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101 Cassandra

I like this name. Maybe because of The Sims.

This is my name and it means she who entangles herself in men and isn't listened to, because of the Greek prophetess from troy.
I can't stand it, hence why I'm here to change my name.

My sisters name

Cassandra is kind of a ugly name for a girl but this is just my opinin

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102 Desiree
103 Jasmine

In my opinion I am in love with the name jasmine because that is my 2 year old daughter's name

It is a really really pretty name and all the guys keep yours eyes peeled for a jasmine she could be your princess

I love my name! It should be higher at #1, because It's the name of a flower, of a Disney Princess, and me

My name is Jasmine, I love it! It's like the easiest name to pronounce! But, some people ask me if there is an "e" in the end or not, and if it's spelled with a "z" or "s". But otherwise, I LOVE my name.

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104 Genesis

If you want your child to be named after a book or a gaming console, go right ahead.

Everyone just wants to ignore this name. Why? There is nothing wrong with it!

One of the best names of all time. I got myself a Sega Genesis classic game system for Christmas last year. This name has been used by Sega of America. - playstationfan66

I really do like the name Genesis:). Genesis is a very important book of the Bible.

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105 Cynthia

This name should be used WAY more often! - FinnsWorld

One of the best names on the earth!

It's my moms name...

is so cute - anonimous

106 Julia

I love this name. It just sounds so feminine.

The second character in my story. Julia Wilder, commonly called Jules.

Julia is an amazing name!

It's just so lovely

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107 Bella Donna

Belladonna is a better way of putting it.

This is a grotesque name!

Don't not like period.

What a stupid name! 😑 Can it just be Bella?! 😤😡

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108 Hazel

My favorite name for a dark hair beauty

This is my name I like it a lot. The name hazel doesn't have good nicknames though. the nicknames I get most often are; Hazey, zle (Z-ul), and basil also hazel-belle for some reason.

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109 Lacy

Sounds like a shy innocent classy name

Sounds like someone fun

That is my friends name

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110 Antonia

This is MY name. I think it's a beautiful name, well it's much more beautiful than the name Paige or Star. I think the name should be number 10 0n the list. I love it, but I would have preferred to be called Madeline or Emily

111 Danielle

Danielle is such a unique name. It a very beautiful name for a innocent little girl. Others names such as Emma or Natalie are so common these days. Go with something different!

This is the best name in the world! Why isn't it rated higher? Anyways, I love this name to death. I love names with "Elle" in it and it this is no exception! It is really pretty and beautiful and very uncommon, which is sad. I haven't came across too many girls named Danielle in my life, but I have met some. Let me tell you, every single Danielle I have met is gorgeous! I wish I met more! It always makes me think of a really pretty blonde girl, with blue eyes and a nice butt. They have really great, nice personalities and very romantic. It is very, very beautiful and pretty which makes me wonder why there aren't many girls named Danielle. I would love for this to be my future wife's name, with the description above except with a little bit more things added to it. Such a cute girl's name! :D - cadencr22

It just has so much personality and you can go with dani as a nick name or what not. Personally this is my favorite name and it should be number one because its so unique and unheard of in my school there's like three girls with the name danielle and I go to a school of 3, 000

Danielle is a beautyful name

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112 Kelsey

I love the name Kelsey. It's beautiful and has a ring to it that I just don't hear in other names. This name is beautiful and all its bearers are blessed and lucky.

I have a best friend with that name. I don't know why but I love that name.

Great name. If I were a girl I'd want this name.

(I'm not though lol) - ShyGuySwag

This is my name :P

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113 Paige

I think Paige is the best name. I have a friend named Paige and I think she is the perfect match for that name. The name Paige means Beautiful, Kind, passionate, loving, and caring for others. And that's why I think Paige is the best name

Paige is the best name! All the people who have this beautiful name, have a kind and lovely heart and personalty. It should be number one.

I think you should put it on because it's my middle name and my best friend first name

This I is my name I think that this name should be number one

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114 Leilani

This name is the best name ever. Its Hawaiian and is just so beautiful

Means heavenly flower, I'm so lucky to have a name like this! - princessbabypeach

Haha, from Animal Crossing New Leaf!

115 Abrena

Sounds like abs! Girls with ABS!?

Girl boo this name sucks


116 Rosemary

So beautiful it sounds so delicate

Love flower names, but Rosemary is one of my favorites

117 Lois

I have a friend name's Lois and its special. I mean not many people have it. Well yes lots of people do. But it's not like Sarah or Rachel, which is probably the most common names in this world, that's why so many people think it's the best. Think about other names and not only yours, it means something more than what people call you

I love this name there's is one person in my school called lois ( it's my sister ha )

The author Lois ruby


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119 Isabel

Isabel is my name and everyone loves it so don't hide it it's the best name ever let's vote up to the top

My sister, she is a wonderful person. I wish she was still here with me.

I think it's a cute, simple name, and FABULOUS name!

117?!?! 117?!?! This should be WAAY highe

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120 Veronica

The best name ever! It's my name. It sounds pretty & I like the way it looks.

I love this name, it is my sisters name, my family calls her a very good nickname.

Me - Lunala

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