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161 Piper

It's my name! I always get complements on it and its not super popular. Many people have named there kids Piper after meeting me.

Now some kid named Piper can get picked on like Peter Piper but if they are the other kids are calling them Peter Piper are just jealous

My name! I love it so much! It's unique and suits you if you're somewhat Irish.

Love this name if I ever get a chance to change my name it well be Piper

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162 Genevieve

Okay so my name is actually Genevieve and most commonly it is pronounced "Jen-a-vee-v" People sometimes say 'Jen-a-vee' and it really annoys me, but that's my own opinion.

Genevieve is so pretty my name is Genevieve and if your name is be proud

My friends older sister's name is Genevieve. =)

Sorry, but how do you even pronounce this? it's a nice name, but I need to know how it is pronounced. Apart from that, should be No. 6 at least x

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163 Ashlynn

You have the best name

This name is cute! =)

Means 'DREAM' in Irish

Adorable name yuss

164 Lena

My brother's girlfriend is named Lena, I love her so much, almost as much as he does. She is beautiful, just like her name

Very unique, if you have this name you should be proud

So feminine and ladylike simple and classy

Very lovely name!

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165 Constance

Constance is a classically beautiful name, with a medieval origin. It is very uncommon in modern times, so it would be unique and stand out in modern society. It does not mean "constant" in a negative way, but rather it means eternal, abiding, and everlasting. These qualities are sought after in people, because of the desire to have relationships that last. Cutsey names like Kimi, or Cindy, or Tami, are cute, but they tend to be trends that pass, like a current fad. I mean no offense to anyone with those names, after all you didn't choose it, but I really do think they are cute. Regardless, this is only my opinion anyway. I don't expect everyone to have the same one.

I don't think many people know about this name, but just because it's not voted number one on Twitter, doesn't mean it's a bad name.

My best friends full name has constance it's grace Constance

Jupi finally I hear my name

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166 Nicola
167 Bailey

Enough said, really REALLY pretty name

168 Christine

Its simply an awesome name, love it and think that it suits a beautiful girl

"Christine. CHRISTINE! " "Chriistiine" anyone else seems the phantom of the opera?

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169 Selina

I love this name so much because my baby's name selina

This name is cute.



170 Mikayla

My friend My kayaking is funny inappropriate but she is pretty cool.

Mikayla is the best name in the world I love my name

Hey A lot people says this name is so hot, and I agree with that, they even called Megan Fox as Mikayla in Transformers, am I right? Usually girls names starting with M is hot

My best friend name is Mikayla

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171 Trinety

I love this name for some reason it reminds me of a competition BUT I LOVE IT ANY WAYS

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172 Carla V 3 Comments
173 Cerina

Cerina is almost the most beautiful name to me

174 Arabella

Beautiful and princess like

175 Sasha

I've got a friend called sasha and she is beautiful

Sasha is an amazing name the best peoples names are Sasha

Old fashioned but hey cute enough

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176 Angela

I love all my fans peace I love everybody laugh out loud I just love my name I'm so thankful I'm 10 years old my instagram is @angelachamoun private I don't tell my fans I follow celebrity's my family and some of my friends and fans love you all Angela

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177 Kayla

Kayla should be first even though its common it is cute and it is my lovely sis name, I hate the name megan, I like most names beginning with k

The best name ever! It's my name and there is no name better!

My name is kayla and I love it and it is very unique and whoever does not like it that's your problem losers.

I love the name kayla because it's my name and anbody who doesn't like it is a hater

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178 Skye

I have got a sister called Skye and she is caring and pretty

The person I know name is skye and she is not my friend and she is a big fat liar why do people like this name?!?!?

! Skye is such a pretty name!

My name is skye

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179 Jezebel

This is my name friends call me Jez or bell and I'm emo so my Jezebel works and my boyfriend's in andi mack he's andi's crush he's kind of emo‚ô°

180 Cleo

Believe it or not my cat is called cleo and it has now become my fave name ever used to be lexy now its cleo love the name so much

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