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Santana Lopez Santana Lopez is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. The character is portrayed by actress Naya Rivera, and has appeared in Glee from its pilot episode, first broadcast on May 19, 2009.

She unequivocally carried this show, and offered one of the first and most nuanced portrayals of a queer woman of color on primetime TV. She was so arresting that even though she basically started out as a background character, by the end of the series, she was really the only reason people were still watching Glee. Forever a badass queer Afro-Latinx queen.

She is the absolute best! Although the storyline mostly follows Rachel Berry, I think Santana Lopez is the true unsung hero of Glee. And, of course, to honor late Naya Rivera; you did so much for the world, and you will be missed.

Going from a background character to a fan favorite speaks to the depth her character was given throughout the 6 seasons. Santana highlighted the intricacies of the human condition and proved that the most flawed of characters still have heart. Naya's portrayal of Santana could not have been done by anyone else. She EASILY has the best voice and her one-liners made the show. Santana and Brittany provided 90% of the comedic relief in Glee and did so flawlessly. Put the two pretty cheerleaders together changed the opinions of so many people all over the world and I'll forever stand by that.

Thank you for inspiring queer teenagers. You were one of the first representations that I watched on TV. And you helped me through it all... RIP Naya Rivera

Kurt Hummel

Something about Kurt that I've always admired is his bravery and pride. He isn't afraid to be himself, and that's spoken to me, and a lot of people I know. His determination to not let the world get to him is inspiring and beautiful. He's always been one of the strongest characters on the show, persevering despite the horrendous bullying and showing that he is himself, he is always going to be himself, and that no one can tell him what he can or cannot do or become. He's been a symbol throughout the show of how being true to yourself is the best way to be, because lies are just that: a lie. And nothing is worth giving up the best person you could ever become just because someone tells you that you shouldn't, can't, or won't.

Kurt gives a certain realism to Glee. He holds himself higher than other because he knows he has more potential than other people give him credit for. He has sass and style, and he knows where he stands. He doesn't need to bring other people down, he puts them where they should really be. He, like Kurt said, is not a box. There are more than 6 sides to his personality. Although he has a main personality trait, you can often see many other sides to him.

He is the character who has probably gone through the most hardships (although most/all of the Glee kids went though troubles, it was extremely directed on him during Season 1 and 2), but still ended up in a pretty good place.

Plus, let's be real: Klaine is endgame.

Kurt is the best character on Glee. He's so diverse (being part of the Cheerios, football team the Titans, the Warblers and the New Directions). He is such an inspiration. He's shown to get over so many things that may push him back, whether it's dealing with the typical high school bully for being an open gay student or simply dealing with simple life challenges. Kurt is also an excellent role model. Although he may seem superficial at first glance with his witty and partially sarcastic comebacks and an eye for high fashion, Kurt has shown to have a heart of gold. He is such a caring and forgiving person. He was able to get over the fact that Dave made his life miserable by keeping the secret that Dave was a closeted gay, and still be there after Dave's suicide attempt, despite past actions.

And let's admit it. Klaine rules. =)

Kurt never hurt his friends. Kurt is so talented but still need a way to make his talents known by the world - something many of us do.
He is so versatile, talents in many ways (like I do) and very unpredictable. He has pride and his way of thinking show that. He will never be cheap. He's like diamonds and silk. He's the city Paris - luxurious and expensive but touchable. He's also sensitive and very kind - probably the kindest and most decent character on Glee, the one who always support his friends and be there when you need him, without ever expecting love in returns.
On 2nd note, Chris Colfer is like the most talented actor amongst Glee cast, (winning Golden Globe), most beloved by his fans (TCA and People's Choice Award 3 consecutive years in a row), very smart and brilliant (3 New York time's best seller books - The Land of Stories- and 3 upcoming books), and more.. and we can also see how he acts and sings in Glee. pure brilliance.

Blaine Anderson

He is super pretty and super talented. He did 4 live performances on the show unlike other cast members. Blaine has such a good heart and I ship his friendship with Tina and Sam so much.

Played by the most talented artist of Glee, Darren Criss. Blaine is just beautiful and wholesome. He is such a loving friend and the best boyfriend one can ask for.

Blaine Anderson is the best character on glee even though writers did a job on his character in the later seasons Blaine still comes out looking beautiful.

