids or fairys and other beautiful creatures. Sooo BEAUTIFUL!

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87 Katherine

I did a book, And the main characters' names are Megan, Claire, Hannah and Katherina. *Nearly* Katherine. Some other names I used:

I love this name (because it's my name! ) but I spell it a "classier" way - Catherine. I know this sounds selfish, but I seriously love my spelling more. I haven't met anyone outside of my family that spells it the way I spell it

My name is Katherine and I love it but I go by Kate I think I wall use Kate till like 18 but than I will go by Katherine it sound more grown up and mature

That is my name and I ❤️It

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88 Maddi

Massive to me is nicer but it's pronounced the same way so it's cool

Great name easy to say to one of my favourite names

It's a lovely name, cute for a little girl but also cool for a women. Another way to spell it if it's a nickname is to spell it with one D

I don't know y bit I really like this name

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89 Valeria

I love that named because is my named

Valeria definition: Brave and courageous

That just sounds mean

Here yah go! Ver Very, Very Berry Flavored Chapstick, Lip Gloss, Lippy Lips, Lips, Luppy, Luppo, Lobo, Bolo, Bowling, Puppy, Puppo, Doggo, Vase, My Moms Old Vase, I Broke My Moms Old Vase, Vale, Sale, The Mall, Earrings, Claire's, LR, Sailboat, Ocean, I Got A Gift In The Mail, LRy, LRyr, Valerie, Calories, Allery, Allard, Mallard

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90 Rebecca

It is my name. I just Love it! :)
Every Rebecca I have met are very smart and beutiful with
A strong character. I wouldn't change my name in a million years!

Rebecca means Captivating and every Rebecca I have ever met is, which includes myself. The name is timeless and comes from the Hebrew, Rebekah. I am so glad my father named me, because my mother wanted to name me Rachel, which is also beatiful, but Rebecca is just so...lovely to say. Thanks Dad.

Its a beautiful name and its mine as well so its an amazing name,

Girls boi

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91 Bianca

This is my name! I like it because it sounds so beautiful!

My name is Bianca B I love my name its stylish and put together I would say it! I just love my name!

Its bae and I love it


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92 Alyssa

My name's Alyssa so it makes sense. Plus it means something special my mom told me, but I don't know what it is. I guess whoever guessed their name is a genius because that's why everyone does anyways. So now that I think of it, what is so special about mine or anyone else's name like really?

It's a wonderful name it's so creative and beautiful and it's my name I hope it will climb to number one one day and when it does ill be waiting

It's my name so it's important to me. It's not like I'm one of those people who comments their name, but I just think it's nice. But if you say it over again it will start to sound weird

My best friends name is this it should be in 1st or at least 2nd!

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93 Leah

There's a girl at school named Leah, and she's really mean, but my friends moms middle name is Leah, so when I write stories, she always says, "name it Leah." And I say, "but that's a mean name! " Then I realized it wasn't a mean name, it's a nice name, but some people can be mean if their name is Leah.

Love it so much, adorable (: I want my girl to be named this (: it's just so cute!

I love the name Leah, and I think it should rank number 5 on the list. It's my cousin's name and she also told me her name meant wild cow!

I love this name also, my name is Lia. - lovefrombadlands

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94 Chloe

It is a beautiful name! It means fresh young blossom. The sound of it is amazing. This is the best name for girls with shiny, light brown hair and blue eyes! Chloe

I like the name chloe and my name is chloe and I would put it up at number 1 or 2 its a beautiful name my mom and dad didn't know what to name me so they were going to name my olivia but then they named me chloe I love my name so much.

This is a very pretty name and also my name is Chloe. I think this name should be number one but... And also I wish my name was spelled like Khloe to stand out a little more but you can't always get what you want. !

I like the name a lot and I'm going to use it in a story I'm writing.

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95 Madeline

I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline! (I was singing). This is the name of the 1939 heroine Madeline in case you never heard of it. I will plan this name for my kid when I'm "all grown up".

Its cool calm and the type of name that can be girly and tomboyish

I don't like this spelling of it that much but still a nice name

I will kill you if you put my name least. I am prettty I am fancy. and I am just like amy the hegehog

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96 Sadie

This is my sweet cats name! - NightmareIsHere_

My name is sadie! Yay!

My best mates name and she is gorge xx

97 Natalia

This name is beautiful and graceful. And I agree this name should be at the top not Natalie.

No one on earth cares

Love this name, it my name and I love it!

This name should be at the top NOT Natalie this name knocks that name right out of the water! Natalia is much prettier! So come on Why is Natalie not in the top ten its all the back in the 90s that's ridiculous! And I am not only saying this because it's my name and I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY DISSOPOINTED!


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98 Mackenzie

My friend is named Mackenzie and she is very kind and hyper. It's a very pretty name, it should be higher up.

Mackenzie is the best name in the world and I think it should be first

I don't know what this name means, But a person call me by this name & it sounds good - Righteous

My BFF Is Named MAckenzie And I Envy Her I Love Her Name

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99 Angel

I love this name, it's such a pretty name. Angels are pure and kind, like most of the people with this name

I like the name Angel cause it reminds me of someone really nice, friendly, caring and pretty. As well as someone who has a golden heart

This name is sweet but it reminds me of heaven which reminds me of death...

My name is angel although I wanted to be called angela because as u know angel is the masculine version which just makes me hate it even more but oh well u get what you get I'm stuck with it forever. I'll get used to it one day hopefully but for now...

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100 Astrid
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