My names Sophie and I wouldn't change my name for the world! I think Sophie is a very pretty name!

Dear Samantha, I am so sorry for your loss of your sister and your bunny. I know it must be hard for you. :( I know how close we get can to stuffed animals. One time, I threw up on a stuffed giraffe and we had to get rid of him. It's nothing compared to your story what your twin and all, but I somewhat know the pain. :( It gets better. RIP Sophie

My cousins name is Sofia and she is like a queen of the school but she still her name is so beautiful please and please vote for that man because if you have like a cousin or dad or mom whatever saying you have to pick the name Sophia forget about the father just mom dad took them stupid

My name is Sophia and everyone compliments me on my name it's such a good name and I had a teddy called Sophie lol I named my teddy after me and my friend that I fell out with told everyone about it when I was twelve and ripped it it like some one getting your heart and tearing it up

This name is so pretty! It's got like a zillion good things about it. It has so many nicknames and like only six letters so even and rich and floating like a fat cloud not saying that people named Sophie are fat I'm just saying it floats so nicely I wish this were my name love it ; )

This story is such as sad story but how Samantha portrays it is beautiful. Her story shows meaning to valuable that people have and people should respect reasons why individuals have things! Love the name?

That's such a sad story about Sophie your bunny. I am so sorry it happened to you. I have a stuffed animal that I've never been away from and I don't know what I would do if I lost that. I can't imagine how you feel. I will vote for Sophie. Sorry that happened to you.

I am so sorry for that school incident that happened with Sophie! I hope that dumb "popular" girl felt terrible about it when she found out what Sophie meant to you (I hope she did find out in the first place) I voted the name Sophie because of your story

It has a very feminine and attractive sound to it. When you hear the name Sophie, you just get a happy feeling all over your body. I love girls named Sophie. If I ever got an American daughter in my life, I would call her that.

It's just a beautiful name. It reminds me of blue skies and flowers and that kind of things, I don't really know why. Maybe because of the movie Mama Mia. If you haven't watched it, you should, it's a very nice film!

Sophie is my name and I think my name is so cool Ana awesome and I don't care if people think it is ugly just know what ever your name is it is beautiful

To: Samantha
I'm very sorry about your bunny. There is a very creepy coincidence between us though. My name is Sophie and I have a twin named Samantha who also died at birth. I also had a stuffed animal and I named it Samantha.(After my twin sister.) Then when I was in Grade 5, there was also a popular girl who flushed it down the toilet. I am not toying around with you, this was actually real. I'm just really creeped out now. I'm sorry about your stuffed bunny, once again.

My best friends name is Sophie. She is freakishly gorgeous and is extremely smart and nice. She is super optimistic and loves bright colors and the beach. I love her and the name!

To the girl with the stuffed bunny, your story is really heartwarming. I'm a twin sister and if she ever were to die I'd be heartbroken. I know she will die because we all do, but I know I'll suffer terribly.

I think Sophie is a lovely name, I have so many toys called Sophie and all the people I have met called Sophie are really nice so I love the name Sophia #LOVE

I hate this name because its too common, and I know an ignorant girl named Sophie. She is so rude.

That's my name! I love it because there are so many different nicknames people call you. Also, all Sophies I know are absolutely hilarious!

I don't extremely love the name Sophie I think it seems like a miss perfection name witch I don't like because no one is perfect

I think Sophie should be #1 because it is very pretty

My name is Sophie! I used to hate it and think it was boring, but people tell me all the time that I have the prettiest name

I love the name Sophie, its just so unique and also my sisters name is Sophie and I've always loved it (so jealous)

So the dramatic story girl needs votes for her stupid story

My name is Sophia, but either if it's Sophie or Sophia, both are such gorgeous names.

My name is Sophia and I love the nick names that go with it like "Soapy Soph Sofa" they are fun to say haha

I think Sophie would be a great name for all ages and the elegant ring would be perfect for a princess.