Played by the iconic Darren Criss, Blaine Anderson is the fan favourite. He is very handsome and a great and confident musician. He is extremely lovable.

Rachel Berry Rachel Barbra Berry is a fictional character and de facto female lead from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.

Rachel Barbra Berry is an ICON! Yes she could be obnoxious, arrogant and selfish. Yes she did some awful things. But so did almost every single character on this show. Glee is a comedy (even though it really should've been more of a drama) and the writers often made her do outlandish, crazy things just to cause drama and move the plot along. Her character development was constantly thrown into the trashcan, but we all know continuity was practically non-existent on this show. So, in real life, would I be friends with her? Probably not. But she was a damn entertaining character to watch, one I always ended up rooting for. Her drive and dedication was inspiring, and she gave us so many amazing songs and iconic lines. I pretty much only watched the last season for her. And in the end, Rachel Berry really was the face of Glee! Who knows how long the show would've lasted without her.

Sure sometimes Rachel can kind of be annoying, but she is an overall wonderful character! She is just a very ambitious person who wants to fulfill her dreams and become a star because (just like Finn said) she is a star!

Rachel really inspires me with her determination, and drive, her talent, and how far she's come. Yea at first she was annoying, wanting all solos and stuff. But that's what makes up her, she even said so herself. That's who she was, and she's come such a long way. I hope we can all agree that she's the most talented person on that show. A lot of people dislike her, but in my opinion, her and Finn are the best characters. They had the most chemistry, and to all those people out there saying "I hate Rachel. She's not even the best singer.." Well take a look at where let's say Kurt is? Umm.. Singing in a play of Peter Pan with the elderly? Santana? Ya well whats she doing... Rachel is on Broadway, and got into NYATA. My point is Rachel knows what she wants, she's do driven for her goals, and gets them. This is because of her determination and her TALENT. She can do what ever her mind is set to. Yea sure she was a little annoying in the beginning, but so were a lot of the characters. She ...more

She gets hate for no Reason. But that's ok because the world will always be filled with rotten bullies who try to be just like Santana (who was horrible) yes Rachel made mistakes but she always apologized and fought for what she wanted. She will always be my inspiration (love you lea Michele) Rachel was put through hell in high school she was constantly torn down and bullied so Much (Santana Quinn and Brittany ) that she almost got a nose job. She was strong enough to make it through these bullies and even when Santana tried to steal her Broadway part she still made it to Broadway and got a tony and graduated NYADA no matter how many people tried to get in her way. A true inspiration. I don't know why people like Santana so much she' accomplished nothing and did nothing but bully. WE LOVE YOU RACHEL rachel accomplished everything even if she went through hell including bullies many rough break ups and everyone hating her there was always a target on her back. All the glee fans hate ...more

Finn Hudson Finn Hudson is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. The character was portrayed by Cory Monteith and first appeared on television when Glee initially premiered its pilot episode on Fox on May 19, 2009. Finn was developed by Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and more.

Finn is ultimately my favorite character of Glee, he is funny, kind, brave, and just the best character. Sure he makes mistakes sometimes but he is after all only human. Not to mention he is a awesome boyfriend! Finn is THE best character!

As the ultimate Gleek, I strongly believe that Glee was amazing with Cory Monteith in it. Even though he died, we could all feel him through the rest of the series. The auditorium was named after him! Without him, the people who joined Glee wouldn't have. Even though Quinn joined Glee Club with a motive, it was because of Finn and he made the boys on his team do the most embarrassing dance in public. He was a leader and an inspiration. Not only were the actors/actresses on Glee affected by his death but fans and Gleeks were affected too. I felt so sorry for Lea because Cory really touched her. Finn, you deserve number 1 on this list. Not 7!

To me, best character on glee. He has a dorky sense on humor, he has the looks, he's very driven and a real leader and inspiration to everyone in glee club. His voice and dorky dancing just lures you in and makes you LOVE. He is the one who brought the team together. He was the one who inspired and motivated everyone when they thought the glee club was doomed due to will leaving. He had his bad moments, like everyone does, but the way he loved Kurt in the wedding was just perfect. He worked his butt off to make the wedding as perfect as possible and would do anything for Kurt to forgive him, I like the way Finn is determined. Not to mention he's a sucker for love, and he always loved Rachel and made her feel the way no one could make her feel. He gave Rachel more confidence in herself. He would do anything for her, no matter how much he gets hurt. But also the fact that he's very sensitive and isn't afraid to show when he's weak is another quality I admire in this man. This is glee's ...more

I loved Finn so much and I can describe how devestated I am that Cory Monteith passed away. He was such an amazing person and a very talented actor and singer and he needs to be remembered for all those things. This person lived for 31 years in this planet and we gleeks were lucky enough to see him performing and doing all those awesome things he did in that show. Do you really think he should be remembered for the way he died or for his drug problems? Of course not!
Now, about Finn, I feel a strong connection to him because right now I'm at the same place he were during seasons 3-4 - unsure of what I want my future to be like.

Brittany Pierce

In my opinion, Brittany is one of the best characters on GLEE. She's so funny, cute and sweet and she is caring and loving. She can dance very well and she has an amazing voice. Heather Morris is one of my favorite actresses all times, I think she did an amazing job by acting Brittany and I'm just happy to see her acting talent developing in the show. Brittany is a special person and she makes people happy, and that's what is so unique about that character.

I think that Brittany is stereotypical she is what the world thinks of blondes just dumb and slutty. But I think that the directors of GLEE wanted you to make that connection. Even though Brittany was the laughing stocking of the school who didn't know anything look where she ended up. Brittany went to MIT one of the best schools around the world! And she was true to herself when she said she loved someone even though she has loved both girls and boys the same she was always happy with the person she loved. Brittany is a true inspration.

Brittany is not the typical "dumb blonde". She is much more than just that. She proved that her mind just works differently and that's just because she's actually a genius.
I also love the fact that she stood by Santana's side all the time and they made a great couple.

Brittany is so sweet and she loves everybody on Glee club. She never causes pointless drama and she's such a talented dancer. I was disappointed we didn't see more of her in season 5 and season 6 but I think that season 2 and season 4 were her best seasons!

Quinn Fabray Quinn Fabray is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. The character is portrayed by actress Dianna Agron, and has appeared in Glee since its pilot episode, first broadcast on May 19, 2009. She is the cheerleading captain at the fictional William McKinley High School in more.

QUINN FABRAY is an ICON---her different levels of singing voice, her amazing dancing skills and her story line! For me, Quinn had the best character development in the show. I love the songs she performed, although it wasn't that much, but all her songs in the show suits her voice and her character. I also love how classy and poised she dances, and I love how she delivers her lines, her facial expressions and her acting skills, all in all. Thankfully, it was Dianna Agron,who portrayed her. She nailed it. She made Quinn unforgettable and an icon. I hope she will someday win an award for being a great actress. She deserves it.

Quinn loosing her popularity and success as well as her cheerleader uniform in season 1 deeply reminded me of myself. However, her progress throughout the seasons really inspired me to do what's right. She is such a real character who had experienced both heaven and hell in high school. Quinn is truly the best inspiration any high schooler can get in this show. Stay safe!

At first I didn't like Quinn but she truly has some amazing character development. I think her having Beth made her change to be a better and loving person.

She went through an emotional roller coaster. In season 1 she got pregnant and had to deal with the whole teen pregnancy thing. In season 2 she had a love triangle between Sam and Finn and ended up breaking up with both of them. In season 3, while trying desperately to feel different she joins the Skanks and then she has a dramatic accident and can't walk. I could go on forever about all he stuff she has been through. But despite all that, she was always ready to fight and she never let anything or anyone get on her way. She made some big mistakes and choices I personally don't agree with but she left e past behind her and is stronger than ever.

Sue Sylvester

She is the only character in Glee who didn't once disappoint me. Even at times she failed or lost, she was elegant and never really lost her head; never resorted to childish drama. And though she was a compulsive liar and a psychopath she was a mind genius, a vicious leader and most of all - a winner, a fighter. When she strikes she's tall and fiery and doesn't let petty emotions get in her way, she's ruthless.
But in the end she was actually a good person; - she reveled in her rage but not because she had "temper issues", but because she converted her anger and controlled it, bent it into her will.

Who doesn't like Sue sylvester, I mean, she is hilarious. My personal favourite line "Get the hell out of my office". Jane Lynch, the actress who plays Sue is ultimately one of the best in the biz. She is constantly reminding everyone of her youth, and giving us a laugh every now and then

Sue is a great character. She has moments where she is nice to the glee club and others where she is ruthless. The one thing that made me vote sue is that shes not afraid to be nice to people with down syndrome because her sister had down syndrome herself which made sue nicer to people like that

Schuester! Yeah, I'll need to see that set list for Sectionals after all, and I want it on my desk, warm from the laminator at 5:00 p.m. And if it isand get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then, on some dark, cold night, I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face!

Mercedes Jones

She is such an inspiring person and she doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with anybody. Even though she is underrated on Glee (a lot! ) she admits that Rachel is one of the best singers she has ever heard. That means she really appreciate other people. And she is a person you can relate to, awesome voice, personality, unique vocal range... She is everything I wanna be.

Mercedes is a diva but she's better than Rachel because even though she wants to be a big star, she's still a good friend and she makes people smile. Rachel can be a good friend too but being in the spotlight is her priority.

Mercedes is awesome. I love her voice and the fact that when she's on stage, she turns into a diva and a big star.

She is the only person on the show that isn't selfish. Kind hearted but was not given a change to be seen.

Sam Evans

Sam is a silly and handsome young man! Most of the time that I laughed while watching Glee was because of Sam. He is so cool! And I love his friendship with Blaine!

He was mostly unproblematic, and looked out for his friends however he could. Sam pretty much saved Blaine when he got really down (you know why, and what season). His impressions were cute and dorky- HE was cute and dorky.

Sam is my all time favorite glee character. I love glee and I love most characters but Sam is the sweetest, kindest most love able glee character. He’s not the best singer or dancer but he’s a great guy. He may not be the main character but there is nothing bad I could say about him, and I really love Samcedes! Sam Evans is the best!

He's such a down to earth person, he helped his family through hard times and he has been a gentleman to Mercedes when she told him she is not ready to have sex yet. He's #boyfriendgoals

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Noah Puckerman

In season one, Puck seems like a stereotypical high school jock but later on it's revealed that he has much more to him than that. In the glee club, Will always seems to not know how to deal with Puck and he is often underestimated by the other glee clubbers. It seems to me a bit unfair that through Mckinley everyone almost always had someone to help them with their problems (Finn had Mr Schue, Sam had Finn and Rachel, Quinn had Mercedes and in the third season she had puck) while many of his problems weren't seen to or just ignored.

Noah is my fave character by far at the beginning he seemed like a real jerk but later he reveals he's a lot more then that! I think him singing is super sexy though! And when he sang keep holding on for Quinn in season 6 actually made me tear up a bit after I watched that puck became boyfriend goals and when he beat up Quinn's boyfriend for Quinn! He's such a cutie! And him with Beth was absolutely perfect! He should be number 1

Puck broke all boundaries in Season 1 when after making fun of the Glee club in every way possible Puck ended up joining Glee and can I say I'm glad he did because I don't think I could live with myself if he didn't he broke the stereo type and in high school where he was the top dog he gave that up for Quinn then I think that everyone else is wrong about him he is sensitive he is a nice guy and he deserves higher than 10 place!

I love Puck so much! Mark Sailling brought Puck to live with his incredible acting. I love how Puck goes from the school jerk and bully to the guy who gave up all his money to help Quinn just because he was in love, to the guy who helped Artie get a date with Brittany, to the guy who showed everyone and graduated. I totally ship Pinn (puck and Quinn) as the cutest couple!

Marley Rose

Marley is nearly the only one who never deliberately did anything to hurt anyone. She was extremely forgiving and so sweet, even when the other party didn't deserve it. Ik she was in Supergirl but Glee's biggest mistake was not giving her scenes in season 6 and make her more of a central character. I thought id put in Kurt (who is still amazing) but honestly, Marley is the most underrated character in glee, which is what appealed to me really.

Uhhh. This is hard for me. Like I think Marley is a sweet girl and all, but she's also kind if annoying. I disliked season 4 and 5 BECAUSE of the new characters. I could never warm up to them, and as I said before in another comment they are just trying to play the same roles if Finn, Rachel, Quinn, and puck, with these cheap new knockoffs. They don't have any chemistry I find, and they always go on about how glee is their life and how they are really going to miss It, when in reality it would just kinda effect the old characters. They were there through it all, and you can even tell that Mr. Shue loved the old characters more. He cried when he thought the glee club would end, when they graduated.. Ext... But I thjnk that Marley is trying to be Rachel. Ryder is the new Finn, jake is the new pick, and kitty is the new Quinn. They can't really live up to their expectations I find, and in really disappointed in the show, and how they just kinda kept the same story line for the new ...more

One of the best singers but she didn't get enough solos. I hate how she was treated by Jake and Ryder. They were so bad to her because Jake cheated on her and Ryder kept assuming that she would just be his

The most underrated character in the history of the show. She's the most relatable female character in the show: a simple girl with insecurities that loves performing.

Emma Pillsbury

Such an underestimated character. Her morals were almost perfect through the whole show. Caring and loving with Will, the kids and everyone, even Sue

Way to go Emma you showed anything is possible when you defeated your illness once and for all when all the odds were against you no one should ever had doubted you and you show that dreams can come true. Sure you had your ups and downs but so does everyone else so I say three cheers for Mrs. Pillsbury!

She's nice and she has a really good story line. Sometimes I think she deserves better than Will, but then they're so nice together.

Quiet. She didn't have much of a storyline... She seems nice, willing to help the kids and I ship Wemma!

Artie Abrams

I love him Artie really needed more screen time. He is super inspirational and a geuly funny character and I don't get why people didn't like him. Kevin is such an amazing singer and deserved more solos.

I love artie he's sweet, caring, and has actual problems teenagers face, he is always polite when people are performing, he is an awesome singer and I think he deserves a relationship with Kitty or Quinn. He is smart, too. I love artie and he deserves more solos and screen time.

Artie is a very kind man. He endures not only the average teenage problems, but also faces the problem of disability with a smile. He is always polite and is a fantastic singer. I believe he is the best character, but then again I'm only on season one.

Why does Argie talk street all the time!? This really annoys me because he is not as cool as he thinks, although he can sing and has good moments

Tina Cohen-Chang

Tina has an amazing voice, and she had so much character development. She is sometimes played off as a joke, but she so confident in herself by the end and I can relate to her, as she is always kind of in the background, but she should have had more focus because SHE. IS. AMAZING.

Tina is one of the characters with the most development. She started as the awkward goth girl with the shutter and now she's a true diva, that shines on stage, she even won prom queen and she showed everybody in Glee that she has the charisma and the drive to be on top.

Tina's great. I can relate to her, I mean, she's not the biggest, flashiest character, she's not a Kurt or a Rachel, she's more of an average high school girl with her clothes style changing and being a team player for the first couple of seasons. I'll say it again, Tina's great.

Tina is amazing because she is a simple girl and she might luck Rachel's star quality but she's there for her friends and she has a heart of gold. It was nice to see her coming out of her shell.

Mike Chang

Mike was that shy guy who would barely speak and seeing him transition from that into being a student at Joffery and dancing at every chance he gets is so inspirational to people like Mike- dancers, people who are labelled as nothing more than a Brainiac, and shy or quiet people who are neglected. Plus, he's really sweet!

Mike is one of the original Glee clubbers and in my opinion, one of the most interesting characters. He barely had a storyline and when he did, it was always related to Tina, but he just brought that special something in the show. He is one of those people I just can't imagine Glee without them.

I don't know why but since he was first introduced in season 1 I knew I was really gonna like him and I was so happy when he got more character development in seasons 2-5. I wish it showed more interactions between him and Sam, Finn or even Blaine or Santana

Mike was that guy who didn't get much attention, but when he did, the whole episode lit up and the plot became real. I always wanted to watch episodes with him in it because his chill-attitude combined with his talent was the ultimate package.

Will Schuester

Sadly, he's so underestimated by many people. Let's not forget that Will is the reason Glee started again and he's kind of the soul of the club. Also he is the hottest teacher like ever. And not only that of course, he's the dream come true teacher to be honest. If we all were taught by such people there would be no things like violence and war and misunderstanding in the world. So, yea, vote for him, Cheers

He was an amazing teacher and role model for a lot of the Glee kids. He pretty much brought them together and proved that no matter how different they are, there is always something that unites them.
I think that I agree with what everyone said to him in the New Directions episode (Season 5).

Wait...but he's mean. Not always, but remember when everything became about winning? Don't you remember how he treated Mercedes. I get it that we're all missing Glee right now and it's easiest to think of him since was their leader but seriously, he was awful.

He is an awesome teacher and he is always willing to help the glee kids.

Burt Hummel

Best transition. He learned how to communicate. He opened up completely, became the most supportive loving father. Perfect depiction of what a dad should be.

I wish he was my dad, he was so great and loving to Kurt, and wasn't afraid to be stern. He was also great at being welcoming to Finn, and standing up for his son Kurt, after being homophobic himself. And we all cried during the "Grilled Cheesus" episode

He is a great person, definitely breaks the stereotype of the fathers that are not supported of their gay sons and I'm sure he has helped many people.

I couldn't have pictured a better actor to portray the role. Burt's role just seems so real. He's so understanding and he gives the best advice to Kurt.

Holly Holiday

Holly has all these young and fresh ideas that made glee more interesting... not that it is not the most interesting show ever

She makes will look like a grandpa

Hilarious, and totally cool

Cee Lo Green who?

Sebastian Smythe

He is such a great villain. He is so sinister and funny and charming and talented and a douchebag at the same time and I just love him so much. I also think he is one of the best singers. Not to mention that he is extremely attractive

Maybe he isn't the nicest guy in the show but he proved to be one of the best villains. He performed well, especially in 'Smooth Criminal'. I wish he would have gotten more screen time, especially with Blaine.

Yeah he can be kind of a douche, but he is really funny, and such a great villain with a really great smile, voice, and awesome one liners. He is like a mix between Santana, Sue, and Terri.

Best villain, his rivalry with Santana and competition with Kurt were amazing to watch. Not the nicest guy in the least, but by far one of the most interesting.

Kitty Wilde

Unpopular opinion, but I honestly like Kitty! Don't get me wrong; I hated her at first, but she has great character development along with Quinn, and she's good in the end!

Purr-fect! Sorry, couldn't resist a cat joke! I also think Unique should be higher, but I couldn't find her... if anyone does, vote Unique!

At first I thought Kitty was just a horrible person, but she really grew on me. Her character was just so sassy and funny! I truly appreciated her character in Glee!

Yea I have to agree with some of you. I'm really annoyed and I disliked season 4, and 5 because of all the good characters were gone! I couldn't warm up to the new actors, and as much as they could try to replace Quinn with kitty, Rachel with Marley, and Ryder with Finn, they could never replace them. There was something special that happened on glee with the original cast, that rarely happens in T.V. shows. But after they left, replaced them and got cheap knockoffs, I was actually disappointed in the show.

Coach Shannon Beiste

She seems so nice, and the story behind her is so sad, and she is also a very buce person.

She deserves so much more recognition! :(

Jake Puckerman

I liked him a lot in season four, but the writers kind of screwed up his character in season five. I hated how he treated Marley and then he expected her to forgive him like nothing happened.

He has a pretty good voice, and has been the best male dancer in Glee Club besides Mike Chang. He and Marley also had really great story lines.

The new puck? I don't think so. He tries to be but can't even come close

It seems like he's trying to copy puck

Ryder Lynn

He's very sweet and he has an amazing voice. I wanted him to sing more because Innocent Man and Your Song were just awesome.

Ryder was a great singer and a total sweetheart! I'm sad that we didn't see very much of him!

So handsome! And he sings so well. Marley was meant for him. I wanted them to be together... RYLEY

So hot, he sings well and he is a sweet guy! !

Lauren Zizes

Even though I voted for Kurt (because Kurt is- well. Kurt. ) I love Lauren and I'm so sad to see that she's quite hated. I find her awesome, so badass and funny, it's like a breath of fresh air and the fact that, like some haters said, they don't try to make her attractive and she still gets the "hottie" is just so amazing. The badasses meet and I'm so sad Puck ended with Quinn and Lauren left so soon, I just really loved her.

Lauren was really inspiring when she ran for prom queen she shows you don't have to be super model skinny to be cool... well her and Megan trainer

I really love her she stands up for what she wants and is the only girl puck had to fight for!

I loved the tshe ran for prom queen

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